Vehicle Photography Adds Explorative Features, Immersive Experiences


Content can keep visitors interested. But content isn’t just about text, product details or even blog articles. Instead, dealerships should use vehicle photography to add explorative features and immersive experiences to their website.

How do Images Encourage Exploration?

Images are just pictures, right? Not necessarily. Digital images don’t have to just be one single photograph of a vehicle. While that one highlighted photo or hero image of a vehicle could draw some interest, consumers visiting a dealership website will want more.

Site visitors are on the page likely to gather information about their vehicle options. They may be researching new vehicles that just debuted. Or they might just seek information on models they know nothing about.

Descriptions about the engine, the interior and all the specs of the vehicle give all the data on the model. And, yes, this is helpful to the consumer.

But they also likely want to learn even more about the car beyond just tech specs and words. They want to see the vehicle. And they likely want more than just one basic photograph.

Using vehicle photography from EVOX Images provides dealerships with a library of photo options that they can provide to the consumer that tells the vehicle’s description in pictures. The specs give the background and all the data. The photos might ultimately hook the buyer.

Images can be used on the dealership website to encourage the visitor to stay longer, to engage, and to explore deeper. For example, dealerships can use classic photo slideshows that let site visitors click and/or scroll to learn more about the vehicle’s different features.

But although images are often just the classic two-dimensional photos, professional stock photography from EVOX Images can provide crisper, close-up looks at all the pertinent vehicles of the vehicle.

Vehicle Photography

360 Spin Photos

Reconsider using the standard two-dimensional photo as the visitor’s introduction to a vehicle. Instead, encourage them to engage with the photo using a 360 degree spin photo of the vehicle.

What is a spin photo? These professional vehicle images from EVOX allow the user to use their mouse (if using a PC) or their finger (for phones and tablets) to turn the image of the vehicle around. They can spin it completely around to view it from all angles.

These images can be a surprising change for consumers who may be used to the simple click and scroll slideshow. However, once site visitors realize that the dealership offers these photos, they may explore other cars, too. And spin them around to view them or explore their features in more depth.

Interior Panorama Photos

EVOX Images also offers a library filled with interior panorama of thousands of models. These photos are similar to the exterior 360 degree photos.

Using a finger or a mouse, visitors can explore the interior of the vehicle. Look up, turn to the left or right. Or even look around to the backseat.

The experience places the user in the driver’s seat of the car. And the interactive photos feel like the user is sitting at the wheel and turning around to explore the vehicle.

Again, these photos can be a fun and unique discovery for site visitors. And they may be excited and interested in exploring cars and different vehicles on the website just so they can play with these photo experiences.

Splash Images

Want to make a splash with website visitors? Use splash images for an immersive and explorative means to showcase different vehicle models.

These images can showcase a driving vehicle and elevates the appeal of the model by seemingly showing it in motion. The model could glide on a highway. Or maybe the photo shows a vehicle driving through a beautiful snowy backdrop.

These images splash onto the web page to captivate and intrigue visitors.

Three-Angle Colored Sets

Showcase different images of the same model to hold interest and highlight different colorways of the vehicle. EVOX Images also offers dealership a library filled with three-angle colored sets. But what are these images? And why would dealerships use them?

These images are unique in that they show the same model in three different color options. Each vehicle is artistically angled. These photos can be used to highlight the different paint hues for each model, and the photo sets can help potential buyers see what hue strikes them.

Dealerships might be interested to know that white is the most popular paint color for minivans, sedans, hatchbacks, wagons, SUVs, and trucks. But metallic white is the most popular hue for luxury cars. And those who drive convertibles and coupes opt for black most often!

Vehicle Photography

Base Trim Library

Surfing on many dealership sites, many buyers may see a photo of a vehicle they love. To the left, it might show the base MSRP, but underneath that photo the buyer might realize that this vehicle isn’t a base model. Instead it features many upgrades that put it well beyond the budget.

Shopping for a new car can be confusing and stressful for buyers. Pictures help to tell the story, but sometimes photos also cause the story to be lost in translation.

Base trim photos a powerful asset to dealership sites? Why? Because they show what the vehicle looks like before anything is added. This is the base model; this is what the buyer gets for the base price.

For buyers on a budget, that’s great information to know and to see on the site. There is no confusion. There is no frustration about a photo filled with unaffordable upgrades. Instead, buyers see the real deal that goes with that advertised base MSRP.

Mix Up Photos for a Unique Visual Exploratory Experience

Dealership websites should be easy to navigate. Site visitors shouldn’t have to hunt for what they want to find. Yet, the site also needs to be engaging and hold a visitor’s interest.

Mixing up different photo options can help provide a unique experience for car shoppers who have seemingly seen it all. Dealerships can include a classic slideshow. But they also may use a spin image as the vehicle’s main photo.

When advertising the base price, the base trim photos can be used for a completely transparent understanding about the model at its most basic. And dealerships also can choose to include an immersive interior panorama photo. This could be the first or last image in a slideshow.

Vehicle Photography

Cox Automotive’s most recent Car Buyer Journey Study (the Pandemic Edition) reported that car buyers spent more than seven hours on research and shopping online. While shoppers will look at third-party sites, they will also visit dealership sites, too. Although, it was noted that the dealership site was the last stop for 33 percent of shoppers.

Dealership sites may be visited to find pricing, deals, promotions or maybe even more information about available cars. Ideally, every dealership doesn’t just want shoppers to visit their site, they want buyers to physically go to the dealership and buy that vehicle.

Vehicle photos including immersive spin photos and panorama photos from EVOX Images can help engage site visitors. It’s up to the dealership to create memorable site experiences for their potential customers, and imagery can help engage and maybe even encourage exploration.

Not all dealerships can or will use every type of vehicle image. But dealerships can get creative with imagery to highlight specific vehicles and encourage site visitors to stay on those pages a little longer. And, hopefully, also encourage them to stop by the dealership, too!

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