Car Stock Videos

Shopping for a car often begins online, and research is important to finding the best vehicle for their needs and their budget. In fact, Cox Automotive’s 2020 Car Buyer Journey Study revealed that new car buyers spent more than six hours via online research while used buyers spent more than 10 hours. During the pandemic, however, research online accounted for more than 13 hours of the shopping process.

Dealership websites are part of this research process, and dealerships can aid buyers by providing tools and resources to better understand each vehicle option. Car stock video footage highlights important features, showcases each make and model from different vantage points and can provide buyers with a narrated tour of their favorite vehicles.

Online videos tell the vehicle’s story in detail. These videos provide buyers with a walk around peek at the vehicle as well as an inside and up-close look at all the amazing standout features. But different videos can be used by dealerships to tell these stories and to help educate buyers.

EVOX Images offers multiple car stock video options that dealerships can use on their website or via social media accounts to engage potential buyers and to help them during the research phase of their shopping experience.

Car Stock Videos

Editorial Videos

EVOX Images’ editorial videos can be used within the dealership as a tool to showcase different makes/models and to provide buyers with more information about these models. Editorial videos feature professional voiceovers and serve as more of a vehicle introduction and tour.

These videos include a look at both the interior and exterior features of the vehicle. In addition, the narrator will explain these features to provide additional information to interested buyers. It’s not enough to see a key feature of the vehicle; buyers want to know what makes this feature special.

Videos also include 360 degree spin images of the vehicle; these images rotate the vehicle to show it from every angle. It’s like a video walk-around!

EVOX also features interior panorama shots. Dealerships may be familiar with these shots from the EVOX Images photo library. Panoramic shots give the viewer the feeling that they are sitting in the vehicle and turning around. These shots show the interior from all around.

Panoramic shots help buyers understand the interior space availability in the back seat, which may play into their buying decision. Panoramic shots also give buyers a close-up look at the design of the interior, too, and can showcase different features that may be unique to a specific vehicle model.

Dealerships can find editorial videos for model years starting in 2009.

Car Stock Videos

Exterior Video Spin Set

Immersive website features encourage online visitors to stay a little longer and interact. Videos can be a compelling way for buyers to learn more about a vehicle, but videos also can provide a quick look at a specific model. Or videos can simply be used to add visual interest and appeal.

Dealerships also can utilize videos for an online virtual showroom. EVOX Images’ exterior video spin sets create a virtual showroom centerpiece that dealerships can use to highlight a new model and to build excitement.

Physical dealership showrooms commonly feature new models on a rotating platform that shows visitors the vehicle from each angle. Exterior video spin sets do this virtually. Site visitors can click the video to see the vehicle rotate before them.

Video spins sets also could be used via social media to introduce a new model on the floor. Or simply to highlight a vehicle in a unique way to catch the attention of followers.

Fly-Around Video

Exterior video spin sets provide a 360-degree look at a vehicle, and fly-around videos feature a unique spin on this experience. What are fly-around videos? These videos show all angles of the vehicle from different heights and vantage points.

With fly-around videos, the car still slowly rotates as it does via an exterior video spin set but this rotation is captured from different heights. Site visitors can see closer looks of the vehicle or even a view of the vehicle captured from further away.

Fly-around videos offer an interesting view of each model, and these videos can be used as a solo highlighted video or in partnership with other EVOX imagery.  

Video Clip Sets

Editorial videos provide overviews and basic details of a specific vehicle model, but video clip sets are designed to also keep the customer intrigued. These videos provide interior and exterior shots of each model; they also highlight interesting features.

However, video clip sets are meant to delve a bit deeper into the vehicle’s story and to provide an engaging experience for the customer. These video sets offer professional lighting that enables buyers to use them to compare and contrast different vehicles during their buying research phase.

Showroom Video

The showroom videos offered by EVOX Images provide a complete video tour of the vehicle. These videos can be used as a virtual visit to a dealership. For buyers who prefer shopping at home, a showroom video can provide the same type of data on a vehicle as the buyer could get in the physical dealership.

Showroom videos offer interior and exterior shots, including up-close views on different features. Videos also offer a walk-around experience to provide buyers with a full understanding of the exterior design. Viewers also can see cargo space and wheel images, too. Each video is 40 seconds in length.

For dealerships that want to provide their customers with an even richer video experience, EVOX Images also can customize these videos to the specifications of the dealership. This includes adding voice overs or adding dealership branding.

Car Stock Videos

Using Car Stock Video to Engage and Heighten the User Experience

Dealerships may use different car stock video assets via their website to create an interactive virtual showroom. However, dealerships also could add videos to tease new models via social media channels.

Exterior video spin sets can add an intriguing visual appeal to basic social media posts via Facebook (or even for Facebook ads). However, posting a video via Instagram also could encourage followers to click and interact.

As researching for a new vehicle often begins online for many buyers, dealerships may be looking for ways to keep buyers on their website. For many buyers, the research phase of the shopping process may include visiting many sites for information about new vehicles.

Buyers may visit sites to research safety ratings or to find out the vehicle’s ratings from current car owners. Most importantly, buyers may be on the hunt for the best prices and deals from dealerships.

Some buyers may want to explore the vehicle virtually, and these buyers also may simply prefer to spend less time at the dealership to find their perfect vehicle. Videos and imagery can greatly enhance a dealership’s website but these assets also can increase engagement and aid buyers in their research.

As technology evolves, buyers may prefer digital interactions and immersive experiences like videos and augmented and virtual reality previews. EVOX Images provides dealerships with an extensive library of video options that they can use to create digitized showrooms, preview experiences and immersive and informative vehicle tours.

Videos elevate the user experience but they also showcase the dealership as a key resource for the information that buyers want and demand during their search process.