How Can Dealerships Use Carousel Ads to Engage Customers?


Advertising on Facebook allows dealerships to target specific customer demographics and focus efforts on specific geographic areas too. Geotargeting can be more micro than macro in scope, perhaps even zeroing in on a very small area in a community.

Not all ads are as effective on Facebook, even when they are targeted to the right demographic or geographic range. Some dealerships simply don’t offer enough advertising pizzazz to engage customers. 

Carousel ads, for example, can increase engagement and interest; forgoing this type of ad can be a costly mistake. How can dealerships use carousel ads to engage customers, though? What is a carousel ad?

These ads feature:

  • Multiple products and services
  • A unique scrolling design
  • A separate call to action or web link for each ad card
  • Engaging visuals

Should Dealerships Take a Spin on a Carousel Ad?

The term ‘carousel ad’ refers to online advertising that offers more than one visual focus; these ads can include numerous images and videos, too. Most consumers have seen and probably even engaged with these ad designs.

Carousel ads often are designed to allow consumers to scroll through multiple products, promotions or services. The consumer can scroll through the content like a carousel whirls around, which is probably why they were dubbed ‘carousel’ ads.

These ads don’t simply highlight one single product, and this is what makes them so appealing and so effective. When a dealership or any business just highlights one or two products or services in an ad, the information might appeal to a certain demographic but it also could miss the mark.

Carousel ads let businesses wrap a lot of information into one advertisement. How do dealerships use these ads?

Carousel Ads to Engage Customers

Carousel Ads for Car Dealerships

Some businesses offer a broad range of products or services. Car dealerships are a bit more focused. However, carousel ads offer a very important marketing opportunity for dealerships because they allow dealerships to present many different models of available vehicles in one single advertisement.

A dealership’s carousel ad also can include information on special promotions and events or even any available discounts/deals on services. A carousel ad could focus on numerous cars for sale in the pre-owned/used lot or maybe even tease upcoming models that are about to be available at the dealership.

Carousel ads can provide a range of products and services that appeal to a wider audience and customer base. These ads also encourage user engagement. They entice consumers to scroll and explore. When a customer finds something of interest, they can click the specific section of the ad and learn more.

Creating Carousel Ads

For dealerships interested in placing carousel ads on either Facebook or Instagram, Meta makes the process pretty simple and user friendly. Meta offers a step-by-step guide/tutorial on how to create these interactive ads.

Dealerships need to brainstorm what they want to include in their carousel ad. Highlight the vehicles in the inventory that the dealership needs to move or wants to further promote.

Each different card of a carousel ad can have its own unique link that customers can click for additional information. These ads don’t direct to one destination; instead, they are designed to direct the customer to the information and products that they want and need.

Carousel Ads to Engage Customers

Engage Customers with a Carousel Ad

With each card or section of a carousel ad promoting or showcasing a different product or service, dealerships can reach many audiences and customers at once. While the design of these ads facilitates engagement, their content also should be intriguing to consumers.

Photos and videos help these ads reach their audience. As dealerships may choose to focus on the images of inventory or of future new models, these photos need to capture the customer’s attention. A blurry or poorly staged photo won’t increase interest or motivate engagement.

When creating these ads, dealerships can utilize stock photos and professional stock videos to provide consumers with the best visual depictions of new models.

A mixture of image types and designs also can draw a customer’s attention to the ad and encourage them to scroll through different options. Dealerships also should not be afraid to mix both photos and videos into one carousel advertisement.

Use Immersive and Appealing Photos

Dealerships might use standard professional stock photos for their ads, but unique photos also can add visual appeal within the carousel format. Here are a few photo suggestions that dealerships could consider when designing their carousel.

An Array of Color Options

Some new models offer unique paint hues. Showcase these options using a three-angle color photograph of the model. These photos include one model in three different paint colors represented in multiple angles. The depiction is attention-grabbing while also providing customers with a visual understanding of how the different hues showcase on a model.

Base Trim Photos

Not all dealers provide imagery that depicts the base trim of models. Often, an ad might have an upgraded model to capture attention. Create a carousel card that showcases an economical model in the base trim.

Interior Photos

Does a new model offer a unique interior design? Draw attention to these special features. Tease customers with photos of the interior of a new vehicle. Focus the carousel card on a new feature that’s just been introduced for the model. Then provide a link that takes the customer directly to a site on the dealership’s page focused only on that model.

Add Videos to the Carousel

Carousels can and should integrate both photos and video. This mixes up the media and adds more visual interest. Add a carousel card that includes a video tour of a new model. Then provide a link or another call to action. Videos also could capture an interior look at the model, too.

Professional stock fly-around videos show a vehicle at different distances and vantage points. These videos can provide a unique online introduction for a new model.

Carousel Ads to Engage Customers

Carousel Ads for Pre-Owned or Used Inventory

Dealerships also could create carousel ads that focus solely on used or pre-owned inventory on the lot. Imagery is still important when showcasing used models. Photos should give potential customers (and buyers) as much information about these models as possible.

One carousel ad could include multiple models on the lot. Add pricing and include specs on the models. For unique or rare models, dealerships could opt for custom photo options.

Integrate Services Into Carousel Ads, Too

Not all consumers are on the hunt for a new vehicle. Some might need to service their vehicle, or they might be looking for a reputable dealership for other needs.

Don’t just use the cards of carousel ads to promote vehicles, use the ad to draw attention to other services offered at the dealership. Is there a special on an oil change? Highlight the promotion.

A card also can be dedicated to an upcoming event or sale. Be sure to include a link and a call to action for customers. Does the ad make it easy for the customer to take the next step?

Engage, Engage, Engage

Carousel ads promote user engagement and interaction. Carousels are designed for scrolling and exploring. However, dealerships must make it easy for customers to move forward in the buying process.

Not only do carousel ads need to include immersive content and compelling visuals, but each card in the carousel should link to a page that offers more information about the specific product or service. The goal of any dealership ad is not just to reach the right customer but to move inventory and increase sales.

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