Why Should Car Dealerships Use a Car Showroom Stock Photo?


Car dealerships might be searching for interesting photos that they can use as a hero image or just a filler image for their website. Car stock photos are high-resolution images that can add to the impact of the website, and dealerships might utilize these photos to showcase new models and amplify the user experience.

Dealerships might want to use a car showroom stock photo to show visitors a busy dealership or to accompany a blog article related to buying a car or another aspect of the dealership visit. Why should car dealerships use a car showroom stock photo? Are there any issues with using these stock photos?

Car showroom stock photos could be used in:

  • Blogs
  • Online ads
  • Website pages

Downsides to Using Car Showroom Stock Photos

While a car showroom stock photo could be fine to use as a simple photo to accompany a blog article or even on a website page, there can be issues in using a generic stock photo to capture the showroom experience.

The stock photo likely won’t show the actual dealership that is using the photo. This could be a problem if there are some background details in the stock photo that don’t match the actual car dealership. These inconsistencies could be a bit confusing for customers who visit the dealership in person.

In addition, the photo could show actors or models portraying a sales person. Again, this could be confusing for some who might assume those individuals actually work at the dealership.

Showroom stock photos also could show cars that aren’t even in the actual showroom of the dealership. This is a problem for those who might realize the brands of the cars in the photo don’t match the dealership’s brands.

Car Showroom Stock Photo

Should Dealerships Use Showroom Stock Photos?

Dealerships might wonder if they should avoid using stock photos of a car showroom. This is really a decision for each dealership.

However, dealerships might wish to avoid using any showroom stock photo that could confuse their visitors. Dealerships might ask if the photo adds impact to their blog or their page.

Some stock photos might even show outdated cars or fashion. This could detract from the dealership’s website or content.

Other Options for Showroom Photos

Car dealerships that want to capture their showroom could steer away from using stock photos and use a custom photo of their showroom instead. They could hire a professional photographer to capture images of cars in their showroom.

Dealerships could reach out to EVOX Images to arrange for a custom photo shoot of their showroom. Choosing a company like EVOX Images ensures that the images will be the highest quality; the photos will be the property of the dealership.

Using Stock Photos to Create an Augmented Reality Showroom

When using EVOX Images, car dealerships have access to a library of assets that are compatible with augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. These images can be used to create immersive and interactive online showroom experiences that engage the customer and simplify their online research.

Augmented reality is accessed via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Augmented reality experiences access the camera to these devices to capture the real world environment; customers can then choose any space to place a 3D image of a product in their environment.

For car dealerships, augmented reality technology lets customers preview cars at home or anywhere. Some augmented reality experiences let customers engage in a virtual walkaround experience; using the camera of their device to navigate, they can view the car model and walk around it to see it from all vantage points.

Other augmented reality experiences are more immersive. They might let users actually look inside the vehicle or even change the paint color.

Virtual reality experiences require a headset for access. However, some virtual reality experiences only require a Google Cardboard headset, which is a more affordable (and accessible) option.

Virtual reality transports the user to a virtual environment where they can interact with vehicles in a showroom. Dealerships could create their own unique virtual reality experience and share it with customers. Dealerships also could offer a virtual reality experience in their physical showroom.

Again, EVOX Images offers a library of digital assets that dealerships can use when creating these unique and immersive showrooms. For dealerships interested in offering a virtual reality experience, Rex Theme offers a guide on how to create this type of experience for customers.

For those interested in offering a virtual reality showroom, the company SmartTek offers a case study in how it created an augmented reality showroom for Jaguar for its models.

Both virtual and augmented reality showrooms could become a more widespread offering among both car brands and dealerships as younger buyers might prefer these high-tech immersive experiences. In addition, as buyers could prefer shopping from home, augmented reality and virtual reality allow for buyers to preview cars to better understand their features.

Car Showroom Stock Photo

Does EVOX Images Offer Car Showroom Stock Photos?

Car dealerships might wonder where they could find car showroom stock photos. While EVOX Images offers a variety of professional stock imagery for car models, the company does not include generic images of car dealership showrooms.

However, dealerships could reach out to request a custom photo shoot to create stock showroom images. This allows dealerships to have their own showroom photos that they can include online, in ads or to break up blog content.

Some Stock Photos Can Serve as Digital Showrooms

EVOX Images offers several interactive photos and animated photos that dealerships could use to simulate a virtual car showroom online to showcase a certain car model.

EVOX Images offers 360 exterior spin photos and interior panorama photos. These photos let customers use their fingertip or a mouse to interact with a 3D image of a vehicle. The exterior spin photos can be rotated a full 360 degrees to see the car from any vantage point. Panorama photos are interior spin photos; using a fingertip or mouse, customers can look all around the interior of the vehicle to see all the features.

In addition, EVOX Images offsets a variety of animated photos. These stock images load automatically and show a vehicle model changing paint colors as it rotates, drives into a photo or is shown from different views (like drone footage). Animated photos can be an impactful hero image.

Dealerships can use both spin photos and animated photos to create a digital showroom for a model. For example, the animated photo could show the car driving in and changing colors, while the spin photos let the user explore all the interior and exterior details.

Car Showroom Stock Photo

Use Photos Meaningfully

A car showroom stock photo could be used to accompany a blog article or in another marketing material. However, dealerships might be careful in using generic showroom stock photos.

Again, a photo could show outdated cars or fashion. In addition, these images might be confusing to buyers if they don’t understand the individuals depicted in the photo aren’t affiliated with the actual dealership. Some car brands in these stock photos also could be inconsistent with what the dealership represents.

EVOX Images doesn’t offer these showroom stock photos. However, EVOX Images does provide a library of digital assets that dealerships could use to create augmented reality or virtual reality showroom experiences. 

In addition, EVOX Images also provides spin photos and animated photos that dealerships could use to create an online showroom for new models. Dealerships also could contact EVOX Images to schedule a custom photoshoot to create professional photos of their showroom that they can use online, in ads or even on social media.

When using showroom stock photos, dealerships need to understand what these photos show. Some photos could be outdated or create confusion for potential customers. Consider all the options to ensure that the photo tells an accurate and impactful story about the dealership to its customers.

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