What are the Best Tesla Car Images for Dealerships?

Tesla is one of the top manufacturers of electric cars. Tesla’s Model Y was the best-selling electric vehicle in the country—more than 172,000 were sold in 2021. While the company tends to dominate the electric market, competitors like Lucid, Rivian and mainstay auto companies like General Motors, Ford, Toyota and others also are releasing exciting new electric models.

Tesla models are typically ordered online or at a Tesla showroom. Other auto dealerships, though, might purchase older Tesla models as a trade-in. When marketing a pre-owned Tesla, dealerships should use these Tesla car images and videos to help buyers understand the unique features of this brand:

  • Full Stills
  • 360 Exterior Spins
  • 360 Interior Panos
  • Exterior Video Spin Sets
  • Fly-Around Video
  • Augmented Reality Experiences

Using Stock Photos to Pre-Market a Tesla Model

Tesla dealerships are designed as showrooms that allow buyers to look at the different models. The showroom allows buyers to explore the different features of each model and create their perfect car. Buyers don’t drive a brand new Tesla off the lot; instead they place an order.

There are exceptions. Buyers can find pre-owned Tesla models that can be purchased at a dealership. For dealerships not affiliated with the Tesla brand, these models are often acquired from a customer trade-in.

With the popularity of the Tesla brand, car dealerships might want to pre-market the vehicle to build excitement. After the vehicle is cleaned and detailed, the dealership will want to offer extensive photographs of the interior and exterior.

Before those pictures are posted, though, dealerships can use stock photos from EVOX Images to build excitement. Dealerships can post stock photos of the model and explain to online followers or potential customers that the dealership has acquired the model and that the stock images are for reference purposes.

Tesla Car Images

How Tesla Car Images from EVOX Images can Help Pre-Owned Buyers

Stock imagery is not a depiction of the exact vehicle that the dealership might have acquired, and, again, this should be clarified to potential buyers. However, these images can help buyers better understand the design elements of a particular Tesla model and explore the interior features, too.

Many car buyers are shopping at home, and while the dealership websites are often the last online stop, dealerships that offer unique resources for buyers might hold their interest and encourage them to take the next step in the buying process.

Car buyers researching a new or pre-owned car online might want to try to find as many details about the car as possible. Dealerships are now offering online tools that enable car shoppers to explore the vehicles and create a virtual showroom experience.

Full Still Images

EVOX Images offers a full still set of photos for different Tesla models. These photo sets include numerous detailed images of interior features like the steering wheel, infotainment screen, instrument panel and the front and back seats, too.

Full stills also showcase the tires and include up-close snapshots of headlights and other features. The model is photographed from different angles to provide potential buyers with a full understanding of the vehicle.

360 Exterior Spins

EVOX Images offers 360 degree exterior spin photos that encourage interaction and heighten the user experience. Shoppers exploring different Tesla models can use their fingertip or the mouse to rotate a 3D image of a vehicle and view it from any angle.

These photos also can be used by dealerships via social media accounts to help build excitement about new vehicle arrivals.

360 Interior Panos

Like the 360 degree exterior spin photos, 360 degree interior panoramic photos also encourage user interaction. These photos are designed to feel as though the user is sitting in the driver’s seat and looking around the car.

Using a mouse of just a fingertip, car shoppers can look up and explore a Tesla model’s extensive glass roof design, explore the back seats and look at other features, too. These photos can help buyers get a better sense of space offerings of different Tesla models on the lot.

Tesla Car Images

Tesla on Video

Building excitement about new Tesla models that are about to be offered as part of pre-owned inventory also can involve integrating video footage of vehicle models. EVOX Images offers dealerships exterior video spin sets, video clips and fly-around video footage, too.

Dealerships will want to emphasize to potential buyers that videos are stock videos and not depictions of the actual vehicle offered. These videos provide potential buyers with a virtual tour of a model, providing a look at the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Exterior Video Spin Sets

An exterior video spin set provides a virtual walk around tour for buyers. Those interested in an upcoming Tesla model that’s about to hit the dealership can use video spin sets to have the car rotate in front of them, as though they were at the dealership.

These images also may be used by dealerships via social media channels.

Video Clip Sets

Dealerships can use video clips to show unique aspects of a Tesla model. Use clips that zoom in on the tire or that give customers a look at the interior. EVOX Images offers video clips for many older Tesla models.

Fly-Around Video Footage

This type of video footage shows every angle of the vehicle up close and positions the car as though the customer was standing at a distance. This video footage gives a unique glimpse of the vehicle, but it also adds interest to the dealership’s site or a social media post.

Augmented Reality Experiences

Images from EVOX Images can be used to create augmented reality experiences online. These immersive experiences let users transform their home, backyard, garage or anywhere into an augmented reality car showroom.

Augmented reality showrooms come to life using the camera of a smartphone or tablet. The user captures their environment with their camera, and then they can drop in a graphic image of a Tesla model (or any vehicle).

Some augmented reality experiences let users change the color of the vehicle or even look inside at the interior. Using their camera to view the vehicle, individuals can walk around the image to explore it.

Tesla Car Images

Customized Tesla Images

Some Tesla owners create amazing custom vehicles. For dealerships that have a Tesla that includes unique features and might have a higher asking price, EVOX Images provides the option for custom imagery.

Dealerships can highlight any features and can opt for video footage or just a set of full still images. For a really amazing vehicle, though, a dealership might offer more immersive imagery options for potential buyers. They might include video footage and a 360 panorama image, too.

Custom images showcase a dealership’s unique inventory offering. These images show customers exactly the vehicle that is at the dealership. For customers who are shopping from home, these custom images can give them a sneak peek at a model, or dealerships could choose to provide extensive photo sets and videos, too.

Electric vehicles are the future, and Tesla is the top-selling manufacturer in the electric market. As more buyers gravitate towards Tesla and other electric manufacturers, dealerships might begin to see more of these vehicles offered up as trade-ins. For buyers who might not have the budget for a brand new Tesla, a pre-owned model might be the best option to switch from the pump to the plug.

Stock imagery can be used to boost interest and excitement around pre-owned Tesla models that are driving into the dealership. However, dealerships need to make sure that potential buyers know that stock images are for informational purposes only and not a depiction of the pre-owned model. To capture higher-end Tesla models, dealerships can opt for custom images and video footage from EVOX Images to show customers exactly what is awaiting them at the dealership.