Social Dealerships: 30 Post Ideas to Increase Engagement and Visibility

Social media platforms are a simple way for businesses to stay connected to past and current customers and reach out to new customers, too. Facebook remains the most popular social media site; it counts about 2.93 billion active users each month. In addition, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok also are popular sites.

Dealerships should get social to increase visibility and customer outreach. While creating a Facebook account is a good starting point, dealerships also might branch out to other sites, too. For dealerships new to the online social realm, here are 30 post ideas to increase engagement and visibility on different social media platforms.

Facebook Post Ideas

Those who haven’t ventured into social media might start with Facebook; not only is it the largest social media network, but it’s also fairly user friendly. Users can post pictures, videos or just add simple text posts/updates.

Use these Facebook post ideas to help increase engagement:

1.   User polls. Ask anything via Facebook with a fun poll. For the Fourth of July, ask about favorite fireworks or barbecue side dishes. Create a list of options and poll followers for fun.

2.   Open-ended question posts. Similar to a poll, except these posts ask followers to post an answer. These can be themed for the season. Dealerships also could ask followers about their favorite vehicle or their first vehicle.

3.   New model previews. Include a teaser photo of an upcoming new model.

4.   Promotion posts. Is the dealership hosting a sale, special event or promotion? Use a Facebook post to draw awareness of it.

5.   Scavenger hunt content. Include a hint or multiple hints about someone on the sales team, a specific car, etc. Then direct followers to the dealership’s website to find clues about the answer. The first correct answer might win a prize (perhaps dealership swag). Make sure clues are available on the website.

6.   Uplifting/honor posts. These posts can include honoring a specific holiday or acknowledging a historic figure or a moment in history.

7.   Business posts. Are the hours changing because of the time of year or to expand options for customers? Post any business updates via Facebook to draw attention to changes so customers stay in the know.

8.   Community posts. Wish the local high school luck for an upcoming game or championship, promote a local event (if the dealership is participating), etc.

9.   Inventory highlight posts. Need to move a model? Promote it via Facebook. Dealerships could even include a Car of the Week post.

10.  Helpful tip posts. Remind customers to get their oil changed and tires rotated. Include mileage milestones related to certain maintenance issues.

Social Dealerships

Instagram Post Ideas

Instagram is owned by Meta (the parent company of Facebook), and it is a visual-centric social media platform. Posts are focused on videos and photos, but users also include accompanying text as captions or descriptions; some even post longer text content. However, dealerships will want to focus on visuals to tell their stories.

For Instagram, consider these post ideas:

1.   New model previews. Instagram allows users to post photo slideshows; dealerships can include an array of photos.

2.   A short vehicle walkaround video. Focus on the basic highlights of a specific car or model.

3.   Interactive images. Instagram is the place to use any unique imagery; try interactive images like 360 spin photos or panorama photos for a virtual tour. Preview it first to ensure photos are compatible.

4.   Special promotion ads. Dealerships can work up a graphic that details a specific sale or promotion to post to their Instagram page. Make the graphic colorful and eye-catching.

5.   Vehicle spotlights. Instagram is the place to post photos of any available inventory that the dealership wants to promote.

6.   Commemorative posts. For holidays or commemorative dates, create a graphic to honor the occasion.

7.   Vehicle tip posts. While Instagram is a graphic-heavy platform, create an infographic slideshow that gives followers vehicle tips.

8.   Base trim posts. Not all dealerships include base trim photos or details. Post an upcoming model in the base trim to help buyers understand the look of the most basic trim. Dealerships could include the base trim in a slideshow, too (make sure followers know which photo in a slideshow is the base).

9.   New team member posts. Introduce a new team member via Instagram. Include their photo and a ‘welcome to the dealership’ note.

10.   Paint color posts. Include a post about a specific model that highlights all the paint options. Let followers scroll through to see what the vehicle looks like in every hue.

Social Dealerships

YouTube Post Ideas

YouTube is a video-focused social media site. Only video content is available on YouTube. More than 2.6 billion users are active on YouTube around the world at least once each month. Dealerships can get creative about their video content or they can be a bit more basic with content.

Here are 10 YouTube video ideas for a dealership channel:

1.   Vehicle walkaround. Include pricing, interior and exterior features, etc. Show the vehicle inside and out.

2.   Vehicle test drive. This will involve having a passenger tape the test drive. Check out other dealership channels to see how these are formatted.

3.   Showroom or dealership tour. Grab a camera and take viewers on a tour of the dealership.

4.   Dealership history video. Does the dealership have a long and interesting history? Create a video to explore it. Include old ads, an interview with the owner, etc.

5.   Team member introduction video. Let viewers meet the team. Introduce the sales team and the staff.

6.   Promotion updates. Is the dealership about to host a major promotion or sale? Create a video to let followers know.

7.   Expert advice videos. Create a video that includes car tips, maintenance advice, etc. This could even be a series.

8.   Vehicle of the week videos. Highlight a used model from the lot once a week.

9.   Holiday wishes video. Create a video where the dealership wishes followers a happy holiday or offers a special message.

10.   Dealership updates. Is the dealership about to do a major renovation? Create a video announcing it. Dealership update videos can include any topic of interest that’s relevant to customers.

Social Dealerships

Content for TikTok and Twitter

Twitter is known for brief content posts. In fact, posts are limited to a specific character count. Dealerships might find it beneficial to have a Twitter page for posting updated information and providing yet another site for customers to find information.

TikTok is a newer social media platform. Content focuses on shorter videos. These videos should be snappy and informative. TikTok is famous for dance challenge videos and helpful content, too. TikTok could be a great platform for reaching younger consumers.

Starting a Social Presence

Dealerships that are beginning to enter the online social world might start by creating accounts on one or two social media sites. Since Facebook has the most users, this could be an easy place to start a social journey.

However, YouTube is an extremely valuable platform for car dealerships as it allows for dealerships to upload their own commercials and create informative visual content. Video content can be a few minutes in length or maybe even a few hours.

To find the best social media platform, dealerships can visit the sites to learn more about content and to create their own account. These platforms create another means for dealerships to engage with consumers and potential clients and enhance the dealership’s online visibility. As more consumers are shopping for cars online, social media is yet another tool to offer resources to buyers, showcase inventory and stay competitive.