One of the perennial favorites of both automotive industry insiders and consumers is the acclaimed ‘best-of list. These lists are a valuable way to catch the eye of car shoppers early in the consideration phase and direct their attention to stand-out vehicles. Indeed, many car shoppers rely heavily on best-of lists to make their purchasing decisions—and automotive publications rely on them to capture readers. 

Optimizing the usefulness of these designations for both consumers and publications means crafting thoughtful written editorials that detail what makes a vehicle remarkable. In 2020, it also means presenting high-quality pictures of the best cars to help engage readers and allow them to more fully understand each vehicle, inside and out. By choosing the right images, publications can set themselves apart from the competition and make best-of lists that not only help current readers, but capture new audiences. 

The Right Exterior Car Images

Regardless of what else a vehicle offers, its exterior is often the most distinguishing feature of a car—and what initially appeals to car shoppers. Choosing the best exterior car photos is therefore essential to best-of lists. At a minimum, this means studio-quality images in true-to-life colors. It also means that these images must be consistent from vehicle to vehicle in terms of lighting and angles, not only to facilitate comparisons between vehicles, but to allow publications to create aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly layouts. 

To truly stand out, however, best-of lists should be illustrated with exhaustive sets of exterior images, showing vehicles from every angle. Fly-arounds and spins can be added to further encourage engagement and offer readers more compelling content. 

The Value of Interior Car Photos

The Value of Interior Car Photos

Interior car photos have always been invaluable for car shoppers. These images help them imagine what their commute will look like, determine whether a vehicle is practical for their lifestyle, and consider whether it will be comfortable for their passengers. Today, however, interior car photos are becoming increasingly important due to technology.

Technology is one of the biggest drivers of new car sales. Whether it’s an innovative entertainment system, the latest safety equipment, or autonomous driving, tech is the most rapidly changing—most appealing—feature of new vehicles. As such, best-of lists should include comprehensive interior images that clearly show how these technologies are integrated. 

Interior pictures of the best cars in 2023 can take new and unfamiliar technology from being a list of specifications to something concrete. Images of the center console, for example, can bring a greater understanding of what tech can bring to daily driving and illustrate the utility of new entertainment features. Often, these images offer the first glimpse of the advances car shoppers have only heard about and allow them to quickly understand what it might mean for them in their everyday lives. 

A comprehensive gallery of interior images can play a vital role in purchasing decisions and be a strong addition to best-of lists. For a truly in-depth view, interactive interior panoramas provide a more immersive experience that puts readers in the driver’s seat and allows them to explore each vehicle in detail. 

Illustrating Sustainability

Of all the technological advances that have emerged in the past decade, electric vehicles (EVs) are perhaps the most significant. And, in 2020, these vehicles are becoming more practical and more accessible than ever before—and, with environmental awareness increasing, their popularity will undoubtedly continue to grow. However, the majority of customers remain unaware of what driving these vehicles is like, which can make some car shoppers hesitant to go electric. Often, EVs also serve as a manufacturer’s showcase for new interfaces and options, potentially overwhelming less than tech-savvy car shoppers. 

Offering readers extensive collections of interior and exterior photos of the best electric cars in 2020 is an important step to demystifying this burgeoning class. Not only can these images help introduce car shoppers to EVs, it can help them know what to look for and shape their preferences as they explore their options. 

Where to Find Pictures of the Best Cars in 2020

In the automotive industry, the value of best-of lists is profound. By partnering with a dedicated automotive stock library, publications can ensure that they have plentiful pictures of the best cars in 2020 to produce their lists in the best way possible, no matter which vehicles they feature. These libraries can offer complete interior and exterior galleries in the highest quality, allowing best-ofs to truly showcase each pick. 

But still images are not the only option. Just as automotive technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, so too does digital imaging and connectivity technology. Today, best-of lists can be accompanied by HD car videos, interactive animations, and even XR assets that bring editorials to the next level. Thoughtfully integrating these imaging elements can allow publications to create truly memorable features that position them as forward-thinking, trustworthy, engaging resources year after year. 

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