EVOX Images’ Car Photo Library Adds 138 Model Year 2022 Vehicles


EVOX Images offers car dealerships access to photos of more than 14,000 makes and models for commercial use. Dealerships can use these photos on their website, in marketing campaigns or social media accounts to provide their customers with high resolution, up-close and detailed photos of each vehicle’s exterior and interior features.

New images are constantly added to the EVOX car photo library, and dealerships can now access detailed photos for more than 130 new 2022 model year vehicles that can be utilized for marketing outreach, social media engagement and more!

Tease New Models for Engagement

As new models roll off the production line and drive into dealerships, customers might be anticipating the latest editions. Dealerships can use photos of new models from EVOX Images to heighten social media engagement and build excitement about the newest additions.

EVOX Images provides dealerships with a slideshow of digital photography for each new model. Photos showcase detailed shots of interior features, including infotainment systems and even shots that capture the backseat areas.

Shots from EVOX also zoom in on the wheel rims, headlights and provide glimpses of the vehicle that are showcased from the backseat. EVOX also offers videos that can be used to tell the vehicle’s story and build excitement.

Dealerships can choose to post one photo, perhaps the profile exterior shot of the car in order to build anticipation among followers and customers. Maybe dealerships post the iconic emblem of a brand and prompt followers to guess what’s coming soon.

Use access to the photo library to heighten awareness of vehicle news…and the dealership. Perhaps a countdown using car photo library images serves as a catalyst of a social media campaign to launch the arrival of a new vehicle model.

Car Photo Library

Photos for Marketing Outreach

Many customers have grown accustomed to shopping online—or at least researching online—for a new vehicle. Dealerships can use new models from EVOX Images’ car photo library to showcase the model and provide customers with as much information as possible.

Dealerships can create a slideshow of vehicle images via Instagram. Include captions about the vehicle to further highlight the features shown in the photograph. In addition, use images from a car photo library to showcase all the paint hue options for a vehicle. A slideshow may show the vehicle in every hue. Another slideshow can then detail other images of the model.

Dealership websites can use professional images instead of paying a professional to photograph new models that hit the lot. High-end photos from EVOX Images can be used to show all the details of a vehicle on the dealership website. Again, dealerships also could include exterior shots of new models for each paint color option.

Tell Vehicle Stories in Video

Some customers or social media followers don’t want to click through a long slideshow of images. Videos can be a more immersive way of engaging potential customers and social media followers, too.

EVOX Images offers a video library for different makes and models. These videos can be used to showcase all the features of the vehicle, inside and out. Videos showcase the vehicle from different vantage points and provide a ‘tour’ of different models. 

Post videos on Facebook or other social media accounts after teasing the arrival of a new vehicle. Videos can provide more details about a vehicle for customers who are busy researching their buying options. The more information a dealership can provide, the longer a follower or potential customer may stay engaged with marketing materials and/or social media posts.

Video content also can serve to break up text posts or just provide a mix of content for followers. While images are valuable, video content just provides another layer of engagement.

Car Photo Library

Choose Interactive Images from the Car Photo Library

Images don’t have to just be two-dimensional and flat. Vehicle imagery should be immersive…and interactive. Encourage followers and potential customers to explore vehicles, using not just slideshow features but more immersive rotation features, too.

EVOX Images offers imagery that is fully interactive. Followers and website visitors can click on the image and rotate it. This allows them to view the car from different angles and physically engage with content.

Add immersive content to the web site to encourage visitors to explore their vehicle options. Or post photos via social media…be sure to tell followers that they can control how they view the vehicle!

Interior Panorama Photos

Heighten engagement and elevate the user experience both via social media and the dealership website by adding immersive interior panorama photo slideshows. What are panorama photos and why do dealerships need them for marketing?

Panoramic shots allow users (social media followers or web site visitors) to interact with the photo that showcases the interior of the vehicle. The photo can be rotated to show views all around the interior. These photos feel like the user is sitting in the backseat and looking around the car.

Interior panorama photos give better insight about backseat space and even different features in the car. The photo can show the instrument panel or even a high-resolution look at the infotainment system.

Cox Automotive’s 2019 Car Buyer Journey Study revealed that the dealership website is the place where “…35% of new and 31% of used car buyers finish their online research.”

This means that buyers might be looking at the dealership sites to finalize their decision. To aid buyers, dealerships can provide multiple photo options to showcase every aspect of new models. Choose photos that engage and provide the data and details that buyers want during their car shopping journey.

Car Photo Library

The Photos Tell the Story

Dealerships can be a resource for buyers during their hunt for a new vehicle. While buyers or car shoppers might be visiting dealership websites to gain data about prices, rebates or other deals, the more information about vehicles that dealerships can provide to buyers, the longer they might stay to engage on the site or on social media channels.

Dealerships can use photos to tease new models that are about to roll onto the lot. Or they can use high-resolution photos from EVOX Image’s car photo library to provide shoppers with as much detail about these models as possible.

To heighten the user experience and to encourage engagement, dealerships can mix in videos that offer a tour of the vehicle or more immersive photo content like 360-degree spin photos and/or panoramic photos.

According to the most recent Car Buyer Journey Study (published in 2020), buyers reportedly spent more than nine hours online researching vehicles. This figure accounted for 64 percent of the shopping experience.

Dealerships might want to focus on ensuring that their sites—both social media channels and the actual website—provide a wealth of information for shoppers. While buyers still spend time at the dealership, online research is a key part of the process.

Photos help tell the buyer more about a vehicle. Panoramic shots can give shoppers data about the space in the backseat or other details; this may inspire them to pursue more information about the model.

Or maybe shoppers realize that a dealership’s site offers many immersive photos and experiences and instead decide to explore many different models before making their choice.

The dealership sites won’t likely be the only resources that provide the data that car shoppers seek during their research phase. However, choosing high-quality images from EVOX Images’ car photo library can help elevate the buyer’s online shopping experience and perhaps even extend the amount of time they interact with the dealership’s online resources.

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