Automotive virtual reality stock footage is the next frontier in automotive sales, product training, clinics, and more. Not only can VR help customers research at home, it can also redefine how dealers sell cars, give rental agencies innovative new tools, and open up new possibilities for automotive engineers around the world. Today, virtual reality is playing a critical role in dealer  sales presentations, experiential marketing, and training.

EVOX Images® sets the benchmark for automotive virtual reality assets. EVOX began creating our library of automotive virtual reality assets in 2000, revolutionizing the way customers interact with automotive images. Today, we are unsurpassed in VR coverage and expertise, with an extensive library containing 360° spins and interior panoramas for over 13,000 vehicles. EVOX is also the fastest to market with automotive virtual reality assets, updating our library weekly. 

Our assets and customized solutions are compatible with all virtual reality platforms and headsets and can be accessed via EVOX’s cutting-edge apps on iOS, Android, Oculus Go, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, and Microsoft MR.


EVOX offers the most comprehensive database of high-quality automotive reality assets available. Using top-of-the-line technology and intuitive designs, we give you the ability to easily create powerful experiences tailored to the needs of your organization.

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Our complete suite of automotive virtual reality tools includes:

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VR Library

The EVOX Images Virtual Reality Library contains over 1,700 stereoscopic images starting with the model year 2015, as well as 360° spins and panoramas for over 13,000 vehicles going back to the 2000 model year.

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Product Clinics & Training

EVOX’s virtual reality assets and apps make it easy to conduct product clinics and training for staff, technicians, and customers around the world.

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RelayCars® App

RelayCars is an innovative, free consumer app that gives users the ability to explore vehicle interior and exterior options from a first-person perspective.

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RelayCars Pro® App

RelayCars Pro is an immersive product presentation platform made for automotive dealers and can be customized to your dealership specifications. This innovative app has been designed specifically for enterprise use and allows salespeople to control VR experiences for shoppers.

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Augmented Reality

EVOX Images’ virtual reality apps are fully compatible with Android and Apple devices and can be viewed on phones and tablets, allowing users to compare virtual vehicles to real vehicles on the lot.

EVOX is the gold standard in automotive stock imagery and has virtual reality products and services to meet the growing needs of the industry.


Virtual reality gives you new opportunities to engage customers at the dealership and at home. A virtual showroom can be an invaluable way to connect with customers, let them see all the vehicles available, and learn about the features and options offered by the manufacturer. They will be able to see what you can provide even if the vehicle is thousands of miles away or only available via special order. 

EVOX Images gives you all the resources you need to create interactive virtual showrooms, including:

  • Stereoscopic interior 360° panoramas

  • Stereoscopic exterior 360° spins

  • Colorized exterior shots and spins that match all colors made by the manufacturer

Our virtual reality assets combine high-quality, consistently lit photography with CGI to create the most complete library of virtual reality stock footage available, providing exceptional resolution and clarity.

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The true power of EVOX’s extensive automotive virtual reality library can be seen in RelayCars and RelayCars Pro. These virtual reality apps offer the most modern vehicle research experiences in the automotive industry.

RelayCars puts consumers in the driver’s seat of thousands of vehicles. This free consumer app allows users to view vehicle exteriors and interiors in realistic detail from a first-person perspective, customize exteriors in all OEM-provided colors, and save images to a personal virtual garage. 

Meanwhile, RelayCars Pro takes automotive virtual reality to the next level as an immersive, customizable sales platform for automotive dealers, putting the salesperson in control of the customer experience. 

While EVOX’s apps are compatible with all virtual reality headsets, they can also be used on phones and tablets. This flexibility lets customers interact with, customize, and compare an extensive library of virtual vehicles on platforms they use every day.

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EVOX’s virtual reality assets make it possible to conduct virtual product clinics using OEM custom content and competitive VR library models on a global scale, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional vehicle product clinic. Our state-of-the-art virtual reality products can also streamline training and enhance learning, whether inside a local dealership network or around the world.

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EVOX Images leads the industry in automotive virtual reality, providing unmatched coverage and customizable VR experiences. Contact our team or call us at 310-605-1400 to learn more about our tailored VR solutions.