EVOX Images® has been driving innovation in automotive imagery for almost 25 years.

EVOX’s car stock photo library is the gold standard for automotive imagery, offering the highest quality vehicle images for commercial use. With the most complete image database of consumer production vehicles in the U.S., we provide unmatched depth, breadth, and consistency for the ultimate automotive image solutions. We continuously pioneer top-of-the-line technology to provide unparalleled coverage and speed to market for automotive stock photos, car stock videos, and virtual reality assets. Today, EVOX’s database gives you the most extensive package of consistent, high-quality stills and 360º imagery for more than 12,000 vehicles, all on an unmatched delivery schedule. High-quality car stock images and video are increasingly important tools in the automotive industry. EVOX gives you an easy, complete, and powerful way to use them.


For over two decades, EVOX has revolutionized automotive photography by capturing high definition car imagery for commercial use.

We offer the most comprehensive database of images available, covering all consumer vehicles released in the U.S. since model year 2000.

Our library currently contains over a million images, including complete still sets, 3-angle colorized sets, 360º exterior, 360º interior panoramas, splash images, and backgrounds. And the library is continuously growing, offering you an ever-expanding selection of marketing compliant assets.




EVOX’s car stock video library offers full coverage of each vehicle in high definition. Our database includes fly-arounds, exterior spin sets, video clip sets showing animated interior and exterior stills, and showroom videos that combine exterior video clips with an interior panorama movie for a complete visual overview. These assets can easily be edited to create custom videos tailored to your needs. If you prefer to leave the work to us, our editorial videos combine impressive imagery with professional narration highlighting the features of each model.




Virtual and augmented reality is the new frontier in the automotive industry, and EVOX is leading the way. Since 2015, EVOX has revolutionized automotive imagery with cutting-edge generation of virtual reality, augmented reality, and CG imagery products.

Today, our library contains over 12,000 vehicles that can be integrated into VR experiences—and new vehicles are added each week.

These assets are compatible with all VR platforms as well as our user-friendly apps that allow you to create immersive, customized viewing experiences. Whether you want to create a virtual showroom, engage your customers at home, or simplify the logistics of product clinics, EVOX offers unprecedented XR coverage and expertise.



EVOX is first to market with images of just announced and newly released vehicles. Combining state-of-the-art technology with high-quality photography, we create photorealistic images of all the latest makes, models, and updates.

Our CGI drive-in animations, colorized fly-arounds, and colorized spins are perfect introductions to new vehicles, helping your customers engage with new releases sooner. These innovative libraries are constantly expanding to bring you the most up-to-date assets available.





EVOX Images offers the most vehicle images in every format your business and your customers demand. Contact our team or call us at 310-605-1400 to create an automotive image solution that suits your needs.

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