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360° Interior Panoramas

The exterior of a car can create a powerful first impression. But for many customers, it’s the inside that counts. EVOX Images® has been revolutionizing interior car photography for almost three decades. Our 360º Interior Panoramas represent a complete 360º view of the vehicle from the front seat in a single image and in the color of the vehicle captured.

Such images are inherently impractical to display in a single, flat view as is the practice in typical photography, so EVOX Images panoramas are displayed in one of several interactive formats, allowing the viewer to look up, down, and around the image using simple mouse controls.

EVOX interior panoramas provide a unique, highly engaging, fun yet practical way of allowing your audience to get a real sense of the layout and features of a vehicle interior without visiting the showroom.

With unmatched speed to market of over 20,000+ vehicles, EVOX offers innovative possibilities for customer engagement and a proven way to enhance lead generation.

360° Interiors Create Rich Viewing Experiences

EVOX Images’ interactive interior panoramas offer smooth 360° views from the driver’s seat. These high-resolution virtual tours give customers the ability to zoom in on displays and controls for a detailed overview of each vehicle.

Our expertise in creating user-friendly viewing experiences also ensures that all assets are easily integrated into website designs by providing:

  • Spherical monoscopic panoramas that allow viewers to see in every direction
  • Interactive Window sizes ranging from 480 x 360 px to 1024 x 768 px
  • Equirectangular PNG’s are available in 4000×2000 and 8000×4000 px sizes
  • Compatibility with HTML5/CSS3, and WebGL

With EVOX Images’ database of high-quality images and 360-degree panoramas, your marketing can cover all platforms and have a global reach.

It’s Time to Experience EVOX

EVOX Images is revolutionizing the way consumers look at cars with high-resolution car interior photography and virtual tours of car interiors. Contact our team or call us at 310 605 1400 to learn more about our automotive image solutions.