Here’s Where to Find a Car Sales Background Image


Hero images on a website refer to a banner photo that grabs the visitor’s attention and dominates the page. Dealerships might use an image of the location exterior as their hero image or they might select a different dominant image. Used car dealerships could opt for a car sales image background.

A car sales image background includes a stock image of a car lot or of cars on a lot. It might be a more suitable image option than photographing the actual lot; inventory changes, and sometimes the lot could be sparse (when demand is high).

Where can dealerships find a car sales background image? Stock photo companies like EVOX Images can offer a selection of models and imagery. Here’s what to know about all the image options.

Does EVOX Images offer Car Sales Background Images?

EVOX Images offers imagery for thousands of makes and models dating all the way back to 1999. Each model can include an extensive library of images.

Dealerships could use a specific vehicle image for the hero image of their website. However, some car dealerships might be looking for an image showing a lot of vehicles. This could be a vital image for a used car dealership.

While EVOX Images doesn’t offer a standard stock image of a car lot filled with different vehicles, the company does provide dealerships with the option of a custom photo shoot. This can allow dealerships to obtain exactly the image that they want.

A custom photo could feature the dealership’s storefront in the background. In addition, vehicles could be arranged to create the most impactful image. Choosing custom image options also lets dealerships integrate their sales team, their owner or any personalized branding details.

While dealerships could search for a generic stock photo of a full car lot, this photo wouldn’t be as impactful or include any branded details. Custom photos let dealerships call the shots.

Car Sales Background

Interactive Image Options for Dealership Websites

Hero images can grab the site visitor’s attention, but dealerships need to include extensive imagery options and interactive tools/resources to enhance the user experience and make an impact. EVOX Images offers a variety of interactive image options for each make and model.

360 Spin and Panorama Photos

Interactive imagery allows the visitor to enjoy an on-page experience while researching their favorite models. Spin photos include 360 degree exterior photos and interior panorama photos.

These images allow a customer to use a fingertip or their mouse to interact with a 3D model image of a vehicle. They can spin the car around and look at all the design details. The panorama interior photo also features an interactive design; customers navigate the experience with their finger or their mouse. The panorama photo lets them explore the interior of the car; these images let the user feel like they are in the driver’s seat looking around.

Use spin photos on a specific model’s webpage to provide customers with a unique way to explore the vehicle. In addition, spin photos also could be included on blog articles to help break up text and heighten engagement.

Drive-In Animations

Drive-in animation photos are a new offering from EVOX Images. These photos show the vehicle driving into the image (or on the page). This is a unique photo option that can be used to ‘drive’ a new model’s interest via the dealership’s website or social media page. While these images don’t allow for user interaction, they are an exciting visual addition.

Drive-In / Spin Animations

This is another new photo option from EVOX images. Not only does the vehicle drive into the photo, but it also spins around to show customers the vehicle from every angle. Integrate this image to introduce new model years, brand new vehicle options or just to add interest to the site.

Colorized Fly-Around

While dealerships provide color options for makes and models, viewing the car in the different color options allows customers to have more input regarding their personal preference for hues. Colorized fly-around photos show the vehicle model in every color option; the model changes colors with each different fly-around vantage point.

Colorized Spin

Dealerships who enjoy interactive spin photos will likely want to include the colorized spin photo, too. This photo option automatically spins and doesn’t require user interaction. As the model spins, it changes to a new color option. 

This provides site visitors with a look at all the colorful paint options for any model. These images could be used on the dealership’s website, on social media or within blog content.

Car Sales Background

Car Sales Background of the Sales Team

Car sales background images can be used as a hero image, but there’s also another type of sales background that dealerships might want to integrate into their website. This content is incredibly useful for potential customers.

Dealerships can highlight the car sales background of their sales team. A page dedicated to the team can help site visitors put a face to a name when they visit the physical dealership.

Dealerships can include a headshot image of each member of their sales team. The name of each team member could include a hyperlink that takes visitors to background about the team member.

This background might include fun facts or how long the individual has been with the dealership. A team member’s on-site biography could detail all their automotive sales experience—especially if the team member is a veteran of the industry. Dealerships could provide team members with a questionnaire that can be used to create their bio page.

Dealerships also could consider highlighting a member of the staff each month on their blog. Include a photo (if the team member is comfortable) and ask the team member to add in any information that they wish to include. Dealerships that don’t have a marketing pro on staff can use Indeed’s tutorial on How to Write a Salesperson Bio.

On social media, dealerships could start a game with followers where they offer up clues about a particular team member. Followers then have to visit the website to try to find the person being profiled on the social media page. Dealerships might offer some dealership branded prizes (swag!) for the first correct answer.

Car Sales Background

Imagery Invites Engagement and Interaction Online

No matter what type of photo a dealership chooses for their hero image, make sure the image is impactful and high quality. Dealerships that want a car sales background image featuring a sales lot can choose custom imagery from EVOX Images to ensure that the image is exactly what they want and need.

Custom images can include branded details, the dealership owner or the entire sales team. With custom image content, the dealership is in control.

Other images are important to a car dealership’s website engagement, though. Interactive spin and panorama photos encourage users to explore the image; these images positively impact the user experience. In addition, EVOX Images offers several new animated photo options that can boost interest on the website or within blog content.

Some dealerships are interested in enhancing their sites with high-tech offerings like an augmented reality showroom. EVOX Images also offers a library of imagery that is compatible with augmented reality experiences. Create a memorable online showroom that enables customers to preview a vehicle in their environment and interact with it, too.

EVOX Images can provide a dealership with all their imagery needs. Explore all the options to find the most impactful images for a website, blog, ads or any marketing endeavor.

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