Easy-Entry, Low-Cost Solution Enables Dealers to Virtually Guide Car Shoppers
Placing Them in the Driver’s Seat of Over 1,300 Cars

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CA(January 2017) Following the tremendous success of their previous releases, EVOX Images® continues to redefine the car-buying process with the launch of RelayCars Pro™, a virtual reality tool that helps dealers guide car-shoppers through an engaging first-person experience featuring exterior spins, and 360º interiors.

The new, dealer-centric VR technology offers access to more than 1,300 vehicles that can be used for new and used vehicle sales and will be displayed later this month at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) annual convention in New Orleans, at the EVOX Images booth (#4153). 

RelayCars Pro immerses shoppers in a complete visualization experience beginning with model year 2015 from the EVOX VR library. The app can be used inside a dealership or anywhere a potential car-buyer is located.

How It Works: In this “vehicle presentation tool”, the salesperson enhances the shopper’s experience via a companion app that runs on most Android devices.  While the customer is engaged in the VR setting, the salesperson selects any vehicle from the database and loads it into the customer’s headset. The salesperson can guide what the customer is seeing via a graphic representation of the vehicle on their companion app, enabling them to choose alternate vehicles and guide the user to view interior or exterior perspectives.

“Available now, this easy to adopt, low cost-of-entry VR app is the ideal tool for salespeople to help customers make purchasing decisions without ever leaving the dealership,” explained EVOX CEO David Falstrup. “Essentially, we’ve designed this to serve as a virtual ‘vehicle presentation tool,’ bringing any vehicle from our VR library to the customer.”

Previous Successes: Announcement of the RelayCars Pro VR technology comes less than a year after EVOX unveiled the highly successful RelayCars™ consumer-facing virtual reality mobile app. Powered by EVOX Images and available in the Oculus Samsung Gear VR™ store, RelayCars has generated more than 870,000 downloads and is consistently ranked among the top 5 downloaded apps and the top non-gaming automotive app in the store. Designed as a VR portal that provides users with a truly immersive experience, the RelayCars™ Virtual Showroom lets users explore a variety of different vehicles and watch informational videos in a "Virtual Cinema."   

In November of 2016, EVOX launched RelayCars 5.0, positioned as the first portal for truck shoppers to research and compare more than 120 models. The release of RelayCars 5.0 marked the first ever release to use Google Cardboard™ for Android and will soon be offered for Apple iOS.  Equipped with dynamic content uploads and other features to provide the ultimate car viewing experience, RelayCars 5.0 provides a first-hand look inside truck models from the entire EVOX VR library. 

To learn more about the new EVOX RelayCars Pro technology, please visit (URL TO COME) on your mobile smart phone and view with Google Cardboard and similar VR mobile headsets.  


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