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Vehicle Availability

How many vehicles will EVOX IMAGES® offer this year?

EVOX IMAGES® offers the most complete US vehicle library. We provide approximately 1500+ cars per model year and 650+ full-asset vehicles therefore we have a unique standing in the marketplace.

Where do I find a current list of available vehicles? Which vehicles will EVOX be shooting and when?

Each year we develop a production timetable however it is subject to change due to product availability. For a complete list and additional information, please contact Customer Support

How do I know when new vehicles are released to the image library?

Please contact Customer Support and request to be added to our ‘Delivery Notification’ email.

Can I order a vehicle if you do not have it?

EVOX is flexible when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs and looks forward to working with your vehicle wish list. For more information, please contact an experienced EVOX IMAGES® Account Executive. If there is a specific vehicle trim you are interested in that we are not scheduled to shoot, we would be happy to source the vehicle for you and provide you with the images in our library. (There is a fee associated with on-demand car sourcing.)

Image Asset Information

How many images does EVOX offer in the image library?

EVOX delivers 30-50 car stock images per vehicle plus 360-degree movies, animations and interior/exterior video clips.

How do I receive product samples for online testing purposes? Where can I see working examples of still and interactive imagery?

Please contact an experienced Account Executive. He/she can provide qualified prospective clients with access to the EVOX Sample Use Library. For additional information regarding our client websites, please contact Customer Support.

What types of exterior/interior images are available? May I receive a shooting list?

We shoot over 50 exterior/interior images per vehicle; please visit the Full Stills Set product page to see samples or contact Customer Support to request the Full Stills Set Spec Guide.

Are EVOX images offered with transparent backgrounds? Do the PNG files include paths?

For still images we offer PNG formatted files that have transparent backgrounds. PNG files do not support paths. If you are interested in files with paths, our JPEG files include paths. We also offer composite TIFF files that include paths and channels for design purposes.

Does EVOX offer every color available for every vehicle you shoot?

Our colorized images offer every color available for that specific vehicle, with model level color coverage from MY2009 – current.

How often do you release car stock photos?

We release our imagery to the library as soon as vehicles are complete. This can be as often as daily, Monday through Friday.

Are EVOX images copyrights 100% owned by EVOX?

Yes, all content is created by EVOX. For example, we do not re-distribute press photos that are owned by the manufacturers.

Are EVOX images available before the cars are on the dealer lots?

Yes, EVOX has developed the unique ability to access the data necessary to create an initial collection of exterior images even before the vehicle is available at dealers. The full suite of EVOX digital assets is typically available around the time of release of the vehicle to dealer lots.

Does EVOX update vehicles after you’ve released them to the image library?

We are proud to provide you with the most vehicles, and the most content, on an unmatched delivery schedule. Because we shoot and deliver vehicles early, colors are added as they are released to the market.

If there is a product that you’d like EVOX to offer, please let us know. Contact EVOX IMAGES® and choose ‘feedback’ from the pick-list menu.


I’m trying to access EVOXSTOCK.COM. Who should I contact if my user name or password is not working?

Please contact Customer Support at 310-605-1400.


Does EVOX offer technical support?

Absolutely. We provide initial training with your technical staff for effective use and navigation through our image library. We also offer support to ensure our products easily integrate into your website solutions.

Does EVOX host images?

Most of our clients prefer to host our imagery directly on their servers. We typically provide secure FTP access from which you can easily download and store your still and interactive products. Third-Party hosted solutions are also now available.

Does EVOX images map to data?

Yes, our images are easily mapped to any data set. We also offer integrated data solutions with or without hosting.

Can I set up a script to automate downloading?

We provide standardized naming conventions for all of our assets, so automating image downloads is easy with EVOX.

What is the best method to manually download imagery?

The best way to efficiently and securely download our imagery manually is via a FTP client, rather than using an HTTP point of access. Many Web browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer support FTP connections; however, you will find that a dedicated FTP application will provide much more efficient navigation and downloading from our library. Try a free FTP solution, like FileZilla.

What types of formats does EVOX offer for interactive products?

Interactive products, like our 360 Exterior Spins and 360 Interior Panoramas are available in Flash and QuickTime formats. iOS optimized formats for iPhone and iPad are also available.

What is the best/easiest way to ensure we capture any and all updates to the image library?

The very best way to ensure you have the most current image library downloaded is to set up an automated process using the Change Log. This log specifies the exact changes to the image library. You do not need to search through the entire library; this tool does the work for you. Please contact Customer Support to request access.


How do I get pricing? How does the structure work?

Please contact an experienced Account Executive for pricing details.