Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that you can interact with in a seemingly real or physical way using special electronic equipment (e.g., head mounted display devices) like the Oculus Rift™, Google Cardboard™, Samsung Gear VR™, and other popular VR headsets.

Imagine a world where car shoppers are transported into the driver's seat of their dream car or a virtual showroom filled with popular vehicles. That future is here and dealers can sell cars with a headset that tracks head motion using the EVOX VR Showroom.

EVOX can quickly and efficiently deliver highest quality VR 360° interiors and exteriors for immediate adoption. There are many applications for this content that will put you in a leadership position ahead of the coming VR explosion. This can be as simple as a link on your websites or turnkey installations that draw a crowd and play on the appeal surrounding VR.

VR apps allow you the ability to take your showroom to your customers at malls, concerts, auto shows, or any place your customers gather.