In today’s digital world, the success of a company is deeply tied to its ability to access and effectively use data—and the automotive industry is no different. Quick, seamless access to digital assets like stock photos and video footage is essential to deploying effective sales and marketing strategies and ensuring customers can connect to vehicles when they want, where they want, whether at the dealership or at home. 

EVOX Images® is the gold standard in automotive imaging, offering the most complete library of automotive stock images and videos for North American consumer vehicles. The EVOX application programming interface (API) makes navigating this expansive library of high-quality assets quick and intuitive. Whether you are creating a virtual showroom, a sales presentation, or a new training tool, our API for car images allows you to easily find what you need and helps you get the most out of our unparalleled database.


At EVOX Images, we have been building our extensive library of automotive images, videos, and VR assets since the model year 2000. Today, this library encompasses thousands of car models and contains nearly a hundred assets for each individual model. The EVOX API allows you to maneuver through the database with ease and locate the assets you need without searching through folders in an FTP site or downloading multiple images to find the perfect one.

The EVOX API gives you easy access to our high-quality assets, including:

  • Full still sets featuring 50-60+ interior and exterior still images of each vehicle, featuring consistent lighting and angles across models and model years
  • Colorized exterior spins for all vehicles in every OEM color since model year 2006
  • Exterior 360° spin sets for all vehicles since model year 2014
  • 3-angle colorized sets of each base trim level vehicle in all OEM colors since model year 2016
  • First-to-market CG images of just-announced cars
  • High definition car stock footage, including animated stills, HD exterior spins, fly-around videos, interior panoramas, editorial videos with professional voice over, and short drive-in videos
  • Stereoscopic interior panoramas and exterior spins compatible with all virtual reality headsets
  • A complete library of augmented reality assets compatible with iOS and Android devices

With the EVOX database, you have the resources you need to create powerful imaging solutions for websites, promotional materials, and VR applications. With the EVOX API for car images, you can use that database to its full potential and gain greater traction in the digital marketplace.


EVOX Images leads the industry in automotive stock images with unmatched quality, coverage, and speed to market. Contact our team or call us at 310 605 1400 to learn more about our innovative imaging solutions.