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360º Colorized Exterior Spin/Fly-Around

The 360° Exterior Spin/Fly-Around provides the viewer with seamless, smooth views of every vehicle from every angle, increasing viewer engagement and click-through rates.

These animations are available in 36-frame, single-level interactive animations or, 36-frame, multi-level animations. Before MY22, Exterior spins are available in the color the vehicle was captured in.

Beginning with MY22, these assets are delivered in all available OEM colors. In addition, these Exterior Spins/Fly-Around assets can also be delivered as a stand-alone frame stack, balancing outstanding image quality with quick load times. Compatible with most website design platforms, these assets are highly versatile and designed for optimal usability, making them ideal for digital sales, marketing, and editorial materials.

360º Colorized Fly-Around

The Power of Interactive Exterior Car Images

In the past decade, 360° exterior spins have gone from a nice extra to a critical element of the car buying process. EVOX Images supports dealerships by offering high-quality virtual walkarounds of over 20,000+ vehicles.

These assets provide a more dynamic viewing experience than still images alone and allow you to engage your customers whether they are in the dealership or researching at home.

Our 360° Colorized Spins/Fly-Arounds come in a range of sizes, balance outstanding image quality with quick loading times, and are compatible with most website design platforms:

  • Available in 18 or 36-frame spins
  • MP4 video format compatible with most online video viewers
  • Window sizes range from 80 x 60 px to 2400 x 1800 px
  • Compatible with HTML 5/CSS3 and Web GL

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EVOX Images offers the most comprehensive library of 360° exterior car images available. Contact our team or call us at 310 605 1400 to learn more.