These are the Newest Premium Car Stock Photos


EVOX Images is constantly adding new photos to its car stock photo libraries. As new model years are introduced for each vehicle and each major auto brand, EVOX Images incorporates high-quality stock photo assets for each of these vehicles for dealerships to use for their marketing needs.

The newest premium car stock photos for models include eye-catching animated images. These photos include the following options:

  • Drive-in animation
  • Drive-in / spin animation
  • Fly-around animation
  • Spin animation

Animated Photos Connect Consumers to Color Options

Why are these new photo assets a must-have for dealerships? Animated photos load on the page automatically. When used on websites, this can help draw the consumer’s attention to a specific model and hold their interest, too.

However, animated photos also are an ideal resource for dealerships to use when they want to convey all the color options for a particular model. Animated photos show a vehicle model driving into the photo, rotating or even from various vantage points via drone-type photography.

As the vehicle moves in the image, the color trims change. These animated images allow dealerships to showcase the car to consumers in every possible color option offered by the manufacturer.

Animated photos help consumers who might be shopping at home to understand how the vehicle appears in a different hue. Since many consumers now spend more than five hours at home researching and shopping for a new car, every asset and resource that the dealership can provide to aid this journey would be beneficial.

Dealerships who don’t offer these shopping resources also could fall behind the competition. Consumers want to be able to understand as much about a model as possible. While some consumers might always prefer the in-person dealership experience, younger consumers might gravitate towards the online journey.

Premium Car Stock Photos

Animated Photos Show the Car in Motion

While the only way to fully understand how a vehicle maneuvers and handles is to test drive it, animated photos can give consumers a preview about different details of the car.

Since animated photos show the car in motion, consumers can see it from different angles. Some animated photos are designed with the car fully rotating; this lets consumers understand the full design and exterior styling of their favorite models.

Animated photos could capture the individual’s attention, too. When the model drives into the photo, this could entice the shopper to learn more. Animated photos can be a teaser for consumers, prompting interest in a vehicle and possibly encouraging the shopper to investigate the car further.

What Models are New to the Car Stock Image Database?

Dealerships that are wondering about the latest models to be added into EVOX Images’ car stock image database can visit the EVOX Images or EVOX Stock websites to find all the latest additions. New 2023 models are arriving at dealerships, but brands also are introducing some of their latest models (these might not be available to dealerships just yet) and professional imagery will be added as soon as possible.

Dealerships that need digital image assets for marketing purposes should visit the EVOX Images website often to check on new models that have been added. Photography for 2023 model year vehicles will typically include:

  • Spin images
  • Panorama images
  • Base trim library
  • Three-angle color sets
  • Full stills
  • Splash images

Newer models also will include a library that includes digital photo assets that are compatible with augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. This library can be used by dealerships who want to offer immersive and interactive experiences for their customers.

In addition, EVOX Images also will offer a selection of animated photos for each new model in the database. When dealerships are looking for specific images, they can search the database by make/model and year to preview all available images.

The EVOX Images search tool is designed to show images via a thumbnail image. This ensures that dealerships don’t have to open up individual files to view an image; the innovative search tool eliminates the guesswork of finding photos and saves time, too.

Premium Car Stock Photos

Premium Stock Photos are Worth the Price

Dealerships might look for ways to save money on marketing. Taking DIY photos or hiring a friend to snap photos of new models might seem more affordable than buying stock photos.

However, not every photo is an impactful image. DIY photos could be an ideal option to showcase used inventory, where photos need to show the exact specs and details of an older or pre-owned vehicle. For new models, though, high-resolution stock photos are the most professional photo choice.

The definition of high resolution might depend on how the photo will be used. For photos that will be printed the ideal resolution is 300 pixels per inch (PPI). For images used online, the ideal resolution is 72 PPI; this resolution quality ensures that consumers can zoom in on a photo without distortion or blurring the image. Not all DIY photos are high resolution.

In addition, all stock images from EVOX Images capture the details of every vehicle. The full stills library for a specific model will include numerous photos of the interior and exterior. These photos will zoom in on particular features like the infotainment screen, gear shift or maybe even the wheel rims.

DIY photography also might not be able to create spin photo experiences. EVOX Images offers exterior spin photos and panorama (interior) spin photos of most models. What are the benefits of using spin photos?

These photos are interactive and encourage exploration. Consumers can use a fingertip (for mobile devices) or their mouse to interact with a 3D image of the exterior or interior of the vehicle. Exterior spin photos allow consumers to rotate the car in a full 360 degrees to see every exterior design detail.

Interior spin photos are known as panorama photos. Using a fingertip or mouse, consumers can look all around the interior of the car; the experience is a bit like a virtual tour of a vehicle. The panorama spin photo even lets consumers look up at a moonroof.

Spin photos can provide an important resource for online car research. Standard one-dimensional photos might not provide a complete understanding of the car’s design, but these 3D photos can provide a richer exploration experience for those who shop at home.

Premium Car Stock Photos

Can Dealerships Find Every Model Via EVOX Images?

Some dealerships might receive a unique or classic car from a trade-in deal with a buyer. Is every model available in the EVOX Image database? Can dealerships find quality stock photos for any car model?

Again, for pre-owned vehicles, custom photos are the best option. Dealerships can reach out to EVOX Images to schedule a custom photoshoot if they have a luxury, unique or classic car that they feel needs elevated imagery.

In addition, EVOX Images’ car database only goes back so far related to model years. Most new models are typically included in the database, but some models might not be accessible.

Dealerships that are looking for high-resolution image assets to use via their website, blog, social media or for another marketing need can and should visit the EVOX Images website regularly to check on new models that have been added to the database. Not all 2023 models have been released by brands, but as these new models are available, EVOX Images will work to provide professional premium car stock photos to dealerships for all their marketing needs.

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