What Dealerships Need to Know about ChatGPT4

What Dealerships Need to Know about ChatGPT4

ChatGPT is becoming the new technology that businesses want to use. ChatGPT was designed by OpenAI, and the technology operates a bit like an AI virtual assistant. Users can ask a question and ChatGPT provides a detailed answer. However, OpenAI has already explained that the tech isn’t perfect. Sometimes it’s

Interior Car Photography

How Interior Car Photography Helps Simplify the Shopping Process

Car shopping was once a predominantly in-person experience, and exploring a car model required buyers to visit dealerships. Buyers now have the power of the internet to aid their search for a new or used vehicle, and some companies or dealerships allow customers to complete the entire car purchase online

why Dealerships Need a Rewards Program

Here’s why Dealerships Need a Rewards Program

From drugstores to local restaurants, businesses are embracing rewards programs. In fact, QueueIt explains that the vast majority of businesses offer these programs. Car dealerships should consider jumping on this trend, if they haven’t done so already. Loyalty or rewards programs not only enhance customer satisfaction, but they also can

360 Degree Car Images

How Can Car Dealerships Use 360 Degree Car Images?

A successful website draws visitors to its content. It allows and invites exploration and immerses visitors into the features, pages and content. While buyers have been using the internet for car research for years, buying a car online wasn’t the norm until the pandemic (with the exception of companies like

Personalize Dealership Marketing

10 Tips to Personalize Dealership Marketing

Marketing tactics and activities are often designed to reach a broad audience and connect on a macro level. Businesses want to maximize the impact of their messaging and connect with as many potential customers as possible. What about repeat customers or customers that the dealership hopes will be repeat customers?

How to Use Car Stock Photos for Your Dealership

How to Use Car Stock Photos for Your Dealership

Marketing new vehicle models across multiple digital channels allows dealerships to reach a wider audience of potential buyers. To effectively capture the attention of buyers, dealerships need to provide visual resources that can encourage them to take the next step in the shopping process. Car photography is an integral part

What Dealerships Need to Know about ChatGPT

What Dealerships Need to Know about ChatGPT

Technology has transformed the automobile and the driving experience. Each year, in-car technology seems to offer something better, cooler and perhaps even hands-free to aid drivers on their trips. Through the years, technology has evolved from simple radios to cassette players to CD players and now to touchscreen infotainment centers

cars with most cargo space

10 Cars With Most Cargo Space

There are a number of factors that you should consider when determining which car you should purchase, including the cost, manufacturer, engine, interior, and safety features. But if you tend to travel with a big group of passengers in the backseat or need room to carry a lot of stuff

TikTok for Dealership Marketing

How to Use TikTok for Dealership Marketing

TikTok is the rising star of social media platforms. CNBC reports that as of February 2023, TikTok counts one billion monthly active users. According to Statista, nearly 40 percent of users are between the ages of 18 to 24. This age bracket correlates to Generation Z, which is the demographic

Cars for Students

What are the Best Cars for Students?

High school students who are new to driving or college students who have only been driving a few years might be looking for their own car so they don’t have to rely on driving the family car(s). Parents might help pay for this new purchase or teens/young adults might save

Gen Z Buy Cars

How Does Gen Z Buy Cars?

Millennials focus on price, fuel efficiency, and safety when shopping for a vehicle, and they research their purchase via a mobile device. Gen X researches from home (on an old-school computer), and the site Credit Acceptance explains that the Baby Boomers prefer their own wisdom related to their purchase versus

How Website Quality Impacts PPC Campaigns

Here’s How Website Quality Impacts PPC Campaigns

Successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns lead to prominent online ads and more visibility for the business. These campaigns are influenced by a number of factors, though. While a high bid for keywords can help the business secure a top placement, offering more money per click might not always lead to the

How AI is Transforming Dealership Marketing

How AI is Transforming Dealership Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is infiltrating the daily habits of humans. Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri can be used to power the home; with one simple verbal command, individuals can order food, turn on a light or even play a favorite song. AI also powers vehicles through technology, some self-driving

Car Dealership Stock Images

How to Choose the Best Car Dealership Stock Images for Marketing

Car dealership marketing tactics encompass a wide range of campaigns and communication outreach activities. As many car buyers begin their shopping process online, dealerships might focus their marketing strategies on the digital space. Each dealership has its own marketing plan that outlines the strategies for the year, but there is

