Extended Reality (XR) is changing the way we experience the world, including the world of automobiles. Virtual reality (VR) allows users to interact with vehicles in an immersive virtual environment, and augmented reality (AR) allows those same users to project these models into a real-world environment using their favorite device. In the automotive industry, these XR applications open up exciting new possibilities to create immersive sales presentations, compelling advertising campaigns, and state-of-the-art market research strategies.

EVOX Images® has set the standard in cutting-edge automotive imaging for nearly 25 years. Today, we lead the industry in stereoscopic image coverage and offer the only library of automotive virtual reality assets and augmented reality assets available for commercial use. Our high-quality VR and AR car interiors and exteriors give companies the ability to provide dynamic user experiences compatible with all virtual reality and augmented reality platforms, as well as EVOX apps, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the evolving technological landscape.


EVOX’s expertise in automotive imaging technology allows us to create seamless, high resolution virtual reality assets and augmented reality models with unmatched speed to market. Starting with model year 2015, we offer stereoscopic coverage of over 2,700 vehicles, giving customers the ability to examine a car inside and out from anywhere in the world. And, with weekly updates to the library, our XR coverage is constantly growing. Monoscopic 360° exterior spins and 360° interior panoramas are also available for vehicles from model year 2000. 

Quality and consistency are essential to creating the best VR and AR assets, as inconsistent angles and lighting or poor image resolution can detract from the immersive effect and diminish the impact of XR experiences. EVOX assets are produced with consistent resolution, lighting, and angles across the library. With our unparalleled quality and attention to detail, you can use virtual reality to its full potential.

The EVOX VR and AR library is the only database of its kind and features:

  • 3,800+ stereoscopic interior panoramas
  • 3,800+ interactive exterior VR spins 
  • 250+ AR ready vehicles
  • New vehicles added weekly

Whether you are looking to create a virtual showroom, deploy an innovative marketing campaign, or conduct global product training, EVOX has a virtual reality solution to suit you. We can also create customized XR experiences and brand assets at your request. 

At EVOX Images, we understand the power of virtual reality. By combining our expertise in photography and digital imaging technology with our deep knowledge of the automotive industry, we provide the most captivating VR assets available and help you engage your customers in a virtual world.


EVOX Images is the gold standard in automotive virtual reality and augmented reality assets, offering the most complete coverage and highest quality available in the industry. Contact our team or call us at 562-373-6761 to learn more about our innovative VR solutions.