Social Series: 10 Video Ideas for Dealerships

Social media channels can help dealerships engage with and reach out to customers and, hopefully, welcome potential new followers who may turn into future customers. An active presence on social media is now the norm for many businesses today, and these platforms may be necessary to stay connected to the younger generations who might become the future key demographic for dealerships.

Don’t be intimidated about going social with posts and videos, too! Not sure how to create cool videos for social media? Need a few content ideas? Here are 10 video ideas for dealerships to help engage followers and, of course, elevate the brand!


Marketing professionals may all have their own advice and professional opinions on how to ace social media engagement and outreach. Dealerships might even have their own spin on social media and the voice they use to tell their stories.

Creating a unique voice can help businesses stand out from the noise and deluge of content found across the web. Consistency in marketing also ensures that the dealership stays true to its own image and brand.

Years ago in the media world there was a push to ‘pivot to video.’ Unfortunately, the pivot flopped into a fall. While video engagement can help mix up the content, written messages are important, too. Followers may enjoy messages via Facebook in the form of posts and watching videos.

Dealerships might have their own data that shows what their customer prefers online. This can be a mix of engagement—written, video and even photos. Even if dealerships don’t have this data, guess what? They can set up a poll via social media to ask followers what they prefer to see online! The power of social media is vast!


Some dealerships may be in a groove with their online content. Maybe they update Facebook and other accounts with story posts and/or photos of new inventory, but perhaps posting video content leaves them feeling a bit timid.

Video content isn’t difficult, but it does require a bit of brainstorming and thought. Creativity can help videos gain traction and views. Dealerships also have to delegate a camera person and plan out the message.

Dealerships shouldn’t stress or push for ‘viral’ content. There is not really a secret script for creating a viral post; sometimes it just happens. Instead, dealerships may just focus on creating a video presence. Here are 10 video ideas for posting to social media…or to liven up the dealership’s YouTube account:


Take potential customers on a tour of the dealership showroom. Make sure everyone is dressed in branded dealership gear and delegate a tour host. Winging the script might not always be the best option, unless the host feels up for going unscripted. For those who aren’t super confident, write up a simple script. Don’t be afraid of messing up! There may be quite a few takes and/or edits. Focus on new car models or anything new and interesting at the dealership.


Introduce followers to the sales team or all the teams! This can be a video series that introduces key people at the dealership and gives followers some fun facts about them. These videos can help followers and potential customers put a face to the name. Team members don’t have to share anything personal; instead, the script can focus on how long they have been with the dealership, some fun background (favorite foods, etc.) or maybe some goofy facts. Maybe John really doesn’t like the smell of oranges! Make it fun…and let the team have fun with their video. Again, make sure clothes are branded!


On YouTube, there are many virtual test drive videos available from dealerships. This involves the passenger taping another team member driving a new model on the road. Not comfortable with a test drive video? Instead, create a virtual tour of the new models. Show all vantage points of a vehicle, the interior and close up shots of unique features. A virtual vehicle tour can be especially helpful for showcasing pre-owned vehicles in the inventory, too!


Holiday caroling, fun Halloween costumes, maybe an Easter bunny hopping around? Light a menorah to wish followers Happy Hanukkah. Build a foam snowman for a ‘happy holiday’ message. Or send a patriotic message for July 4th…maybe even announce a sale! Get festive, get creative…and don’t forget to be inclusive!


Dealerships all have their own unique voice and brand. About to announce a major sales promotion? Create a video! Make it bold or zany…whatever fits the brand.


Is it a team member’s birthday? Maybe an anniversary? Create a commemorative video. Just make sure the team member is ok with it first!


Who founded the dealership? When did it first open? Introduce followers to the dealership’s story and create a video of the history behind the dealership. Introduce owners, talk about the first car sold. Include fun facts and maybe even show old photos.


Videos don’t have to be serious. Create a fun video idea that shows the creative side of the dealership. Maybe this is a funny April Fool’s video. Brainstorm unique ideas that might entertain followers.


Cat videos, dog videos…they rule YouTube! People love those furry, fun pets. Does the dealership have a pet mascot? Is there a ‘bring your pet to work’ day? Highlight favorite pets and/or animals.


The success of the dealership depends on customers. Create a video celebrating those who help drive the dealership’s success. Customer Appreciation Day videos also could include a sales announcement or a fun event.


Dealership videos typically include staff, employees and other team members. Just make sure everyone who is featured consents to being featured. Some people don’t want to be caught on video…be respectful. When creating videos, the video team also should keep in mind lighting and other details.

Certain color clothing might look a bit harsh on video. The best colors to wear when showcasing staff or doing ‘interview’ type videos are ‘jewel tones.’ Think deep green, blue and red. Wistia also advises against wearing pastel hues…so no light pinks, yellows, blues and greens. While they are pretty, they don’t always showcase well on screen…or video.

Be cautious wearing either black or white. Sometimes white can wash out the individual, and black might look harsh. However, this isn’t always the case…it might depend on the individual.

It also goes without saying that videos should not put anyone in harm’s way! Social media videos should be fun…not an accident waiting to happen and definitely not a potential liability!


While Facebook is still the dominant social media platform, there are many different social media sites to post video content. Sharing videos on Facebook can help break up content and keep posts interesting. Establishing a channel on YouTube can allow the dealership to create a whole catalog of videos.

Instagram is a visual social media platform. For dealerships that aren’t active on Instagram, this is a great place to post photos of new inventory and video stories, too. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Snapchat is another popular social media platform that is popular with younger users. Posts on Snapchat disappear once they are sent.

TikTok is the rising star of social media. However, videos posted on TikTok should be short (about a minute). The dealership staff might want to take on one of the many viral TikTok dance challenges. Those posts and videos are always fun!


When posting videos and other content don’t forget the little details…like hashtags! This little # tags let users find posts with specific keywords.

Tagging or mentioning (with an @) another user also can help videos and content get noticed in the vast space of social media. If the dealership is aligned with a specific brand (e.g. Toyota), tag or mention the brand.

Even when posting videos, dealerships can use open-ended questions to engage followers. For example, to introduce a holiday post, the dealership might ask followers about their favorite holiday tradition. A Thanksgiving Day post could ask about favorite dishes. As always, get creative.

Also, dealerships can encourage followers to like or share their videos or to subscribe to their YouTube channel. The video also can prompt viewers or followers with a particular call to action or to post in the comments.

Engagement and encouraging dialogue can help followers feel like they are included in the conversation. Dealerships also can ask for feedback about videos. Don’t be afraid to ask viewers or followers what they want to see.

Video content on social media platforms can help drive engagement and conversation. Videos also can provide a break from photos or text. Videos can announce sales, introduce followers to team members or just add a laugh and a little fun to the day. Brainstorm ideas to get the video rolling!