An ‘Insta’ Debate: Should Stock Vehicle Images be swapped with Stock Vehicle Videos?


Dealerships that are active on Instagram might be familiar with the controversy surrounding the social media site. With the success of TikTok, Instagram is starting to favor video content. While Instagram has allowed users to post videos in the past, the platform was largely focused on photo content.

Is it time for dealerships to pivot to video on Instagram? Should dealerships swap out stock vehicle images for stock vehicle videos on their Instagram accounts?

Stock Vehicle Images are Here to Stay

Dealerships wondering about this pivot to video shouldn’t get too stressed. While it’s true that Instagram is positioning itself to be more competitive with TikTok, one social media site doesn’t make photos irrelevant.

Stock vehicle images are here to stay. In fact, these images are ideal to use on dealership websites to create slideshows for new models; offering an extensive slideshow invites site visitors to explore their options and better understand the vehicles they like.

In addition, many dealerships also have their own blog. Stock video images can be used to break up large blocks of text and add interest to the article.

EVOX Images also offer immersive 360 degree spin photos; these photos can accompany blog articles about a new model while also allowing blog readers to explore the vehicle using their mouse or just their fingertip (for mobile devices).

Stock Vehicle Images

Stock Vehicle Videos Help Dealerships Pivot to Video

TikTok is a very popular social media site that focuses on short-form video content. As of September 2021, Statista reported that TikTok has one-billion monthly active users. However, that number has likely grown.

The social media platform’s user-base skews on the younger side, and TikTok is popular with members of Generation Z. Omnicore Agency reports that 43 percent of TikTok’s audience is between the age of 18 and 24 (this is based on global numbers).

Should dealerships explore TikTok? To reach younger audiences, it could be the preferred site. However, dealerships also might be stepping back and reexamining how they are using Instagram.

As Instagram is now emphasizing video content, dealerships might find that they need to pivot to video on their Instagram account. Dealerships might wonder about what to post. What videos do well?

Stock Vehicle Videos Could Offer Content

Using stock vehicle videos on social media sites might not be the sole focus for dealerships that need video content. However, these videos could be a starting point to draw viewers or to increase engagement on social media.

Dealerships might use EVOX Images for their stock vehicle imagery needs, and the company also offers many options for stock video footage. Dealerships can choose to use the following videos from EVOX Images:

  • Editorial video
  • Exterior video spin sets
  • Fly-around video
  • Video clip set

What are Editorial Videos?

Editorial stock videos offer three fly-arounds for a model; dealerships can choose different lengths for the video, too. Editorial stock videos are offered in five-second, 15-second and 30-second lengths.

These can be integrated on a website, placed into a blog entry to generate interest or perhaps dealerships include them on a social media site.

Exterior Video Spin Sets

These videos showcase the vehicle rotating, and they can be used to help customers understand the design and look of a particular model. Dealerships can choose from three different lengths: five seconds, 15 seconds and 90 seconds.

Fly-Around Video

These videos are designed to show the vehicle from different angles and vantage points (a bit like drone footage). Choose from five seconds, 15 seconds or 30 seconds.

Video Clip Set

Clip set videos could be a great social media video. These videos included more than 24 interior and exterior images of the vehicle. Think of this type of video as a video slideshow.

Videos from EVOX Images also can include professional narration to ensure that buyers understand the details of each model and its unique features, too. EVOX also offers showroom videos that can provide a virtual showroom experience. These videos also create interesting social media content.

Stock Vehicle Images

Ideas for Creating Unique Videos

While EVOX Images can let dealerships have access to stock videos that could help dealerships create content for their Instagram account, dealerships also will want to create their own unique videos to generate interest and stand apart from competitors.

Dealerships that need ideas for short videos can try these ideas:

  1. A quick sales video. Is the dealership offering a sale or promotion? Create a quick video to promote it to followers.
  2. Car walkaround video. For new models that just arrived, create a brief walkaround video for the car and point out unique features. Don’t forget to include the starting MSRP.
  3. Team member videos. Each week, create a video that introduces followers to the team. Give every team member their own video profile.
  4. A dealership tour. Take followers on a quick tour of the dealership.
  5. Holiday messages. Is it almost a major holiday? Create a video just to wish followers a happy holiday.
  6. Other holiday content. Videos also could include questions to followers. Ask all team members about their favorite Halloween candy, Thanksgiving food, etc. Then ask followers to post their favorites.
  7. Car service tips. Remind followers when they need to change their oil, rotate tires, etc.
  8. AMA videos. AMA means ‘ask me anything.’ Encourage followers to ask their car questions and post a video answering them.
  9. Dealership updates. Is the dealership closed for a snow day? Are the hours changing? Update followers with a video. Make it clear what the video is about in the title (name the video “Business Hour Updates,” for example).
  10. Test drive videos. Dealerships post test drive videos to YouTube. However, shorter videos could show how a certain feature works in the vehicle. Obviously, designate a non-driving videographer.

Use Stock Images and Stock Video

Stock vehicle images will be necessary for online marketing communiqués and to add visual interest. Website visitors will want to see images of the models they like. Dealerships can include extensive video slideshows, spin photos and other stock images to encourage online engagement and provide customers with the data they demand about the vehicles they are researching.

However, stock vehicle videos also can be used to showcase a model. These videos can be integrated into the dealership’s website or even included on a blog. Videos can help to break up text in the same way as an image but videos also can help customers gain more insight about a model.

As Instagram focuses on short videos to compete with TikTok, dealerships also might pivot to video content on their Instagram page. They might integrate some stock video content and also create their own videos, too.

Imagery will always be necessary to provide customers with insight about a vehicle’s interior and exterior features. Scrolling through photos also might allow the customer to control the visual journey. However, some customers might prefer to watch a quick video as a means to learn about a particular model.

For dealerships that want to know what their followers and/or customers prefer, social media can even be a great place for posting a poll that gives followers a chance to tell dealerships how they want to explore cars. Ask if they want to see more videos. 

Dealerships can even give customers and followers a choice of videos and have them choose their favorite ideas. Maybe audiences prefer that dealerships pivot to video, but dealerships also could find that followers like those photo slideshows.

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