50 Gifts for New Car Owners


Buying a new car for the first time is an expensive and exciting purchase. The new car smell reminds the owner during every drive that they are riding in their new purchase. Yet, for some car buyers, that new car purchase might be the first time owning a car.

A new car, though, is a responsibility and requires upkeep and regular maintenance. A friend or relative that is a first-time car owner might not have everything they need for that vehicle. Check out these 50 gifts for new car owners that are practical, add a bit of luxury and even help new owners care for their purchase. There’s something for everyone!

10 Luxury Gifts for Car Owners

A little luxury can elevate the daily drive. Car buyers might have added extra upgrades or features to their vehicle to create the best model for their budget and driving needs. Yet, there are many additional accessories that can further enhance that daily drive.

Consider these 10 luxury gifts for car owners:

Gifts for New Car Owners
  1. A sheepskin seat cover. Fluffy, warm and comfortable, sheepskin is a luxury fabric. Gift sheepskin seat covers for a cozy commute.
  2. A car refrigerator. Yes, there are portable refrigerators that can be added to a vehicle for drinks and snacks.
  3. Leather steering wheel wrap. A leather-wrapped steering wheel is usually an upgraded option for many vehicles, but this upgraded luxury feature could be standard for cars in the luxury segment. Gift a leather steering wheel wrap for the luxury auto experience.
  4. Leather driving gloves. Leather driving gloves can keep hands warm and add a little grip to the steering wheel. Plus, these gloves just look chic.
  5. Customized floor mats. Elevate the basic floor mats with customized options. Add a monogram or opt for a unique design.
  6. Driving moccasins. Like leather driving gloves, suede or leather driving moccasins (or slippers) let the car owner drive in comfort. These slippers or shoes can feature shearling or faux fur.
  7. A luxury air freshener. Even air fresheners can be designed as luxury components for the car. Some might feature wood carved designs or other intricate details. Others look like little perfume bottles.
  8. Driving sunglasses. If the car owner is a close relative or friend, a more personal gift could be a great option. Sunglasses with polarized lenses tend to be more expensive, but they are better for driving and help reduce glare. Opt for a luxury pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses.
  9. The Magic Box. This is a device that enables streaming services to be accessible via carplay functions on the car’s infotainment screen. This is a great luxury gift for car owners with kids.
  10. A high-end car cup. Opt for a high-end mug/cup that can fit into the car’s cup holders. These mugs/cups are compatible with hot or cold beverages and can even include customizable features.

10 Gifts that Enhance Safety

There are numerous safety systems that car buyers can choose for their vehicles. Some include blind-spot warning and systems that automatically stop the vehicle to avoid a collision. Not every buyer can upgrade their safety systems, though. In addition, there are numerous tools that car owners should keep in their car in case of emergency. Here are 10 gifts to help enhance safety in the vehicle and help in the event of an accident or vehicle emergency, too:

  1. Front-end cameras. Not every car owner can opt for a front end camera system, although backup cameras are standard. Gift a camera system to ensure more eyes on the front end.
  2. A dash camera. This isn’t the same as a front-end camera, which allows the driver to watch how the front end is positioned during parking or maneuvering. The dash cam can watch other cars and show any issues related to an accident. These cameras might provide the driver with an extra peace of mind
  3. A fire extinguisher for the car. This is a safety feature that most car owners don’t often include in their vehicle, but it could save a life.
  4. A multi-function car tool. These multitools often include a gadget that easily breaks the glass on a car window (to help exit the car) and a tool that cuts the seat belt.
  5. A battery charger. Stuck with a dead battery without another car nearby to offer a jump? A portable car battery charger let’s car owners recharge the battery to help them get back on the road.
  6. Heated ice scraper. These portable scrapers typically plug into the car to provide a little warmth to melt ice on the windows and windshield. These scrapers make winter weather a bit less frustrating.
  7. An emergency kit. These kits provide the basics drivers might need in case of emergency.
  8. AAA Membership. Gift a membership to AAA to provide a new driver with roadside assistance and other resources, too.
  9. Electric car jack. When a flat tire stops the drive, these car jacks might make changing the flat a bit easier.
  10. A shovel. According to the National Safety Council, car owners should include a shovel in their car. Gift a shovel and kitty litter, too (for traction).
Gifts for New Car Owners

