Where Can Designers Find Stock Car Images?


Dealerships might be in search of photos for a particular car model to use online or in marketing materials. However, website designers or graphic designers also might need these images to produce web content, advertising materials or other communiqués for clients.

Designers who need high-resolution car stock images might wonder about the best resources. Where can designers find car stock images? EVOX Images is the best online resource for designers looking for car stock imagery. EVOX offers the following image options:

  • Exterior spin
  • Interior panorama
  • Base trim
  • 3-angle colorized set
  • Full stills
  • Colorized drive-in animation
  • Colorized drive-in / spin animation
  • Colorized fly-around
  • Colorized spin

Car Stock Images for a Hero Image

Designers might be looking for an impactful image to use as a website’s hero image for the main page. The hero image is designed as a large banner that catches the attention of visitors; it dominates the page.

What images can be used for a hero image? That’s really up to the designer. However, EVOX Images offers a library of images for each make/model.

Designers can pull an image from the model’s base trim library or choose to use an image from the full still set (which offers dozens of images of the vehicle’s interior and exterior). While a three-angle colorized set might be impactful, designers might opt for an exterior or interior image to capture the visitor’s attention and draw the eye to the model.

Where Can Designers Find Stock Car Images

Images that Engage Site Visitors

A website designer might look for imagery that helps engage site visitors. These images can keep visitors on the site and encourage them to explore more content. What images are ideal for user engagement?

Since many car buyers spend more than seven hours online on car research (and buying), images that help buyers gain insight about a car could be the most appealing and beneficial to the interest of the buyer.

In fact, a press release from Cox Automotive that summarized the company’s 2021 Car Buyer Journey Study noted that “(t)he average buyer visits only two dealerships in the process, and relies more heavily on digital tools….”

Interior & Exterior Spin Photos

What digital tools could be impactful to this journey? Website designers could incorporate 360 exterior spin photos or spin interior panorama photos. These images are designed to let the consumer use their mouse or their fingertip (for a mobile device) to interact with a 3D image of the vehicle.

Exterior spin photos let users rotate the vehicle 360 degrees. They can view the car from any angle. In addition, panorama photos are designed similarly. With either a fingertip or a mouse, the individual can look around the interior of the car; they can even look up to see a moonroof or look behind the front seat to explore the back seat.

Images Compatible with Augmented Reality

EVOX Images also offers a library for many different makes/models dedicated to digital assets that are compatible with augmented reality and virtual reality. These images can be used by designers to create immersive augmented reality showrooms online that allow visitors to preview vehicles in any environment.

Extensive Digital Still Images

Another option for designers who need to increase engagement is to create an extensive photo slideshow for a particular vehicle model. EVOX Images offers dozens of exterior and interior stills that capture details of each model and help buyers understand different features.

Extensive slideshows can give potential buyers information about the design of the vehicle. Photo slideshows also can give buyers a closer look at details of the interior like the seat design or even the size of the infotainment screen.

Small details can be a deal-breaker for some buyers. For example, perhaps the buyer doesn’t like the size of the infotainment screen or the interior design. They might move on and look at another model from the brand or dealership.

When buyers are using online resources to help influence their buying decisions, designers might focus on including as many images as possible to provide buyers with the information they need.

Where Can Designers Find Stock Car Images

Animated Images Grab Attention

A hero image is designed to dominate the main page and capture attention. Yet, designers need attention-grabbing imagery for other pages, too. In addition, online advertisements also need to be impactful.

Standard imagery could be eye-catching, but is it enough? EVOX Images now offers several animated image options that are designed for full impact.

These images load without any interaction from the user. Designers can find images of the car driving into a photo, driving in and rotating, and images that are captured via fly-around footage. Another image option simply shows a vehicle in full 360 rotations.

All these images have one commonality, though. They all focus on providing data to the consumer; all these images show a model in different paint hues as part of the animation. The car drives into a photo, but it also changes paint hues.

These images allow buyers to see the car in motion and understand all the paint trim options. While dealerships or manufacturers might let buyers swap out paint colors via a flat image on the screen, animated photos show the car’s paint trim as it drives (or spins).

These images offer broadcast-quality animations; designers can use them for online ads or as part of a presentation. They are ideal for website landing pages, too. Designers could even drop them into a blog article to capture a reader’s attention.

Images Can Capture a Car’s Personality

Manufacturers might have a certain personality in mind for a vehicle model. For example, a luxury sedan might be marketed to a specific buyer; to attract this buyer, the car would need to match this buyer’s design tastes.

The background of a car stock photo can be used to further illustrate and tell the story of the vehicle and showcase its ‘personality.’ However, the background also can be used to appeal to a specific audience.

EVOX Images provides high-resolution photos that include compelling backdrops that add to a vehicle’s design and allure. For example, a half-ton pickup truck could be photographed against a mountain backdrop or in a snowy forest. A rugged SUV might feature a desert background to capture its off-road capabilities.

When Designers Need a Custom Image

Some ads or materials might require a customized image. Perhaps the designer needs a stock image that also incorporates a dealership’s brand. In this case, a stock photo might not be the ideal asset.

When designers require a customized image, the team at EVOX Images can work with designers to create the image they need for any project. Designers can reach out to the EVOX team if they are interested in a custom image for a particular project.

Where Can Designers Find Stock Car Images

EVOX Images Simplifies the Photo Hunt

When designers use EVOX Images for the car stock photo needs, they won’t spend hours sifting through thousands of files to find the photo they need. EVOX Images offers a simple search query tool that allows designers to find the image of exact make/model that they need.

Designers can start their search by choosing the make, model, year and trim of a specific vehicle. EVOX Images then lets designers choose the type of image they need for their project. Designers can select to view spin photos, a base trim library, etc.

In addition, the image results appear as the actual images. This means that designers won’t need to sort through random photo files to find the image that they need. With EVOX Images, the search is simple.

Designers looking for a car stock photo for their next project can check out all the stock image offerings by visiting EVOX Images.

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