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EVOX is poised at the start of game-changing technology that will suddenly put Virtual Reality in the hands of the consumer with +1,300 vehicles shot in VR since January 2015. This technology marks the beginning of the move from two-dimensional screens to 3D immersive media.

EVOX can quickly and efficiently deliver highest quality VR 360° interiors and exteriors for immediate adoptionThere are many applications for this content that will put you in a leadership position ahead of the coming VR explosion. This can be as simple as a link on your websites or turnkey installations that draw a crowd and play on the appeal surrounding VR.

VR apps allow you the ability to take your showroom to your customers at malls, concerts, auto shows, or any place your customers gather.


RelayCars 6.0 Coming Soon! – Now featuring over 1,300 vehicles.  

Our #1 VR automotive shopping tool features full access to the entire EVOX VR library of over 1,300 vehicles along with new themed showrooms. 

Over 900,000 users have enjoyed RelayCars. Explore a range of vehicles from exotics to muscle cars in the virtual showrooms and view informational videos on select vehicles in the virtual cinema. RelayCars is available in the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR. 



RelayCars Pro is a virtual reality tool that helps dealers guide car-shoppers through an engaging first-person experience featuring exterior spins, and 360º interiors. The new, dealer-centric VR technology offers access to more than 1,300 vehicles that can be used for new and used vehicle sales.

RelayCars Pro immerses shoppers in a complete visualization experience beginning with model year 2015 from the EVOX VR library. The app can be used inside a dealership or anywhere a potential car-buyer is located.

How It Works: The salesperson enhances the shopper’s experience via a companion app that runs on most Android devices.  While the customer is engaged in the VR setting, the salesperson selects any vehicle from the database and loads it into the customer’s headset. The salesperson can guide what the customer is seeing via a graphic representation of the vehicle on their companion app, enabling them to choose alternate vehicles and guide the user to view interior or exterior perspectives.