Inside Car Photoshoot

What to Snap for an Inside Car Photoshoot

Car buyers shopping from home might visit dealership websites to explore their options for a new vehicle. Shoppers might want to see different photos of the car, and they might specifically look for interior photos. Does the dealership provide these interior images? An inside car photoshoot provides details to customers

Car Dealership Marketing Materials

How to Create Unique Car Dealership Marketing Materials to Stand Out from the Competition

Depending on the area, the competition between car dealerships can be fierce. Some regions are packed with dealerships, while small towns might only have one or two dealerships vying for customers. Marketing can help create a personality for a dealership and make the business memorable. Car dealership marketing materials should

Sports Car Stock Photo

A Sports Car Stock Photo Can Show These Details!

Gen Z buyers are gravitating towards luxury car purchases, and sports cars might be among their top choices. Common sports car models include the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro and even the Porsche 911. Two other popular sports cars—the Dodge Charger and the Dodge Challenger—are about to be discontinued

Brand Loyalty

How Digital Marketing Fuels Brand Loyalty

Digital marketing utilizes online tools to engage customers and heighten awareness of a business and its products/services. Social media, company websites, email, blogs and all the tools and features utilized in these online domains all encompass digital marketing. For car dealerships, digital marketing can be crucial to reaching customers and

How Data Moves Inventory

How Data Moves Inventory

Businesses collect data related to their target audiences and what type of products might interest them. This data isn’t something that’s necessarily captured online, although some information could be related to online data. Previous purchases and online inquiries could allow car dealerships to better understand their customers. In addition, sales

Text Message Marketing Ideas

5 Text Message Marketing Ideas for Dealerships

A comprehensive marketing plan includes all the marketing outreach programs and communiqués for the year (or beyond) across multiple media. For example, social media marketing might include both paid advertising as well as outline potential posts that will be included via the dealership’s social media accounts. While social media and

Best Looking Cars

These are the Best Looking Cars for 2023

New car model year vehicles typically arrive in the dealerships in the fall or early winter. These new vehicles could include new features or even a sleeker design, and brands might even debut a new vehicle that grabs the attention and the excitement of buyers. The exterior design of the

Marketing Tips to Help Move Inventory

Use These Marketing Tips to Help Move Inventory

Car prices have been higher as demand has increased, and cars might have moved off the lots without much effort. As interest rates for car loans might be higher in response to the Federal Reserve’s rate hikes, some models might not be so easy to sell. Inflation also might be

Car Dealers in 2023

Ultimate Guide to Utilizing TikTok for Car Dealers in 2023

With over 1 billion users, TikTok is definitely one of the most popular social media platforms right now. Using TikTok is a way for a car dealership to build a huge following quickly. This is great for dealerships that are trying to sell their inventory online or sell on their

Best Ford Diesel Engine

What is the Best Ford Diesel Engine?

Car buyers who are shopping for a pickup truck for hauling or towing heavy loads might need to upgrade the engine for optimal power. Diesel engines offer the best towing capabilities, and auto brands might offer several diesel engine options for buyers who need to equip their trucks with a

Google Ads for Dealerships

Here’s Why Google Ads for Dealerships is a Powerful Tool for Marketing

Advertising has become a virtual experience and many businesses choose to increase their visibility to potential customers with targeted online ads, which enable businesses to zero in on a specific audience and even a particular geographic range. Car dealerships can create carousel ads that let customers view specific inventory or

Dealership Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Car Dealership Marketing

The internet has made it incredibly easy for car buyers to find new cars without ever having to leave their home. It is not likely that they will go around from dealership to dealership to find the right car anymore, so marketing your car dealership is more important than ever.

Best Value Car

What is the Best Value Car for 2023?

New 2023 vehicle models have arrived at many dealerships. However, some auto manufacturers might not have released all their new 2023 models just yet. As these 2023 models start driving into dealerships, buyers might wonder which new models are the best for their budget and their driving habits, too. As

Gifts for New Car Owners

50 Gifts for New Car Owners

Buying a new car for the first time is an expensive and exciting purchase. The new car smell reminds the owner during every drive that they are riding in their new purchase. Yet, for some car buyers, that new car purchase might be the first time owning a car. A