Base Trim Library

As car advertising, sales, and training increasingly move into digital spaces, automotive stock images are becoming more essential than ever before. But while there is an unprecedented number of stock photos available, many dealers still struggle to locate high-quality images of base-level trims. 

Beginning with MY2015, the Base Trim Library (BTL) provides 300+, high-volume vehicle-line coverage for major brands and base-level vehicles in the US. This product provides dealers/DVAR’s the ability to develop marketing support for hard-to-find vehicles and meet OEM/legal compliance guidelines.

  • Coverage of all mass-produced vehicles
  • Complete base-level coverage for 300+ cars, SUVs, and trucks per model year
  • Exterior, three-angle images—driver-side front 3/4, driver-side profile, and passenger-side rear 3/4Views in all trim-specific colors
  • Solves compliance base price advertising issues

Note: The Base Trim Library does not include all makes, models, and base-level trims for each model year. For any given year, the Base Trim Library contains some select “carryover vehicles”. Carryover vehicles are those vehicles that remain unchanged (or largely unchanged) from the previous model year.

The Complete Library of Automotive Base Trim Images

Most car stock images focus on premium trim levels to showcase the very best a model has to offer. Meanwhile, base trim levels tend to be underrepresented. This can create significant challenges for dealers who want to provide customers with comprehensive

overviews of all their options or create effective marketing materials that comply with base price advertising guidelines. As the leader in automotive imaging for almost three decades, EVOX Images understands these challenges and offers the most complete library of base trim images available.

The EVOX base trim library includes:

  • A 3-angle colorized set of each base trim level vehicle, including a front three-quarters driver’s side view, rear passenger side three-quarter view, and driver side profile
  • All trim-specific colors
  • Image sizes from 320 x 240 px to 2400 x 1800 px

With consistent lighting and angles, we merge photography and advanced digital techniques to produce high-resolution images. Whether you want to show your customers everything you ha

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