These Sports Car Stock Photos Drive Excitement Online

As new 2023 vehicle models drive into dealership showrooms and lots, EVOX Images also is updating its list of available stock images to include many 2023 models. Since not all these models have yet arrived, buyers might still be focused on 2022 models. In fact, sports cars enthusiasts might zero in on the remaining 2022 models hoping to score a deal.

Sports cars are a popular vehicle for buyers who crave speed and a sleek modern design. Dealerships can use sports car stock photos to drive excitement online about new models and the current model year, too. What are the best sports cars that dealerships might highlight with 2023 sports car stock photos? The five most popular sports cars for so far have included:

  • Ford Mustang
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Chevrolet Corvette
  • BMW 2-Series
Sports Car Stock Photos

The Ford Mustang: An American Icon

The Mustang has been a popular sports car for generations. Dealerships with a 2022 model can use stock images to highlight the beauty and classic lines and design of this vehicle.

Integrate 360 degree spin photos to let site visitors use a fingertip or their mouse to rotate the vehicle and see it from every vantage point. Dealerships also can include panorama interior photos of the Mustang for a look inside; these photos are spin photos that simulate sitting in the vehicle at the dealership.

Some car shoppers might have difficulty deciding on their favorite paint trim for their Mustang. Dealerships can use animated photos that load automatically and show the Mustang driving into a photo and changing paint colors, too.

Don’t forget to include price specs and other details to ensure buyers have all the info they need when researching the different Mustang trim options online.

Dodge Charger

The 2023 model year will be the Dodge Charger’s last year of production. As buyers know that this model is on its way out, dealerships might not be able to keep this classic muscle car in stock or on the lot for long. Car shoppers who are researching sports cars online and are set on a Charger might want to see this sports car in motion.

Animated photos can show the Charger rotating or from different vantage points. As the view of the vehicle changes, the paint trim changes, too. This can help buyers who might be unsure if they really love the purple-tinged Hellraisin paint trim.

Dealerships also could include base trim car stock photos to help budget buyers better understand what features are offered in the lowest trim for this sports car.

Dodge Challenger

The end also is near for the popular Dodge Challenger. The smaller coupe might be ending production in the coming years, but Dodge has signaled that electric muscle might be the future. Shoppers who are looking for a sports car might want to visually compare the Challenger and the Charger to find out which model is best for their needs.

Dealerships can use immersive 360 spin photos to let buyers check out the interior and exterior of the Challenger and better understand it compared to the larger Charger. In addition, dealerships also might include an extensive slideshow to highlight the design details (and showcase the engine) of this smaller sports coupe.

Sports Car Stock Photos

Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is a classic sports car and made its debut before the Mustang. The Corvette is priced for a higher budget buyer, and this luxury buyer might want to explore the car using a variety of imagery.

Spin photos can showcase the Corvette’s signature exterior design, while interior panorama photos let users get a closer look at the design elements inside the Corvette that make it stand out from its competitors.

While Torch Red took the top spot as the favorite paint trim for 2022 Corvettes, buyers could see the model in all the available paint trims with animated photos. Dealerships also can create an eye-catching and compelling hero image by using an animated stock photo highlighting the Corvette.

BMW 2-Series

Although BMW is a luxury brand, the BMW 2-Series starts around $35K and is available in a coupe or grand coupe body style. Buyers might want to explore the model in more detail, and dealerships could use spin photos or an extensive stock photo slideshow to provide this visual data.

As with other sports car models, animated photos also could be an eye-catching element that lets buyers see the car in motion and preview the different paint colors of the series, too. Dealerships might choose the drive-in / spin animated photos for maximum visual impact.

New 2023 Models are Driving onto the Lots and Online at EVOX Images, Too

Dealerships that are looking for sports car stock photos for 2023 vehicles can check EVOX Images regularly to find the available images of these new models. EVOX Images is constantly updating photo libraries to include all the latest models.

During inventory shortages, the 2021 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study reported that site traffic increased for car dealership websites as it related to consumer online research. Dealerships might still be plagued by inventory shortages; in response, they might increase their online offerings to include more visual data to help buyers on their search for the best vehicle.

While car specs can help buyers understand the important data related to a model’s fuel efficiency, towing capacities, and interior dimensions, images provide the visual representation of these numbers and data points. By using interactive spin photos or even enjoying animated photos, buyers can explore the car or see it in motion.

Buyers who are researching sports cars might be more focused on engine specs, acceleration and the overall design of the vehicle. While images can’t necessarily highlight the car’s acceleration, speed or prowess, animated photos showcase the car as it moves. In addition, professional stock photos also can give buyers an up-close look at the engine, tires, and the instrument panel, too.

Integrate Video and Virtual Reality Experiences Online

In addition to car stock photos, dealerships also can find digital assets that are compatible with virtual reality experiences and car stock videos, too. Many dealerships are focused on creating memorable and exciting content for customers to provide them with the resources they need to research their new car options.

Consumers also might search for resources that allow them to explore different car models without leaving home. Younger shoppers might prefer augmented reality or virtual reality experiences to help guide and simplify their buying journey.

EVOX Images provides dealerships with a library of digital assets for different sports car models that can be used to create resources like virtual reality and augmented reality showrooms or preview/walkaround experiences. The details of these experiences can be unique to the dealership.

EVOX Images also offers car stock videos that can be integrated into online ads or used on the dealership’s website. These videos can provide narrated virtual tours of new models or be used to highlight design or mechanical features of the vehicle.

Buyers who are shopping for sports cars might demand more visual experiences online to help them understand the interior and exterior features of the models they are considering.

Dealerships can use sports car stock photos to provide shoppers with interactive online experiences using spin photos or grab their attention with animated photos of these vehicles. In addition, car stock videos and digital assets compatible with virtual reality can be used to create online resources that further simplify the buyer’s journey.