A Sports Car Stock Photo Can Show These Details!

Gen Z buyers are gravitating towards luxury car purchases, and sports cars might be among their top choices. Common sports car models include the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro and even the Porsche 911. Two other popular sports cars—the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Challenger—are about to be discontinued and buyers might opt to purchase these models.

Sports cars can be some of the most fun vehicles for dealerships to advertise and promote to buyers. These models are sleek and feature a modern design. Sports car stock photos can show more details than just the exterior, though. Here are seven ways to market these cool cars using a sports car stock photo:

  1. Use a spin photo on a dealership’s website
  2. Choose an animated sports car stock photo as a hero image
  3. Post a sports car stock photo slideshow on social media
  4. Tease a new sports car with an impactful exterior shot
  5. Create an augmented reality showroom to enable users to explore a sports car from home
  6. Use base trim stock photos to show buyers the bare-minimum trim
  7. Don’t forget to post a sports car stock photo that shows off the engine

Include a Spin Photo of a New Sports Car on the Website

EVOX Images offers spin photos of new car models that allow users to interact with a 3D image of a specific car model. An exterior spin photo lets the user check out the car’s exterior design and features while a panorama spin photo lets the user look inside the car.

Users can explore these 3D spin photos on a PC, Mac or a digital device. Navigation of the photo utilizes either a fingertip (for digital devices) or a mouse. With exterior spin photos, users can rotate the image in all directions to see it from any and every angle.

Panorama spin photos are navigated the same way. However, with a panorama interior spin photo, users can look all around the inside of a sports car.

When advertising or marketing a new sports car model, spin photos can help shoppers look at the details of the car’s exterior design. They can use spin photos to understand the dimensions and other body design elements.

Some sports cars are designed to only fit two people. For larger sports car models, though, panorama spin photos can enable buyers to explore the back seat space and any cool interior details in the car.

Sports Car Stock Photo

An Animated Sports Car Stock Photo is an Impactful Hero Image

A hero image features a banner design to capture a site visitor’s attention. An animated stock photo from EVOX Images is an impactful image to use as the main element of a webpage.

Animated stock photos are offered in numerous designs. They can show the car model rotating, driving into the photo, driving in and rotating or from different vantage points (like drone footage). Every photo also features the car’s paint trim changing to a different hue as it moves.

Use animated images of a new sports car model to grab a visitor’s attention on the dealership website. Sports cars can appeal to younger buyers, but they also offer that ‘wow’ factor that many car buyers like. While not every buyer will be able to afford or even want a sports car, the design of these cars exude coolness.

Post a Sports Car Stock Photo Slideshow on Social Media

While the short-form video posts of TikTok are becoming the preferred content model for other social media platforms, pictures are still impactful on Facebook and even Instagram. Dealerships that have a new sports car model that has rolled into the dealership should promote it via a slideshow post.

EVOX Images offers a library of interior and exterior images for many new (and older) sports car models. Dealerships can check out all the available images to create an immersive slideshow on either their website or social media (or both).

Dealerships who want to promote the newest 2023 Chevrolet Camaro might choose to include up-close images of the model’s headlights, backseat space and infotainment system, too. Dealerships also could choose to include photos that showcase the model in all of its paint trim options to help buyers better understand their color choices.

Instagram lets users post numerous photos in one post to create a click-through slideshow. This could be an ideal platform for showcasing a new sports car via a stock photo slideshow.

Tease a New Sports Car with an Impactful Exterior Shot

Dealerships that are promoting a new sports car that hasn’t arrived in the showroom can ‘tease’ the new model with an eye-catching exterior shot of the vehicle. EVOX Images offers a library of stock images for each model; there are numerous exterior shots that dealerships could use to introduce or tease a new sports car model that is expected to arrive in the showroom.

Sports Car Stock Photo

Create an Augmented Reality Showroom

Encourage site visitors to fully immerse into the shopping experience by offering an augmented reality car showroom that lets them explore any model from home. EVOX Images offers a library of stock photos that are compatible with both augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

Augmented reality is accessible to many consumers as this technology can be enjoyed with a smartphone or a tablet (that has a camera). The augmented reality experience accesses the user’s camera and allows them to select where they wish to enjoy the experience; the user captures any environment with their camera, and the technology shows a digital graphic depiction of the vehicle in this space.

Some augmented reality experiences let the user view a model of a car in full scale. The car can be viewed using the camera to navigate; the user can walk around the car or even look inside it with the help of the camera and their phone’s screen.

Depending on the design of the augmented reality showroom, the user might even be able to change the paint color of the sports car that they are previewing. This allows them to see what the car looks like in all the available paint trims.

Base Trim Stock Photos Show buyers the Most Affordable Car Model

Every car model is offered in a base trim; this is the most affordable trim that is available in any particular model. Buyers who are shopping for a sports car might be on a tight budget; they might only be looking for the price associated with the base trim for the car.

Not every dealership makes it simple for buyers to understand the base trim and what if offers. Many sites show a photo that depicts the model with upgraded features and with a larger price tag.

Gen Z prefers luxury cars. While they might be willing to spend more, they also could still be looking for a budget-friendly option of their preferred luxury car. Use the base trim photo library from EVOX Images to illustrate what the car looks like in its most stripped-down trim.

Some luxury sports cars might include many cool upgrades as standard. More affordable sports cars, though, might offer limited standard features with the base trim.

Always Show the Engine of the Sports Car

A car dealership might be posting an extensive photo slideshow on its website or social media pages to promote or tease a new sports car. They might choose an animated photo that shows the car driving into the photo and onto the website for the most impactful hero image.

However, there is one photo that dealerships should not forget to include when showcasing a sports car. The engine of these cars might be one of the most important features that buyers want to see. A sports car stock photo of the engine lets buyers understand the size of the engine and other aspects of its design, too.

The base trim of a sports car might even feature a smaller engine. This is why showing the base trim and its features can be important for buyers. The engine they want with the speed they crave might not come standard; they might need to upgrade to a more expensive trim in order to have the engine they want for their sports car.

Sports Car Stock Photo

2023 Sports Car Stock Photos from EVOX Images

EVOX Images constantly updates its photo libraries to include new models. As new 2023 models are released, EVOX Images adds them to the database.

Currently, the 2023 Chevrolet Camaro, models from Lexus and Audi and many others have been added. As more models begin to debut for the new model year, EVOX Images will offer a library of images for dealerships to use for marketing, advertising and on social media.

If dealerships don’t see the model they’re looking for, they can (and should) check back often. New models will be added; dealerships’ will be able to search for 360 degree spin photos, base trim photos, animated photos and interior and exterior photos associated with new models.

Since Gen Z buyers might focus on luxury models (and sports cars) dealerships might draw attention to new sports car models as they arrive in the showroom. Don’t forget to include a stock photo of every sports car’s engine; this feature is one that many speed enthusiasts will want to check out.