Here’s How Dealerships Can Use Editorial Photos of Cars

Editorial photos are typically photos designated for editorial use versus being used for advertising. In some cases, businesses are prohibited from using editorial photos or images marked as ‘for editorial use only’ in any capacity used to sell a service or product (i.e. advertising or commercial use). Violating the terms could lead to legal issues.

However, some photo companies use the term ‘editorial’ generically as it relates to video content (not imagery) meaning that there isn’t a use restriction (unless it’s noted). Here’s how dealerships can use editorial photos of cars from EVOX Images.

Editorial Photos from EVOX Images

EVOX Images provides stock photos of thousands of makes and models of vehicles for dealerships and other companies to use in their websites, marketing content or even for advertising purposes. Those who use EVOX Images for their photo needs will notice that ‘editorial photos’ are among the image types offered by EVOX Images.

Photos offered by EVOX Images aren’t denoted as ‘editorial use’ photos. This means that dealerships can use them however they wish. EVOX Images offers a variety of photo options including:

  • 3-angle colorized sets
  • Full stills set
  • Base trim library
  • 360 degree exterior spins
  • 360 degree interior panos
  • Splash images
  • Drive-in animations
  • Drive-in/spin animation
  • Colorized fly-around
  • Colorized spin
editorial photos of cars

New Photo Options for Dealerships

EVOX Images is always updating its content with photos of new models, but EVOX Images also has expanded its image options to include the following new content:

  • Drive-in animations
  • Drive-in spin animation
  • Colorized fly-around
  • Colorized spin

About Drive-In Animations

Drive-in animation photos depict a model driving into a photo and then backing up seemingly off the page. This animation continues in an ongoing loop.

These animation photos can be used to create interest to a website page or as a fun alternative to standard photography on a dealership blog. Animation photos can let shoppers see the vehicle in action.

Drive-In Spin Animation

A drive-in spin animation photo shows the vehicle driving into the photo and the model then spins around to give buyers a full look of the vehicle. These photos also can add interest to a website or blog.

Colorized Fly-Around

Colorized fly around videos show a specific model as if it was being photographed by an overhead drone. The vehicle spins around and changes colors as it spins; this is a unique photo to display all the paint options for a model.

Colorized Spin

A colorized spin photo shows a vehicle in different paint hues as it spins around. Again, this photo is another interesting means to showcase paint trims to buyers.

editorial photos of cars

What are Editorial Videos and How are They Used?

EVOX Images also offers editorial videos for dealerships to integrate into their website or blog content. An editorial video offers “…high-quality video, still images, and 360° exterior spins and interior panoramas to show complete coverage of a vehicle inside and out.” These videos also feature professional narration to better help customers understand the features of the vehicle.

Editorial videos might be considered more of a vehicle tour. Dealerships can use them to help buyers gain more insight about a particular model.

What Photos are Ideal for Social Media?

Using stock photos for social media could help generate excitement about new models. However, moving photos (like fly around photos) could add a bit of user engagement to social media channels.

Photos that require users to interact with them—like 360 spin photos—encourage on-page exploration. Customers could check out the interior of a vehicle with their mouse on a dealership’s Instagram post. However, when using interactive imagery on social media, dealerships should make sure that customers know they can explore these images.

Using Images for Advertising

Carousel ads are popular for car dealerships as they allow for multiple vehicles to be advertised at once. Images included in carousel ads might not be interactive, as these ads already encourage customers to click on what they wish to explore.

Dealerships should include a unique link for every vehicle advertised in the carousel. In addition, these links could take customers to a page that features videos of vehicles or more interactive experiences for a particular model.

Get Creative with Blog Content

Many car dealerships include a blog via their website. Blogs are a great opportunity for dealerships to create unique content that enhances the site visitor’s experience.

Creative use of imagery can enhance the appeal of blog content, too. Dealerships can (and should) integrate video content and animated photos like drive-in spin animation, colorized fly-around, and colorized spins.

Dealerships might include content that talks about popular car colors. Use colorized fly-around photos or standard 3-angle colorized sets via social media sites to showcase the available paint trims.

editorial photos of cars

Use Stock Photos as a Hero Image

A hero image is a large banner image on a website. This image can integrate a stock image for added impact. However, many dealerships use their own logo or something that leans into their personal brand and/or culture as their hero image. For example, a close-up of the exterior of the dealership might be an impactful image.

Dealerships also could swap out their hero image to create excitement and anticipation about a new upcoming model or even a special promotion for a holiday weekend. Updating the hero image could be an impactful way to keep content fresh and the look of the website ever-changing and unique.

Get Customized

Dealerships could have a unique or very classic car on their lot. Stock photos won’t be the best way to illustrate these interesting vehicles. EVOX Images also offers custom photo options for dealerships that need snapshots and professional photography to capture the elegance, beauty and uniqueness of a rare vehicle that has been driven into the lot.

Custom photos are the property of the dealership and won’t be integrated into the stock library offered by EVOX Images.

Use EVOX Images for any Purpose

Dealerships might use another photo service that limits how some of the photographs can be displayed. With EVOX Images, the terms are always clear and images can be used for advertising, website content or even on social media.

While EVOX Images offers ‘editorial video’ content for vehicles, this video type is simply a description of the video. Editorial videos feature numerous photos of the vehicle and are professionally narrated to ensure that the dealership’s customers gain maximum insight about a model’s features and design specs.

Dealerships might not feel that every image is suitable for all content. For example, some dealerships might not prefer to use spin photos on their social media pages. Dealerships might have their own preferences as to how they use a stock photo to best reach their customers.

No matter how dealerships integrate photos into their website content or blog articles, imagery can help to engage customers, heighten the user experience and add an eye-catching element. Choose photos that show cars zooming into a photo to grab a site visitor’s attention, use base trim photos to show customers what the base model actually looks like and integrate photos that depict different paint trim options to give customers all their colorful choices.

How dealerships use stock photos from EVOX Images is up to their marketing needs and their imagination. Use photography to help showcase a vehicle, show its best angles and grab the attention of buyers. Engage customers with interactive photos and videos.