Here’s Why Dealership Marketing Should Include YouTube

Most dealerships probably understand that social media engagement is an important way to increase visibility and reach out to past, present and future customers. While many dealerships use Facebook for advertising and to stay social and visible online, dealerships might be overlooking another incredibly beneficial social media site for marketing.

YouTube has more than two-billion users across the globe. These users aren’t just playing popular music videos, they also are viewing content from businesses—including car dealerships. Businesses that aren’t using YouTube could be missing out on an opportunity for customer outreach. Here’s why dealership marketing should include YouTube videos.

Stats from Google

Back in 2018, Think with Google published stats related to YouTube’s impact related to car buyers. Google revealed that more than three-fourths of individuals shopping for a car noted that the videos influenced them. Google also noted in its report that the time individuals spent watching test drive videos increased 65 percent over a two year period.

Interestingly, Google also reported a big difference between individual ‘creator’ videos and those released by brands. More than 70 percent of videos by brands were only a minute long, but 64 percent of creator videos were more than 10 minutes in duration.

Shoppers are Online

The pandemic pushed many businesses to go online; while retail stores likely had a major online presence and had long made the entry into online shopping options for customers, not all car dealerships were prepared. However, the health mandates and restrictions imposed in some states might have given car dealerships no choice but to pivot online if they wanted to continue to operate.

Cox Automotive released its Car Buyer’s Journey Study: Pandemic Edition back in 2020; the study revealed that car shoppers were spending more than seven hours on online research and shopping. This was actually a two hour decrease from numbers released in 2019. In addition, the 2020 study also noted that one-third of shoppers visited dealership sites last.

What sites were the first online destinations for buyers? Third-party sites that were the most popular destination for buyers to visit when they began their shopping.

Online research is an important component to the shopping journey. Buyers are researching their options, and they might be visiting multiple sites to conduct their research.

Dealership Marketing Should Include YouTube

Social Media and Dealership Marketing

Social media engagement is part of the outreach marketing efforts for many car dealerships. Facebook is the most popular social media site, and it might be the space where many dealerships focus their efforts.

However, YouTube has become incredibly popular. With more than two billion global users, YouTube is the hub for video content across the web. When someone wants to watch an old music video, they click on YouTube. When they are researching vacation experiences, YouTube might be their go-to destination, too.

YouTube is a collection of seemingly endless video content. Consumers can watch tours of vacation rentals, theme parks, and they can even watch product demonstrations and reviews. The popularity of YouTube means that dealerships might think about creating their own video content.

Creating Video Content on YouTube

For dealerships new to YouTube and video content, the idea of creating videos might be a bit overwhelming. What types of videos are popular on YouTube? What do consumers look for in video content?

Dealerships might focus on the following types of videos on their own YouTube channel:

  • Vehicle test drives
  • Vehicle introductions/tours
  • Showroom tours
  • Interviews with the sales team
  • Sales videos

What is a Vehicle Test Drive Video?

A vehicle test drive video shows how the vehicle performs on the road. The dealership will need a driver and someone who records the test drive. Obviously, the team needs to be extremely cautious and mindful when creating this video. To be safe, the team might simply do a test drive video around the dealership.

Vehicle Introduction and Tour

A vehicle introduction video focuses on one particular model. Dealerships can create a script to ensure that they focus on the main features and unique design components of the model. If the model isn’t a base-trim, be sure to point out the upgrades and the price of the model for the viewer. This video should give viewers a tour of the interior of the car; show the front and back seat and zoom in on specific features like the infotainment screen.

Showroom Tours

Take the viewer on a tour of the showroom or the entire dealership. Grab a camera crew and host a brief interview with the owner or just show viewers the inside of the showroom. If the dealership has recently expanded the building, this type of video is a great way to give customers a look inside the new building or see any updates.

Interviews with the Sales Team/Staff

The dealership’s YouTube channel also could include a video that introduces a member of the sales team or staff each week. Interview each team member and ask them to include any fun or unique facts, too. An intro video can help customers put a face to a new and become familiar with the team before they even pay a visit to the dealership.

Sales Videos

Is the dealership hosting a special event or introducing any promotions or sales? Promote events and upcoming sales and deals via a YouTube video.

Other Tips for YouTube

While dealerships might assume they can simply post videos to their YouTube channel and be finished, there’s more to a successful YouTube marketing strategy than just posting content. Be engaged and involved.

Follow other creators and maybe even leave a few comments. In addition, dealerships might want to keep an eye on their own channel’s comments. A potential customer might ask a question or request more info.

Dealerships should remember that YouTube requires the same type of engagement as any other social media platform. Pay attention to the dealership’s channel, stay engaged, and respond when necessary.

Dealership Marketing Should Include YouTube

EVOX Images Offers Video Content

Dealerships might not have the staff to designate one person to handle social media accounts like Facebook and YouTube. It’s important to consistently post content so that the dealership doesn’t lose followers and engagement, but constantly updating sites can feel like another job.

If a dealership doesn’t have time to constantly create video content for YouTube, they can use videos offered by EVOX Images to post to their channel. EVOX Images offers a video library that includes:

  • Editorial video
  • Exterior video spin sets
  • Fly-around video
  • Video clip sets

For example, exterior clip sets can help build excitement about a new model that’s about to arrive at the dealership. These videos simply include an exterior tour of the vehicle.

An editorial video also could be posted to a dealership’s YouTube channel. These videos offer narration about features and provide a tour of the vehicle. Fly-around videos offer viewers a look at the vehicle from different vantage points.

Whether dealerships have the time and budget to create their own unique video content for their YouTube channel or if they use stock video content from EVOX Images, dealerships should try to get active and engage on YouTube to reach out to more customers and offer insight about their inventory and offerings. YouTube can help dealerships boost visibility and expand their marketing outreach to a wider customer base; don’t just tell a vehicle’s story in pictures, tell it via video on YouTube.