Best Sports Car Images for Boutique Dealerships


Sports car buyers are looking for a specific look and feel when they step through your dealership’s doors. While industrial city roads and blank backgrounds might work for a customer who is looking for a minivan, someone shopping for a speedy two-door coupe will likely have a different aesthetic in mind. 

Using stunning, high-quality, and demographically relevant photos will help you narrow your advertising efforts, which will also build an online presence that reflects your brand and audience.

Take a look at some of the best sports car images for boutique dealerships.

Sports Car Images

Ford Mustang

This all-American classic is still as popular as it was in the late 60s, and it’s a great model to feature if you’re going for a timeless look. 

When you’re selecting photos for your Mustang inventory, look for striking colors and contrasting paint jobs. Racing stripes or candy-coated paint jobs are eye-catching and the perfect way to showcase the vehicle’s signature details. 

Wide-angle shots and full images highlight the Mustang’s features best, since its recognizable shape is a big part of its marketing value.

Sports Car Images


Bimmers are sleek, elevated, and accessible with all of the bells and whistles. Be sure to choose images that showcase the car’s modern look, as well as the trademark features that the brand is known for.

This make’s signature grill is one of the most important features to focus on when you’re selecting stock photography. Be sure to choose popular colors for this model, such as black or silver.

But, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the rear. The Z4 has the perfect “muscle-car” aesthetic with all of the sportiness of previous models.

Sports Car Images

Mazda MX-5 Miata

It’s no surprise that a Mazda is on this list. One of the most affordable import manufacturers, the MX-5 Miata is the quintessential coupe sports car

Part of the appeal of the Miata is the lifestyle it comes with, so it’s never a bad idea to use images that feature picturesque scenery. Choose photography that makes buyers want to envision themselves in one of your vehicles, because they see themselves in the scene you’re setting. 

High-quality shots of someone driving down a curvy mountain roadside or expansive coastline incorporate bright colors and depth. Be sure to choose images that use complementary colors, or feature a vibrant paint job against a subdued background

Dodge Challenger

Few cars embody the robust power that comes with sitting behind the wheel of a Challenger. These muscle cars are easily recognizable, but the 2020 model is a perfect mix of innovative design and the brand’s classic look

Wide angles shot from behind the car can highlight the shape of the rear end (or spoiler). Dark colors go well with the angular shape and style of this model.

Porsche 911

In contrast to the last model, the Porsche 911 is all about the curves. You won’t find a sharp angle anywhere on this car’s design.

Matte paint jobs are not ideal for showing off the 911’s liquid design. Stick with glossy, monochromatic colors and simple fixtures. Less is more with this German auto brand. 

Consider the color of the interior when looking for photos with a busy backdrop. Help buyers picture themselves beating the sun home on the open road by choosing stock photos shot at golden hour, or in the wee hours of the morning.

Sports Car Images

Subaru WRX

You can almost hear the sound of the motor when you read “WRX” on a page. Make your customers feel just as connected to the power and strength of this sports car by choosing images that embody speed

This model in particular is known for its handling and ease of use, so choosing photos that showcase sharp turns and drifting is always a safe bet. Consider how a potential Subaru owner sees themselves in the cars they’re shopping for, and frame your inventory accordingly

The WRX is another option that looks great in primary colors, or even jewel tones. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this brand.

Sports Car Images

Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette is one of the most notable American sports cars in history, and it continues to be a popular choice for drivers who are looking for the full package. This is one model that embodies excess, so bigger is better when it comes to sourcing stock photos for your website or social media. 

Bright colors, loud interiors, and creative lens types can make the Corvette pop on any webpage. Corvette drivers aren’t trying to blend in, so you don’t want to use photography that tones down what you have to offer. 

If your dealership features custom models, choose stock images that highlight the same perks and modifications you’re able to fulfil. 

Jaguar F-Type

With all of the sleekness of modern electric models and all of the power of traditional muscle cars, the F-Type is the all-in-one innovative vehicle for contemporary thrill seekers. 

Just like a Jaguar can stand out in any parking lot, your images should jump off the page. Luxury is the name of the game, and your images should reflect the elevated reputation of this renowned brand. 

A stiff suit and a Rolex can go a long way, and showing off the interior is a great trick to attract serious buyers. Choose images that represent the clientele you’re expecting to entertain. 

Audi R8

Another luxury model that’s known for representing class is also one of the fastest cars on this list. Audi shoppers perfectly toe the line between extravagance and function, so choose high-quality images that represent this aesthetic. 

This is one sports car that looks amazing with the top down, so be sure to include at least one image that highlights this key feature. The R8’s aerodynamic design is also best shown from the front, but don’t neglect the side panels

To get the full picture and still convey the speed and sleekness of the R8, look for sharp turns, donuts, or burnouts for a bit of fun. 
When you’re trying to showcase your sports car inventory, style and speed and paramount for every make or model. Use these helpful tips to source the best sports car images for your boutique dealership.

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