How to Choose the Best Tesla Images for Your Website

A sharp website is the key to attracting your target audience, and this is especially critical for a niche like the Tesla consumer base. Increase conversions by using stunning images that frame your inventory as the best on the auto market.

Take a look at a few easy ways to find the best Tesla images for your website.

1. Incorporate Emotion

Emotion in an automobile ad? It might seem counterintuitive, but humanizing your product listings will help your cars fly off the lot. If you’re using this tactic to attract hopeful new Tesla owners, featuring a genuine smile or a heartfelt scene can go a long way.

Emotional appeal is a major piece of the marketing puzzle for nearly every corner of the consumer goods industry. People can feel the tone of the media they consume, from the words they’re reading to the images they’re viewing – both actively and passively.

When it comes to new and trending industries like the Tesla market, it’s key to use high quality images and an elevated aesthetic.

Tesla Images

2. Focus on Technical Aspects and Special Features

To target prospective Tesla buyers, use images that highlight the features and capabilities that separate that specific model from anything else on the market. 

For example, use images that show the Model X’s falcon wing doors – or the massive tablet interface included with the Model S. These seeming small features might tip the scale and drive someone to go through with the purchase, so it’s important to give all of the details enough attention on your website or ad.

Tesla Images

3. Choose Images Based on Product Design

A beautiful image can completely throw off the look of your website if it’s the incorrect size or orientation. Or, awkward cropping can clash with other elements on the page.

Just like you should highlight the features that each car offers, you should take care to show off what makes each and every design unique. Select Tesla images that feature the brand’s signature angles and built-in features.

Images that showcase the grill and taillights is a simple way to combine product recognition and your own company branding. In many cases, these are the most identifiable features on any type of vehicle.

Make sure your Tesla stock images fit perfectly with your brand’s existing online persona by testing each option before the site goes live.

Tesla Images

4. Don’t Overlook Image Quality

Whether you’re looking for a stunning stock image or a video to incorporate on your website, you won’t get any benefits out of low-quality media. Nobody wants to look at a grainy, poorly formatting image or multimedia file.

The best way to increase the time a reader spends on your webpage is grabbing their attention with vibrant, gorgeous imagery that makes them want to learn more about your brand. Go with Tesla images that clearly show everything you want to highlight to move more cars.

Clearer, sharply edited photos always perform better than images with poor exposure, blurry subjects, or unflattering angles. If your photo contains a human element or other main subject, image clarity is even more paramount. You can always resize an image to be smaller, but it’s much more difficult to expand an image’s size without distortion.

This might increase the price per unit of the images you select, but you’ll see the return on your investment right away when more traffic gets directed to your Tesla inventory.

5. Verify the Licensing Agreements

No matter where you found your Tesla stock image, you need to consider your right to publish any photo that you did not personally take. This is because that image is the intellectual property of its owner, so it’s important to be certain that you have the ability to use the photos you select for your website or product branding.

Free use stock images are no-cost, hassle-free photo options. But, this option comes with a caveat. It can be difficult to find high-quality, no-cost images without paid licensing walls or other barriers.

The best way to get high-quality stock images is to pay for images that come with licensing privileges in the purchase price. This way, you don’t have to worry about any possible usage issues or other setbacks once the image is live on your website. And, you can enjoy a much better variety of image options to personalize your company’s branding materials.

6. Less is More

As cliché as it sounds, you never want to overdo the “artistry” in the images you select. While you want to grab the attention of any and all potential customers, you don’t want to overwhelm them with photos that are too loud or gaudy. Ultimately, the Tesla images you use need to make the reader want to learn more about the specific model that’s being advertised.

Oversaturated images, tacky editing tricks, and overly “enhanced” stock photos look cheap and disingenuous. You don’t want to mislead your consumers if you’re using stock photography, but you also don’t want to scare anyone away with photos that look like oil paintings. 

Tesla Images

7. Choose a Smart Background

Among other features, many Tesla buyers make their decision based on the car’s all-electric transmission and autonomous driving capabilities. Use the background of an image to draw more attention to these, and similar features, to make the most out of the real estate on your webpage. 

Your Tesla inventory should be showcased by elevated, modern images that highlight each model’s individual strengths and special features. Using these tips will help you select the best Tesla images to represent your inventory in the best possible light.