EVENTS // 2017

Although EVOX has been involved with VR since the company was founded over twenty years ago, the VR industry has grown substantially in the past few years and tremendous progress is made regularly.  To stay on top of the latest technology and trends, meet and talk with the industry forces and to act as an integrated and involved industry thought leader, EVOX participates with VR, Tech and Automotive events world wide.  Here’s a current list of events we plan to attend.  If you’ll be there as well and would like to talk, let us know!

  • GDC 2017 // San Francisco, February 27-March 3
  • VRLA // Los Angeles, April 14-15
  • SVVR 2017 // San Jose, March 29 - 31

Media contact
Jennifer Jones-Mitchell

*See a list of upcoming automotive industry events we plan to attend.