For an automobile dealer, not having high-quality imagery of a vehicle can mean the difference between making the sale or losing it. For today's car shopping customer, being able to see high-quality stills and videos of the vehicles they are researching is not only nice, it's expected.

EVOX Images® provides our clients with the most comprehensive vehicle image database available, allowing you to show your customers a complete set of images for almost any vehicle sold in North America. We are experts in high resolution vehicle photography and CGI, creating powerful images that are ideal for websites, research, and training. 

EVOX Images® has been the first to market with the automotive images car shoppers expect for over 25 years. Today, our images are considered the gold standard across the industry, offering unparalleled depth, breadth, and quality. The EVOX car stock photo library includes high resolution images for over 12,000 vehicles and leads the automotive imagery market with top-of-the-line computer-generated imagery (CGI) for newly released and just announced cars, When a vehicle is released, we provide comprehensive images with unmatched speed, including complete sets of high-quality stills, 360° exterior spins, and interior panoramas. This innovative approach is why EVOX Images is the leading car stock photo library for commercial use and currently provides images for leading auto research portals, over 18 original equipment manufacturers, and 20,000 dealer websites.

The Most Complete Vehicle Image Database in High Resolution

With over one million images, EVOX has created the most comprehensive vehicle database of North American production vehicles. The image library goes back to model year 2000 and thoroughly documents every vehicle with 30 to 60 high-quality still images. The interior and exterior are captured in the highest possible resolution with industry-leading techniques. Beginning with model year 2000, we also provide three key angles of each car in every color available from the manufacturer. The three-angle colorized sets show the side profile, the front driver’s side three-quarters view, and the rear passenger’s side three-quarters view of each vehicle in a complete range of colors available from the manufacturer. 

With EVOX’s extensive library of consistent, comprehensive high-quality images, customers can easily research a vehicle, compare vehicles, and even see the changes made to a single model year after year.


The Most Complete Vehicle Image Database Solution—Now and Into the Future

EVOX Images leads innovation in vehicle imaging, and we are continually updating our library with just announced vehicles confirmed for production. The New Release Library of automotive images provides pictures of confirmed but unreleased vehicles in the same three views found in our three-angle colorized sets. The First Look Library updates existing vehicles with the latest changes and presents them in a front driver’s side three-quarter view. With access to the EVOX vehicle image database, your customer can research their new vehicle even before it has arrived on the lot. 

EVOX Images is widely recognized as the leading provider of automotive imagery for enterprise or commercial use, offering more products and higher quality products than anyone else. Our dedication to creating a complete high resolution vehicle image database has made EVOX Images the most chosen source of vehicle images for auto dealers in the US.

The Full Spectrum of Vehicle Image Products for Commercial Use

We offer our customers the following high-quality automotive imagery from our expansive and in-depth vehicle image database:

Full Still Set include everything inside and out.

30 to 60 high-resolution stills showing every exterior and interior detail.


Three-Angle Colorized Sets show customers vehicles in all available OEM colors.

Accurate colorizations show the full selection of colors available from each manufacturer.


360° Exterior Spins of a vehicle’s exterior.

Explore the exterior of any vehicle with a mouse or the touch of a finger.


360° Interior Panoramas from the driver’s perspective.

View the interior of any vehicle from the driver’s seat.


Splash Images show vehicles the way they were meant to be seen.

Hero images of vehicles composited onto abstract or realistic backgrounds are available from model years 2010 to present.


A library that shows three angles of base trim vehicles.

A dealer compliance solution.


A library of new release vehicles that lets customers see upcoming vehicles before they are on the lot.

3-angle vehicle images that show how a newly announced vehicle’s exterior looks.


First Look Library details what changed on a vehicle’s exterior from a previous model year.

Our imaging incorporates new styling changes to the vehicle’s exterior.

EVOX Images offers the most thorough and sophisticated high-quality automotive image library to our customers. Whether your customers are private individuals or other automotive businesses that rent, insure, or modify vehicles, our database allows them to easily visualize the perfect vehicle.


EVOX Images allows you to connect with customers using the highest quality vehicle stock images available. Contact our team or call us at 310-605-1400 to learn more about our innovative database.