10 Gifts for Car Maintenance

The condition of the vehicle is one of the factors that can impact its resale value. Car owners should properly maintain their vehicle and ensure that it looks its best inside and out. Here are 10 gifts for car owners that can help them maintain the beauty of their vehicle:

  1. A car wash membership. Gift a membership to a carwash so they can wash their car regularly. These memberships might allow the member to have an allotted number of car washes per month.
  2. A detailing service. Gift a detailing service; detailing is beyond a basic car wash or car cleaning. Detailing the interior and exterior of the car often includes touch ups or stain removal for car upholstery.
  3. A mini vacuum. A small portable vacuum cleaner can be kept in the trunk of the car for easy access to a quick clean up.
  4. Car care kits. Create a kit filled with car wipes, leather cleaner, brushes and more to help a new car owner car for their vehicle.
  5. A wastebasket for the car. A portable wastebasket for the car might not seem like a glamorous gift, but it’s quite practical. Car wastebaskets might be secured on the back of a seat.
  6. A DIY car wash kit. Create or purchase a car wash kit for car owners. This could include soap, sponges, wax and microfiber cloths, too.
  7. A gas card. Maintaining a car means keeping the gas tank filled. Opt for a gift card to a gas station.
  8. Car service gift cards. Give a gift card for an oil change or a tire rotation.
  9. A cell phone holder. Some drivers need their smartphone for GPS functions; give a cell phone holder as a gift to ensure that the driver can easily prop up their device.
  10. Car storage caddy. Opt for a caddy to give car owners a space for different items. These caddies might be ideal for the backseat to use for storage for crayons, pens, and toys for children.
Gifts for New Car Owners

10 Car Gifts for Electric Car Owners

Electric cars might be designed as luxury automobiles, although some models are now a bit more budget friendly. Electric car owners might have different needs and concerns compared to those who drive standard vehicles. For example, a public charging station might be much harder to find than a standard gas station.

Here are 10 gifts that are ideal for electric car owners.

  1. A public charging station membership. New electric cars might offer free charging at certain public stations. In addition, a membership to these stations also could be a great gift.
  2. A level 1 charger. This is a cord that attaches to the car and plugs into a standard wall outlet. Some new cars include these cords, others do not.
  3. Charging cables. According to MotorBiscuit, electric car owners should have extra charging cables just to be safe.
  4. Branded accessories. Some electric car brands offer brand-specific accessories. Gift a branded accessory, which can be ordered from the manufacturer’s site.
  5. Charging station accessories. If the car owner has an at-home charging station, opt for accessories.
  6. Extension cords. Another recommendation from MotorBiscuit, extension cords can be useful if the charging cable can’t reach the outlet.
  7. A heated blanket. This accessory was recommended by MotorBiscuit and another site, too. An heated/electric blanket could be ideal for all car owners, though.
  8. An air purifier. This might qualify as a luxury gift, and it could be ideal for all car owners. An air purifier simply cleans the air in the car and can remove dust and pollen.
  9. Ambient light strips. These glowing light strips could add a futuristic touch to the interior of the electric car. However, some drivers might find them distracting.
  10. A level 2 charging station. For a close relative (perhaps a parent or a child), a level two charging station could be a gift that ensures that any electric car can recharge overnight. These chargers are an investment, though.
Gifts for New Car Owners

10 Random but Fun Gifts for a Car Owner

If the other lists didn’t quite seem to be the ideal gift option, there are many more fun, quirky and unique gifts that are perfect for a new car owner. Check out these interesting gift ideas:

  1. A dog car seat. The animals need to be safe, too. Gift a car seat for a favorite pet.
  2. A personalized key fob. Gift a personalized key chain or fob; add a name or monogram.
  3. Dashboard toys and accessories. A bobble head or another fun toy might make a quirky addition to the dashboard of a new car.
  4. A unique bumper sticker. Find a bumper sticker that speaks to the driver.
  5. Personalized car decals. Opt for a decal that represents the family or something else entirely.
  6. A car wrap. Gift a car wrap service.
  7. LED flashlight gloves. These are unique but useful especially during a late night emergency.
  8. A car waffle maker. Just don’t let friends make breakfast while driving.
  9. A customized air freshener. Personalize it with a picture.
  10. A French fry holder. This holder keeps those fries secure.

A new car can be a milestone for the owner. Celebrate a new car purchase. Choose something practical, a gift that keeps the driver safer on the road or a gift that helps them care for their new purchase. There are quirky gifts and even items ideal for electric car owners, too.

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