What is the Best Car Technology 2023 Models Offer Consumers?

Integration of computer-based technology has allowed cars to operate smarter and safer. Now vehicles are equipped with camera systems that allow the driver to see behind the car and all around the vehicle. Some cars automatically stop to avoid a collision or alert the driver when another vehicle is lingering in their blind spot.

These advanced safety systems are only one component of the car technology now integrated into modern-day vehicle models. What is the best car technology 2023 models offer consumers? Check out these exciting options and standard features:

  1. PowerBoost Hybrid (Ford F-Series)
  2. Transparent Trailer camera views (Chevrolet)
  3. Rain sensing wipers
  4. Smart rearview mirrors
  5. Longer driving ranges (for electric models)
  6. Smart Assistants
  7. Augmented reality windshields
  8. Assisted driving modes
  9. Seats that remember the driver
  10. Back seat reminder alerts

About Car Technology

Consumers who need to buy a car might look at new 2023 models that are beginning to arrive at dealerships. Some might offer more standard features than in the past, but buyers also might find that they also could have more choices for optional features, too.

Each model might offer its own menu of options. Not all vehicles or vehicle manufacturers offer the same standard features or the same list of options. Some tech is unique to a specific brand.

When reviewing the optional features, buyers might need to focus on what they need versus what they want; this distinction might be especially pertinent for those on a tighter budget. Some buyers, though, are prepared with a budget that can handle as many options as they desire.

Safety features could be a primary focus for buyers. Backup cameras are now standard for vehicles. However, buyers also could choose advanced safety systems that warn them of pedestrians or stop automatically to avoid a collision.

Best Car Technology 2023

The Coolest Car Tech Includes These Options and Standard Features

Buyers might choose only a few optional features to ensure their car purchase doesn’t exceed their budget or they might upgrade their vehicle with all the available upgrades and options. Here are some of the coolest car tech features offered by car manufacturers for 2023 models:

PowerBoost Hybrid (Ford F-Series)

The Ford F-150 can now include a PowerBoost Hybrid engine option. This adds to the fuel efficiency of the truck, and buyers can spend less on fuel for their vehicle. This hybrid can recharge via a 240-volt outlet and offers a maximum towing capacity of 12,700 pounds (when fully equipped).

Some buyers might not be ready to commit to a fully electric model. The PowerBoost Hybrid offers electric and gas power for a more economical and energy-efficient ride.

Transparent Trailer Camera Views (Chevrolet)

Chevrolet offers an advanced camera system that can be equipped on its trucks. The system provides multiple viewing options for drivers to aid their navigation. One of the most unique camera view options is the Transparent Trailer view. This camera option lets the driver see beyond the trailer by making the trailer virtually invisible on the camera screen.

For those who need to tow larger trailers, this camera option can simplify the driver’s rear view and ensure they always know what is happening behind them without having their rear view obstructed by the trailer.

Rain-Sensing Wipers

Rain-sensing wipers have been available for a while. Some models could offer them as a standard feature. They are a convenient feature, as these wipers automatically activate when they detect moisture. For drivers on the highway, they won’t need to worry about turning on their wipers once a drizzle (or a downpour) starts to impact the drive.

Smart Rearview Mirrors

Smart rearview mirrors give drivers the option related to the images seen in their rearview mirror. These mirrors can operate as a standard rearview mirror to simply show the reflection behind the vehicle. However, they also could go into smart mode and access a rear camera that transforms the rear view mirror into a screen that shows the rear environment in real-time (thanks to the camera).

The smart rearview mirrors can aid drivers when they are driving at night, in dark locations (like a parking garage) or in bad weather.

Longer Driving Ranges (for electric models)

While some electric vehicles still don’t have a relatively short range, others offer an estimated range of 400 miles or more. AS new electric vehicles are introduced, these ranges could become longer and much more impressive.

Drivers who suffer from range anxiety might opt for a longer-range model from Lucid or Tesla. In fact, the Tesla Roadster (which can now be reserved) is expected to have an estimated range of 620 miles.

As electric driving technology improves so might the driving range of these vehicles.

Smart Assistants

Siri and Alexa might answer requests at home, but in the car other virtual smart assistants might take direction. More brands are integrating smart assistants in the car that can be summoned with commands related to the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz offers the “Hey, Mercedes” assistant technology, and Toyota also offers its own assistant. In the future, perhaps other brands will release their own smart assistants to help drivers.

Best Car Technology 2023

Augmented Reality Windshields

Augmented reality technology has been a part of the driving experience for years; backup cameras that showcase grid lines are part of augmented reality technology. Now some car manufacturers have included augmented reality graphics via the windshield.

These windshields or heads up displays show navigational data in the driver’s eyeline. Drivers can see their speed, upcoming turns (via augmented reality arrows) and some even display graphics pointing out bikers or pedestrians. These augmented reality heads up displays are offered by Audi; other brands could be rolling them out, too.

Assisted Driving Modes

Self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles are not yet fully a reality for consumers. However, many cars let users engage in autopilot type driving modes. While these driving options might provide some self-driving navigation, they cannot be used without the driver also being engaged. Drivers still need to be aware and stay focused on the drive. These driving modes help simplify the drive, they don’t let the driver check out of the driving experience.

Seats that Remember the Driver

Drivers who share a car with a partner or maybe even a teen driver might need to adjust their seat every time they get behind the wheel. However, many cars can be upgraded with memory seats. These seats automatically adjust to a particular driver; this means that each driver doesn’t have to remember their perfect seat adjustment because the car remembers.

Back Seat Reminder Alerts

Many cars now offer a very important standard safety feature: back seat reminders. The infotainment screen projects a message that reminds the driver to check the back seat for their child when the driver turns off the car. The increased number of hot car deaths related to parents forgetting to take an infant or toddler out of their car seat makes these reminders a life-saving addition.

Aftermarket Additions

Car models include a number of high-tech standard features and upgraded options, too. However, some buyers might not be interested in a particular upgrade when they initially purchase the vehicle or have the money in their budget for these add-ons.

Some car features could be added as aftermarket upgrades to a vehicle. Buyers could decide to install more extensive camera systems that aid their navigation or other features. PC Magazine included a roundup of cool high-tech upgrades for car owners; these upgrades include auto screens, dash cams, and even a coffee maker.

Car owners who didn’t opt for a backseat entertainment screen system also could add one later. These systems could be a worthwhile upgrade for families who take long car trips.

Tech for Everyone

Auto technology also wires into smartphones. There are apps that car owners can download that can help simplify their drive and provide peace of mind, too.

Some apps are designed to help car owners locate their car in a parking lot. These ‘find my car’ apps can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store.

Other apps can help car owners find the least expensive gas nearby or even connect to roadside assistance (the AAA app). Car insurance companies also could provide apps that let drivers access their insurance cards and other info.

Best Car Technology 2023

Tech for the Future

Technology always evolves. The future of automotive could be self-driving cars. However, many drivers also might ditch their standard vehicles for long-range electric motor vehicles.

What does the future hold for car technology? Nissan is working on its Invisible to Visible (I2V) technology that would allow avatar passengers to join the journey; these avatars could be friends or family that provides companionship during a long trip or it might be a driving coach. Nissan’s technology also would allow gloomy days to be transformed into clear days thanks to digital graphics projected on windows. All these features would implement a metaverse that relies on special glasses worn by the driver (or others).

For now, car buyers can choose from a myriad of advanced high-tech safety systems, in-car comfort features and even new powertrains that allow car owners to save money at the pump. The future of auto tech could become much more interactive, immersive and perhaps even automated.