Like many other technology companies, our story begins in a garage. Today, our car stock library encompasses more North American production vehicles than any other database, with over a million vehicle stock images and virtual reality assets for over 11,500 vehicles. Our ongoing commitment to producing the highest quality images using the most innovative technologies is why EVOX is currently used by all 6 major dealer solutions providers, 8 top portal sites, 17 OEMs, 525 newspapers, and over 20,000 dealer websites.


EVOX Images has been photographing North American production vehicles since model year 2000 to assemble the most complete, consistent, and current car stock image database available. Unmatched in depth, breadth, and speed to market, our library offers high-resolution interior and exterior stills, 360° exterior spins, 360° interior panoramas, and videos, all captured using the same lighting, camera height, and exposure times. These assets provide a comprehensive overview of each vehicle, facilitate direct comparisons between vehicles, and serve as invaluable resources throughout the auto industry. Using a blend of CGI and photography, EVOX is also first to market with photorealistic images of just announced vehicles and upcoming model changes, providing opportunities to connect customers to new cars sooner than ever before.

As a pioneer in automotive imaging technology, EVOX has always embraced new ways to engage customers. Since 2015, EVOX has built a virtual reality automotive library and customizable apps to create turn-key virtual experiences. We also offer an API that makes it easy to integrate these resources into marketing materials, advertising campaigns, showroom presentations, and product clinics. 

With EVOX Images as a partner, you get far more than just pictures of cars. EVOX clients have access to an ever-expanding library of premium assets that contains automotive images for every commercial use. You’ll also have the full support of a proven innovator and a partner who sets the benchmark for quality in automotive imaging, ensuring you have the assets when you need them.


EVOX Images leads the industry in automotive virtual reality, providing unmatched coverage and customizable VR experiences. Contact our team or call us at 310-605-1400 to learn more about our tailored VR solutions.