How a Vehicle Image Library Helps Dealerships Elevate Inventory


Not every image benefits marketing purposes. For car dealerships, the imagery used to capture inventory—both new and used models—can help garner interest from potential buyers or it can perhaps stall interest in the vehicle.

Photography can elevate the design of a new model, and it also can help buyers understand the uniqueness of a vehicle. Here’s how a vehicle image library helps dealership elevate inventory and capture the interest of buyers:

  • Imagery engages buyers
  • Custom images can offer better insight to older models
  • Quality imagery provides insight on new vehicles
  • Images heighten social media content

The Online Vehicle Image Library

Advertising and marketing endeavors have been transformed by the internet, and many car buyers begin their research process for buying a new car online. While the dealership site isn’t necessarily the first place a buyer will visit during their research, they will surf onto the dealership sites eventually.

When they visit the dealership’s online hub, what will greet them? Will they see an updated and modern website? First impressions are important online and in-person. If a dealership’s website is clunky and outdated, this might not bode well for the rest of the buyer’s online search.

A dealership’s website might include a vehicle image library that serves as the online showroom. The library isn’t really a library for the dealership, but, rather, a photo collection of all the models on the lot or in the dealership’s inventory.

For used models, the dealership might hire a professional to capture images or to create a photo slideshow. New models, though, could be represented by professional stock photography (like those offered by EVOX Images).

Vehicle Image Library

Quality & Quantity of Photos

The quality of images is important; car buyers don’t want to view blurry or low-resolution photos. They likely want imagery that best captures how the vehicle actually looks. In addition, buyers who are trying to find the best vehicle for their needs also might benefit from seeing all the details of that vehicle—inside and out.

Can a dealership include too many photos of a vehicle? Probably not! While photos shouldn’t be redundant, a plentiful photo slideshow helps buyers learn more about the vehicle.

What should dealerships avoid posting? Redundant photos could be frustrating to buyers; this means that the dealership is posting several photos of the same feature of the car. Take an image that best captures a particular feature, but buyers probably don’t need to see four photos of the instrument panel.

Use Photos and Experiences to Showcase Vehicles

When buyers are visiting a dealership website, they aren’t just looking at prices and imagery, but they also might be checking out other details, too. Does the dealership offer immersive experiences for the buyer? These experiences could include augmented reality or even immersive and engaging 3D images.

Photos and experiences can be used to tell a vehicle’s story. While the most recent models have that ‘wow’ factor related to their newness, older vehicles could have a cool history. Dealerships can use photos to engage buyers and help them explore older vehicles on the lot.

A photo slideshow can showcase the interior and exterior of a pre-owned vehicle. In addition, maybe dealerships include some additional contextual information about that particular model and its features. If the previous owner added many updated features, the dealership can highlight them.

EVOX Images offers custom imagery for dealerships. When there is a model that dealerships want to highlight online or in marketing, these custom images can capture the best aspects of the vehicle. EVOX Images also could create 360 degree spin photos or panorama photos for pre-owned models, too.

Spin photos let users turn the car around and view it from different angles using their mouse or a fingertip. The interior spin panorama photos give the illusion that the user is sitting in the front seat looking around; these photos also are explored with the mouse or just a fingertip.

Vehicle Image Library

For New Models, Use EVOX Images’ Vehicle Image Library

Dealerships that want to heighten the user experience on their website can swap out DIY photos of new inventory for car stock photos offered from EVOX Images’ vehicle image library. EVOX Images offers thousands of models.

Dealerships can explore the different imagery options for models. EVOX Images lets dealerships choose from:

  • 3-angle colorized set
  • Full stills set
  • Base trim library
  • 360 degree exterior
  • 360 degree interior panos

Each image selection or category allows dealerships to highlight a model differently. Dealerships can use one type of image set or all of them to create a photographic experience of buyers.

The three-angle colorized set, for example, provides dealerships with a visually appealing means to show a model in all the color options available. The vehicles include three cars at three different angles.

Full still sets include interior and exterior shots of the vehicle. These photos are ideal for slideshows to provide potential buyers with more information about a model’s specific features and design. Stills even showcase the tires.

One of the frustrating aspects about researching models online for buyers might be related to understanding what a base model really looks like. Many manufacturers and dealerships will note the base price of a model but will include an image of a model that has been upgraded. While the image will note that the price is higher, buyers still might not be able to understand the look of the base trim.

EVOX Images’ base trim library only includes photos of the model’s base trim. Dealerships can use these images to better showcase what the base model looks like and includes.

Both interior and exterior panorama shots encourage user engagement. Users can explore the exterior and interior of models and these images can provide a simulated showroom experience.

Vehicle Image Library

Vehicle Image Library Goes Social!

Vehicle images aren’t just necessary to heighten the user’s online experience. Imagery also can elevate the social media experience, too.

Dealerships are often active on several social media channels. Facebook is the most popular social media platform, and it also offers dealerships the option to post videos, photos and, of course, written content via posts, too.

Imagery can be used via social media platforms to get potential buyers excited about a new model that’s about to roll into the dealership. Social media posts also can boost excitement for pre-owned or used models, too. Photos also could be used to attract social media followers to the website.

Social channels like Facebook also provide dealerships with advertising opportunities, too. Millions of companies advertise on Facebook. Stock imagery from EVOX Images’ vehicle image library also can be integrated into ad content.

The Value of a Photo

Dealerships who might be ready to take their online presence to the next level might review their current website to see where they might integrate more imagery and immersive content. Maybe the site needs a complete makeover, or maybe the dealership simply needs to elevate the content.

Imagery can help buyers immerse in the shopping experience. Engaging images like spin photos invite them to explore models from home, and expansive slideshow content helps them better understand their favorite vehicles inside and out!

Explore the thousands of models available via EVOX Images and use still sets, spin photos, base trim libraries and even three-angle colorized sets to create an inviting online hub that provides potential buyers with the visual tools they want as they shop for their new car.

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