Choosing the Best Lamborghini Images


Showcasing the exotic cars you have on the lot is more of an art than a marketing tool. One of the most critical elements of any effective performance car campaign is top-notch imagery. 

Angles, curves, and even colors can completely transform the look of your main page, logo, product listing, or outreach collateral. Each model has different focal points to highlight based on its design and target demographic.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing the best Lamborghini images for your exotic auto dealership. 

1. Stay Away from Obstructive Framing

We’ve all seen the photos of candy-colored sports cars staged against a highly saturated background. When you’re putting a spotlight on one of the most well-known exotic cars on the mass market, quality is everything

The last thing you want to do is make your inventory appear less exclusive or elevated, and choosing the wrong photos will do just that. Rather than using images that have a noticeable background focal point, mix up your side profile images with a shot of an engine block under the hood or a nighttime scene with lit tail lights. 

Creativity is key, but you don’t want to add unnecessary business that can bring down the look and feel of your site. All of these elements can greatly influence the aesthetic and integrity of your online branding strategy.

Lamborghini Images

2. Use Angles to Focus on Specific Features

Like many other exotic auto manufacturers, Lamborghinis are all about the details. Each model offers different customizations and perks that will help to grab the eye of a prospective buyer. Use your stock imagery to highlight these special features.

The Gallardo, for example, is known for its bold design. Shooting this type of vehicle from the head/taillights can reduce some of this sharpness, so it can be helpful to choose a side panel image for this particular model.

It can never hurt to incorporate a car’s branding, especially if they have any easily identifiable elements that don’t induce the manufacturer’s logo. Lamborghini’s signature hexagon and Y designs are great granular details that can add some variety to your advertising.

Consider using a mix of stances and positioning, as well. Play around with different looks, maybe leaving the doors open for one photo and closed in the next. 

3. Use Human Elements for Warmth

The goal of any dealership marketing plan should be to bring customers to their lot. Most high-end brands do this by creating a fantasy for prospective buyers. You want your audience to imagine themselves in your advertising, and incorporating a driver is an easy way to promote this idea.

Research what’s popular with your target audience based on niche criteria, and use that information to choose images that reflect your ideal consumer. Use this styling tactic as a tool to incorporate your own audience into the images you select.

4. Incorporate the Right Keywords

The actual content of the images you choose is just one factor to consider when shopping for stock photos. How you use the imagery on your website can have an impact on its effectiveness online. Be sure to include alt-tags and content keywords that resonate with the consumer base you’re trying to attract.

Before adding photos to your online presence, be sure to add keywords to everything from the file name to the caption you use to describe the image. This will add weight to the content on your website, increasing search engine visibility

Ultimately, this is an important step for lead generation and brand awareness.

Lamborghini Images

5. Research Popular Colors

While you don’t have to make every image on your page match with the Pantone Color of the Year, colors are an important aspect of sourcing luxury images. Since prospective buyers want a realistic representation of the product they have their eye on, using popular paintjobs makes this easier for your audience to achieve.

Before you pick out your stock images, make a list of commonly used colors. You can also match your images to your own proprietary branding for added exposure.

Also look for complimentary colors to break up the monotony. Using an online color wheel to choose your color palette is a quick and easy way to handle this process.

Lamborghini Images

6. Choose the Best Orientation

The layout of your website, ad, or email template can either persuade the reader to stay on the page – or immediately bounce. This means that your images should fit into the overall design without clashing or creating uneven lines. When it comes to showcasing Lamborghini’s signature fluid lines and low angles, use images that are formatted to best highlight each model.

But, also consider whether a landscape photo or a vertical portrait image would fit better into the spaces you need to fill. Or, if you’re sourcing photos before writing copy, be sure to keep your overall feed in mind when choosing your final gallery of images.  Also consider the framing of the actual model and any primary focal points in respect to the photo’s orientation. All of these elements can influence the big picture.

7. Use Creative Keywords to Search

What if you’re looking for a unique theme or you already have a specific vision in mind? Using relevant but strategic keywords is the best way to save time on the sourcing process.

Consider all of the possibilities when it comes to creating the scene you have in your head. If you want to feature a smiling business man in grey suit, consider using words like charcoal, management, professional, or happy. Think about words that are closely related to your ideal keyword to expand your search.

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