From TV commercials to promo films, video has been an integral part of sales and marketing within the automotive industry for decades; however, today’s customers expect more. They want to be able to see high-quality, comprehensive video coverage of any vehicle they’re considering, whether at the dealership or from the comfort of their own home. 

EVOX Images® is the gold standard in automotive imaging and offers the most complete library of commercial use video clips in the industry. Our interior and exterior video clip sets provide animated stills of an unmatched number of vehicles, all captured in the highest quality possible. These artistic shots are expertly produced to showcase the styling, features, and functionality of a vehicle inside and out. As part of a customized video solution, EVOX’s video clip sets give you total creative control and are ideal for online use.


EVOX Images’ video clip sets provide complete interior and exterior coverage of most mass-produced consumer vehicles in the United States since model year 2009. Each vehicle is shot in high resolution, and lighting and angles are kept consistent to allow for easy comparisons between vehicles. However, these videos are produced not just to facilitate basic customer research, but to engage and exhilarate viewers as they explore exterior design elements, become acquainted with interior details, and see how it all comes together as a whole.


Each set includes approximately 27 animated still video clips for the interior and exterior of each vehicle. These videos are available in:

  • MP4 video format compatible with most online video viewers
  • 29.97 fps
  • 320 x 180 px or 640 x 360 px

At EVOX, we believe that you know your customers best, which is why we offer the highest quality video clip sets and custom edited videos produced to your requirements. Whether for promotional, editorial, or marketing use, online or in the showroom, EVOX can provide a complete video solution to help you connect.


EVOX Images offers the most complete library of car stock videos available for commercial use. Contact our team or call us at 310 605 1400 to learn more about our innovative image solutions.