3-Angle Colorized Set

EVOX’s Three-Angle Colorized Set is our #1 licensed product with 1500+ trims per model year. Every vehicle is produced at the same angle, lighting, and distance, providing unmatched consistency. The image set consists of the driver front ¾, passenger rear ¾, and driver profile

EVOX’s unrivaled industry-leading color quality delivers OEM-specific color palates providing accurate, true colorization for every unique product. With color being one of the top three reasons for purchase, correct, high-quality colorization has never been more critical.

The Power of a Complete Colorized Exterior Car Photo Library

In the automotive industry, color is powerful. Research shows that a significant number of car buyers are willing to change makes to own a vehicle in a color they like. Today, exterior images offering complete coverage of each vehicle in all available colors are no longer just a competitive advantage, but an expectation.

Unmatched Speed-to-Market for New Car Images

EVOX is the first to market with new car images, offering 3-Angle Colorized sets of all new and refreshed mass-produced vehicles released each year in the United States. Incorporating these assets in editorial, marketing, and promotional materials is a powerful way to engage your audience as early as possible. The consistency of EVOX’s lighting and angles ensures quality is maintained across makes and models. New models can be directly compared to earlier models or other vehicles in the same class, making our new car images a vital tool for research. 

EVOX Lets You Show More

EVOX Images offers the most comprehensive and highest-quality car stock photo database, including a complete colorized car photo library. Contact our team or call us at 310 605 1400 to learn more.