Video is powerful. It sparks the imagination and allows your customers to experience a vehicle in a way still images remain unable to capture. Video is also one of the most effective ways to bring vehicle specifications like trim level, horsepower, and fuel efficiency together into an engaging package your customer understands. While high-quality stock photos can give them enticing glimpses, a high resolution video helps your customers truly see the possibilities of a vehicle.

There are few companies that offer car stock videos, and high-quality car stock videos focusing on showing the vehicle can be particularly difficult to find. Only EVOX Images® specializes in high-quality imaging, including both still photography and video. We offer the most complete library of high resolution car stock video, featuring the most makes and models going back to the 2006 model year, as well as the most complete library of vehicle stock video for each individual model. 

Whether your customers are looking to purchase, lease, rent, or share, EVOX videos let your vehicles make a lasting impression.

The Car Stock Video Library with the Most Consistent Quality and Extensive Options

The EVOX Images video library is a database of high definition car stock videos filmed with cutting-edge equipment. This comprehensive collection offers the largest selection of makes and models available. Quality is kept high across the library with uniform lighting, angles, and movement, allowing you to offer your customers consistent visuals and edit your own custom videos. Or, you can let us take care of the work with editorial car stock videos that pair stunning visuals with professionally recorded voiceover narration exploring a vehicle’s features, performance, and comfort. No matter which option you choose, you can trust in the experience we’ve gained from twenty years of pioneering automotive imaging, combining aesthetic excellence with technical innovation.

With an EVOX Images license, you get access to a full spectrum of high-quality car stock videos, including:

Video Clip Sets

Over two dozen animated stills of the interior and exterior of each vehicle.

Exterior Spin Set VideoS

Three exterior video spins of a model, 5, 15, and 90 seconds in length.

Fly-around Videos

Three video fly-arounds for each model, 5, 15, and 30 seconds in length.

Showroom Videos

A 40-second video that combines interior and exterior panoramas and clips.

Editorial Videos

60 to 120 seconds of video with professional voiceover narration providing an overview of a vehicle model.

At EVOX, we understand the power of video to inform, influence, and inspire. That's why we offer the most comprehensive and consistent car stock video library available, giving you more options for harnessing that power than ever before. This innovative database gives you the tools to help your customers easily understand every aspect of a vehicle and fuels their imaginations as they consider their options. Whether they are a private buyer, renter, or commercial customer, car stock videos can help them choose the car, truck, or SUV that’s right for them.

High-Quality Car Stock Video Shows Vehicles From Every Angle

When EVOX creates car stock videos, we take the time to capture every angle and detail of a vehicle. Our video clip sets include over two dozen animated clips of each vehicle, so you can offer your customers a look at both bold defining traits and the little details that make a vehicle unique—whether it’s a thoughtfully appointed interior, low profile tires that hint at performance capabilities, or the overall quality of the vehicle’s fit and finish. Exterior spin set, fly-around, and showroom videos show how all the pieces come together to create an elegant luxury sedan, cleverly engineered performance car, or a spacious SUV perfect for families. Together, these videos act as powerful tools to help your customers explore their options and connect with the vehicle they want.

Editorial Car Stock Video Can Speak to Your Customers

Our full-service vehicle image and car stock video library includes editorial car stock videos for your convenience. An editorial video is a 60- to 120-second video compiling detail clips, exterior spins, showroom videos, and stills into a single asset. This is combined with a professional voiceover to detail a vehicle’s features, amenities, and performance specifications. The narration builds on the high-quality visuals to ensure your customer understands everything a vehicle has to offer them.

Beautiful Car Stock Video Easily Integrated Into Your Website

EVOX videos are designed to be both aesthetically beautiful and easy to work with. With a 24fps frame rate, our videos offer a more film-like look and smoother movement than most car stock video. They are also formatted and sized for easy integration into your website and optimal performance on both desktop and mobile.

EVOX Images’ car stock videos are available in the following formats and sizes:

  • MP4 video that is compatible with Quicktime 6 and later versions, and Flash 9

  • FLV video format that is compatible with Flash 8 and later versions

  • Videos available in resolutions of 320 x 180 px, 640 x 360 px, and 640 x 480 px

By offering high-quality, web-friendly video of a vehicle, your customers can take in every detail with the click of a mouse or tap on a screen.


EVOX Images offers the best, most complete, and highest quality car stock videos available, helping you connect your customers to the vehicles they want. Contact our team or call us at 310-605-1400 to get access to the most comprehensive car stock video library.