Use a Car Photos Library to Increase Interest and Excitement


Car dealerships might not have the time to hire a professional to photograph all the new models that are arriving at the dealership. Hiring a professional photographer can be expensive, but car dealerships also might need immediate access to photos of new models to ensure that there aren’t any marketing delays.

Presenting new models to consumers helps move inventory and boosts interest in the new releases. Yet, consumers often want to see more than the standard front shot of the model. Here’s how dealerships can use a car photos library to increase interest and excitement online:

  • Use imagery to increase social media engagement
  • Enhance blogs with images from a car video library
  • Choose immersive imagery to increase user interest
  • Use photos to complement deals, offers and promotions
  • Mix and match imagery to create compelling content

What is a Car Photo Library?

Car photo libraries are offered by companies like EVOX Images. These libraries provide dealerships with images of thousands of makes and models, including past model years.

A car photo library includes a variety of images for each different model. Dealerships can use interior snapshots, exterior photos, or a mix of both. Dealerships also are able to peruse up-close images of specific feature details. This lets shoppers see features in greater detail.

Using stock photos from a car photo library enables dealerships to create a unique image story for each model. Tease a new model release with a few photos or include an immersive slideshow with dozens of photos.

Car Photos Library

Use a Car Photo Library to Increase Social Media Engagement

Access to a car photo library also enables dealerships to use professional stock photos to increase engagement via social media platforms, too. Add a photo slideshow of a new model on Instagram; don’t forget hashtags to help drive people to the post.

Facebook lets users post photos and videos. EVOX Images also offers a car video library, and dealerships might choose to add snippets of videos to drive interest and interaction online. In addition, dealerships could use professional stock photos or videos to tease a new model that the dealership could later demonstrate via a live video.

Facebook Live lets dealerships and other businesses include live video feeds to introduce sales, new products and more. Dealerships also could use Facebook Live to do a walk around tour of an exciting new vehicle. Show the interior and exterior and zoom in on any of the latest features offered in the model.

Photos from a Car Photo Library Can Enhance Blogs

Does the dealership host a blog on its website? If a company blog isn’t featured, the dealership might consider adding a blog for another point of interest on its website.

A blog can offer consumers tips on the care of their vehicle, introduce new sales team members or just include fun or unique content. Many blogs offer a mix of articles to ensure content is fresh and engaging to a wide audience.

However, too much text can deter readers. Mix in stock imagery to break up text and add interest to blog articles. Imagery also provides visual details to a story that announces a new model or explains specific car features.

Car Photos Library

A Car Photo Library Offers Immersive Imagery, Too

Not all vehicle images are two dimensional. In fact, EVOX Images offers 3D and interactive imagery.

With 360 degree spin photos, car dealerships can showcase the exterior car in 3D. Users can interact with the photo of the vehicle using a fingertip or their mouse. They can turn the car around and see it from all angles.

EVOX Images also offers interior panorama photos. Like the exterior spin photos, users can engage with the photo with their fingertip or the mouse. The panorama photo lets the user feel as though they are sitting in the front seat and turning around to look at the car.

Stock videos also let users feel engaged in the online experience. Stock videos can provide a virtual tour of a specific model or just highlight certain features. Dealerships can choose from video clip sets, fly-around video, exterior video spin sets and more.

Add videos to blogs, post them on social media sites or include a video on a page dedicated to a specific model. Incorporating different types of imagery and video content can help dealerships hold the consumer’s interest and keep them engaged.

Use Imagery to Create Appealing Content for Offers

Wordstream notes that unique offers can attract consumers. Every dealership might have a unique promotion or special offer. This could include a complimentary oil change or tire rotation or just a discount.

When sending emails to customers or when posting these deals online to draw attention and promote the dealership, add compelling imagery. Is the offer tied to a new model? Add a photo of that model. Use imagery to elevate messaging for deals!

Car Photos Library

Mix and Match Imagery to Enhance the User Experience

Whether a dealership is promoting a deal online, a new model or using imagery to enhance blogs, mixing and matching image types can help enhance the user experience. What does this mean?

EVOX Images offers many types of imagery in its car photo library, including:

  • 3-Angle Colorized Set
  • Full Stills Set
  • Base Trim Library
  • 360 Degree Exterior Spin Photos
  • 360 Degree Interior Panos
  • Splash Imagery

Each of these imagery types can be used by dealerships to create unique messaging and to market a model creatively. Not all dealerships include photos that showcase a model’s base trim. Yet, this information can be useful for buyers who are shopping on a budget and want a visual idea about the base option.

Dealerships can include the base trim photos and then also offer a more detailed full stills slideshow that showcases other features of the vehicle. In addition, a buyer also might wish to see the different paint hues offered for the model. Add in a 3-angle colorized set that shows the model in different hues.

Mixing and matching imagery helps buyers understand their options. Yet, these images also keep them engaged and interested. The more resources the dealership can offer, the more it might be able to differentiate from the competition.

While many shoppers will visit third-party sites like Kelley Blue Book when researching vehicles, they might eventually make their way to the dealership sites…although the dealership sites tend to be the final destination. However, dealerships can possibly gain an edge over their competition if they provide more resources to aid the buyer in their new car search.

Using a professional car photo library gives dealership  access to images for thousands of vehicle models. They don’t have to hire a photographer, and they don’t have to spend time scheduling a photo shoot for new models.

When they are ready to push out their messaging on their website or via social media channels, they simply need to download the photos they need to complement their messaging. Stock photos from EVOX Images also provide immersive options to encourage consumer engagement.

While slideshows can showcase multiple features of a vehicle, 360 spin photos let the user explore the interior and exterior of their favorite models. These images let them better understand the space in the backseat, the design of the interior and even check out other details, too.

Imagery and videos elevate the user experience; a car photo library can help dealership’s transform their online site into a one-stop shop resource for car buyers.

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