Get Car Image, API Simplicity and More with EVOX Images

There are many downloadable photo galleries that let car dealerships access photos for their marketing needs. However, not all of them allow for quick and simplistic searches. Dealerships might find that it takes them way too much time to pinpoint the images that they want and need for a specific marketing need.

Dealerships don’t have time to waste sorting through files to find one image of a vehicle. If the photo hunt is leading to headaches, get a car image, API simplicity and more by using EVOX Images.

What is Car Image Search API and How Does it Simplify Queries?

API is an acronym that stands for Application Programming Interface. This is tech-speak for programs that interact with other programs to simplify a process, share data, etc. Some examples include a ‘sign into Facebook’ button that lets users comment or interact with another program via Facebook.

The button that lets a consumer pay with PayPal and logs into the account is another API example. This type of programming aids consumers every day, but they probably have no idea that they’re using an API.

API also can be used within simple search programs like a photo service, for example, to interact with another program in order to make that search easier and a bit more streamlined.

EVOX Images uses API to interact with other programs; this allows the search function to show actual images of photos instead of just file names or folders.

With many photo libraries, dealerships might have opened a file that had thousands of images. Maybe those images included a fairly descriptive name, but perhaps the file name was so vague that it was nearly impossible to decipher what the photo included.

When using EVOX Images, car dealerships can specify the make/model they want. They also can use the menu to further refine their image search. Do they want 360 degree spin photos, base trim photos or maybe three-angle colorized photos.

Choosing the exact photo option lets dealerships find exactly the photos they want for marketing purposes. However, the system simplifies the search beyond these specifications.

Once dealerships enter their exact criteria, the results appear as actual photos. This allows dealerships to actually see all their photo options.

Perhaps a marketing piece needs a photo of the infotainment screen of a new model. Dealerships don’t have to click through an extensive amount of photos just to track down that one photo of the infotainment screen.

Instead, they can just scroll through the images until they see what they need. It’s fast, it’s simple and it’s possible because of the API.

Get Car Image API

Is Car API with Images More Expensive for Dealerships?

When technology eases a burden and saves consumers time, the takeaway might be that it’s a higher-end investment. Does it cost more to use a photo service that offers high-tech search capabilities?

There isn’t an added cost for speed. There shouldn’t be a cost for an efficient search. This should simply be an added bonus for a consumer.

Get Fast and Easy Results with Car Image API Search Technology

Dealerships might realize that incorporating interactive photos or animated features into their online content (their website or social media) can improve the user experience. Think with Google revealed that more than 90 percent of buyers conduct online research before they buy. Many car shoppers spend hours researching and shopping for a vehicle online.

Shoppers might be looking for the basic data of a vehicle—especially the price. However, the more details that dealerships can offer to potential buyers, the longer those visitors and potential customers might stay on the dealership’s website.

Animated and interactive photos can be important tools to help buyers explore vehicles they like. Most dealerships include the standard photo slideshows of new models or even used inventory.

Stand out from the crowd and incorporate animated photos that give customers a new look at a vehicle. Provide interactive elements that encourage engagement.

Dealerships don’t have to create these photos or hire a pro to animate photos. EVOX Images offers several interactive and animated car stock image options:

  • 360 spin photos
  • Interior panorama photos
  • Drive-in animations
  • Drive-in / spin animation
  • Colorized fly-around
  • Colorized spin

What are Animated Images?

Dealerships might already incorporate interactive spin photos; these let customers use a fingertip or their mouse to turn around a vehicle to see it from different vantage points. Panorama photos let users look inside the interior of the vehicle (again, using a fingertip or a mouse).

Animated photos work a bit differently. These load automatically and don’t require any interaction from a user. Here’s what each animated photo includes:

Get Car Image API

Drive-in animations

These photos show a car driving into the photo. This is a great way to make a splash with a new model or add excitement to a web page or even within a blog article.

Drive-in / spin animation

This animated photo shows the vehicle driving into the image, then it turns around. Again, this can add excitement. In addition, the spin action allows customers to see all aspects of the vehicle’s exterior body design.

Colorized fly-around

These images are animated to show the car from different angles/vantage points. Think of drone footage and how drones can show different aerial shots. As the view of the vehicle changes, the color changes, too. These photos let customers see the vehicle’s body design and understand all the paint color options.

Colorized spin

The colorized spin photos are animated to show the car rotating 360 degrees. As the vehicle spins, the paint color changes. Use this photo type to exhibit the paint selection for a different model. The colorized spin can be included within a blog, on social media or just on the dealership’s website.

Save Time and Choose the Best Photos

When dealerships can save time finding the best photos for their marketing needs, they can feel confident that they have the most impactful photos. If the search is too time-consuming, dealerships might find that they choose something that’s just ‘good enough’ for their purposes.

A photo should fit a dealership’s exact need. There shouldn’t be a hunt required to find it. Dealerships shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of their marketing or their message because a photo library is too cumbersome.

API saves time, but it’s also invisible to dealerships. Instead, they see all their photo choices arranged before them and can understand exactly what photo is included for each file name. There isn’t a worry about investing in the wrong image.

Different makes/models won’t be mixed in together. Dealerships don’t have to worry that they will need to sift through files of thousands of sedan photos when they only want a 2019 Camry exterior shot.

Get Car Image API

Find Imagery for Augmented Reality Experiences, Too

For dealerships that want to create their own augmented reality experiences, EVOX Images also makes it easy to find all the augmented reality-compatible images for every make/model. These images are offered in their own library filed under the appropriate make/model/year.

As more customers might prefer interactive experiences, dealerships can use photos from EVOX Images to create their own augmented reality showrooms to let customers preview a vehicle in their environment.

While dealerships might still be confused about API technology, all they really need to understand is that API technology allows EVOX Images to provide the most simplistic and efficient image search experiences for dealerships.