The most important factor in product development is knowledge, and the automotive industry is no exception. To design successful vehicles, you have to know your target market, understand which elements customers consider must-haves, and learn which features provide an edge over the competition. Car clinics are an ideal way of gaining these vital insights. Unfortunately, the time and expense involved in car clinics have historically limited the ability to conduct this critical market research. Now, that is changing. Extended reality (XR) applications that make full use of assets developed for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) provide a way to collect valuable data across larger audiences in more places, and the collected data is more accurate and easy to interpret. 

EVOX Images® offers complete, innovative solutions for cost-effective, state-of-the-art car clinics, with an unparalleled library of high-quality automotive assets for both VR and AR. Virtual clinics can be conducted globally without the time and expense of traditional testing strategies. EVOX’s automotive virtual reality library gives manufacturers the ability to go beyond traditional product clinics by allowing participants to compare a greater number of vehicles in more locations than ever before. The result is a wider, more meaningful data set that can be leveraged to enhance product development in unprecedented ways.

EVOX is also a pioneer in deploying XR in the dealership. With our dealership solutions and white label customization options, dealers can engage car shoppers and enhance the sales process using virtual and augmented reality technologies. 


Virtual reality is changing the automotive industry, providing new opportunities to engage with and learn from customers around the world. EVOX understands the power of this innovative technology, which is why we began developing our stereoscopic library of virtual reality assets in 2015 and now offer the most complete VR database of North American consumer vehicles available. These high-quality, first-to-market assets can be adapted for a wide variety of virtual reality applications, including automotive virtual testing.

EVOX’s stereoscopic assets allow participants to evaluate up to seven different cars in an interactive virtual showroom. Each vehicle can be viewed in true-to-life OEM color options and feature consistent lighting to facilitate direct comparisons. While viewing the cars, participants can share their opinions on everything from a car’s interior styling to exterior options, giving you invaluable insight into consumer preferences.

In addition to offering significant cost savings over traditional car clinics, EVOX’s automotive virtual testing can have extraordinary reach. By engaging participants in a virtual environment, you are able to research consumer preferences on regional, continental, and global scales simultaneously. These larger data sets mean that product development can better align with consumer demand and marketing can be targeted for optimal impact. 

EVOX offers a wide range of assets that can be included in automotive virtual testing, including:

  • 360° stereoscopic interior panoramas
  • 360°  stereoscopic exterior spins
  • New assets added each week
  • Product feature highlights

The same VR technology can also be used to conduct training for staff, technicians, and customers around the world. With our unmatched quality and speed to market, viewers can start learning about the latest products and processes as soon as possible.


The same XR assets that vehicle manufacturers can use in their marketing research also make for a compelling dealership experience—in the showroom and online. During a dealership visit, car shoppers may find that they like a vehicle that is on the lot, but want to see it in a color you don’t have. Or they’d like to see a model that isn’t on the lot at all. A dealership XR experience allows you to:

  • View vehicles in all available colors
  • Offer guided virtual walkthroughs of any vehicle 
  • Give virtual sales presentations to car buyers anywhere in the world

Extended reality solutions can be matched to customer and dealership budgets and comfort with technology. Whether it’s a fully immersive VR model or captivating AR experience, these innovative tools open up new possibilities for connecting car shoppers to the right vehicle.


Dealerships invest a lot in creating and strengthening their brand identity. EVOX Images offers white label solutions that bring that brand identity into the XR experience, including: 

  • Incorporating logos and branding into virtual environments
  • Creating custom virtual garages for use in immersive virtual reality environments
  • Developing virtual showrooms that match dealership showrooms

When you partner with EVOX, you can harness the power of technological innovation to enhance your business, creating better products and stronger connections to your customers.


EVOX Images leads the industry in automotive virtual reality and augmented reality, offering unsurpassed coverage, quality, and speed to market. Contact our team or call us at 310 605 1400 to learn more about our innovative VR solutions.