Colorized Drive-In

In the auto industry, digital banners and videos are an indispensable part of online marketing. While still images can be an important component of these assets, animated drive-ins have a unique ability to capture viewers’ attention and invite them to engage with new vehicles.

EVOX Drive-In Animations are high-resolution dynamic animations that are the perfect answer for promotion and advertising needs. These broadcast-quality animations allow for the creation of dynamic, high-impact animated car banner ads and other valuable video assets. They are produced using top-of-the-line CGI technology to showcase the latest models and updates in photo-realistic detail and a full range of OEM colors. EVOX’s drive-in animation videos are a compelling addition to marketing materials and sales presentations. These high-quality assets are delivered as animated. GIFs or.MP4 videos in various sizes.

Create Captivating Animated Banner Ads and High-Quality Videos

In today’s increasingly digital world, the ability to create dynamic online marketing content is essential. In this environment, animated car banner ads and high-quality video assets are not just nice to have, but an absolute must. Drive-in videos offer an elegant way to create captivating digital banners and videos that draw customer interest and convert that interest into sales.

EVOX’s innovative library of Drive-in Animation videos feature:

  • Model level coverage
  • All OEM colors
  • Interior silhouettes of the based off of reference photos

Animated car banner ads and other video assets can bring your online marketing campaigns to the next level and help you connect your customers to the newest car models as early as possible.

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