What is a Car Model Image Database?

Car dealerships need to consistently market their inventory and the new models rolling into the showroom. Even before a model is acquired by the dealership, excitement for the upcoming arrival is often teased and promoted on social media or online.

If dealerships don’t yet have possession of a vehicle, how can they market it? The answer is easy; they use a car model image database. This is a database that provides all the most recent makes/models offered by all the major auto manufacturers. In addition, the best car model image database should offer inventory of past models, too.

Why is this marketing tool so important to dealerships? Where can dealerships find a reputable car model image database?

Here’s what car dealerships should look for when researching their image database options:

  • Inventory selection
  • Image quality
  • Variation of imagery
  • Subscription options
  • Custom photography services

The Importance of Images

Cars shoppers begin their research for a new vehicle online. Cox Automotive’s Car Buyer Journey Study revealed that even during the pandemic, buyers spent more than seven hours online shopping and researching. The study also revealed that one-third of buyers visit the dealership site last.

For dealerships, this means that the website should make a strong impression. The site also should provide shoppers with as many research tools as possible to find the answers they need.

Great imagery is important for businesses for marketing products online, and car dealerships are not the exception. The pandemic began to normalize the process of buying a car online; some dealerships offered buyers a completely remote buying process.

Dealership websites should allow shoppers to explore the models that interest them. High-quality imagery can provide insight to the design, features and other details of a vehicle.

Car Model Image Database

Car Model Image Database and Augmented Reality

However, dealerships that want to stand apart from the competition could go further with the images they offer online. While many dealerships offer traditional photo slideshows of different models, augmented reality allows shoppers to explore and preview products—including cars—in their own environment.

Generation Z might become the augmented reality generation. These younger shoppers are comfortable exploring and using these experiences. In fact, companies could use augmented reality experiences as an outreach tool for these tech-savvy shoppers.  

Dealerships that don’t currently offer immersive experiences like augmented reality could explore these options. Imagery from car image databases could be compatible with these high-tech experiences; in fact, dealerships might choose database companies that provide AR-compatible photography.

While not all dealerships will offer an augmented reality showroom or experience for shoppers, they can include 3D interactive vehicle imagery online that encourages and heightens the onsite user experience.

EVOX Images provides an array of vehicle images that are compatible with both augmented reality and virtual reality on-site experiences. In addition, EVOX Images also offers interactive 360 spin photos and 360 panorama photos.

Spin photos allow a site visitor to use their fingertip or the mouse to interact with a 3D image of a vehicle. The image can be rotated a full 360 degrees to allow the customer to view it from any different angle.

Panorama photos are spin photos that showcase the interior of a vehicle. These photos also are interactive using a finger or mouse. The customer can look around the car’s interior; these photos let the user feel as though they are sitting in the front seat and turning around. Panorama photos also let shoppers look up at a vehicle’s moonroof or sunroof.

Car Model Image Database

The Necessary Features of the Best Car Model Image Database

Dealerships who are researching their options for car stock photography might focus on inventory selection, image quality, variety of images offered, pricing and even any custom services.

Inventory Selection

Dealerships will want access to all the most recent makes and models. The best car model image database should provide early access to the newest models to ensure that dealerships can begin to build excitement online and on social media about these newest arrivals.

However, sometimes dealerships might need access to previous year models or even models that are much older. While pre-owned or used inventory should include real images of the car on the lot, car stock photography could be used as just a reference for buyers to understand what might be arriving on the lot. Dealerships should include a note that states that the image pictured isn’t the actual model.

Car Model Image Database

Image Quality

Online visitors don’t want to click a photo only to see a pixelated or grainy image. All car photography featured on a dealership’s website should be crisp and clear in the best resolution possible. Images from EVOX Images are always high-quality in any size. Shoppers can zoom in to see details up close, too.

Image Variety

Car buyers are spending hours online researching their options. Dealerships need to provide as much information about models as possible. This means they need access to a variety of vehicle images.

The best car photo database should include photos of the car’s exterior taken from the front, back and both sides. However, dealerships also should have access to images depicting the wheels, rims, trunk space, etc.

Interior image options should be expansive. Car buyers will want all the details. Dealerships should be able to provide photos of all the important interior details of a vehicle including the instrument panel, infotainment screen, seats, door details, gear shift, etc.

These images can be used to create extensive slideshows for each vehicle. Dealerships can pick and choose which images they wish to include for customers.

The best database also should provide images for base models. Not every buyer has the budget for options; some buyers just want to see what the base looks like and what it includes. These ‘base trim’ photos could help a dealership help buyers who have more limited finances.

While dealerships often provide paint swatch details to help car shoppers understand all the paint hues available, sometimes the best way to determine a favorite vehicle color is to see the vehicle with that paint hue. Three-angle color sets show a model in different paint colors; EVOX Images offers these images as yet another resource for dealerships to provide their customers.

Car Model Image Database

Subscription and Pricing

Not all dealerships have a large marketing or advertising budget. The best image databases should provide subscription options for all marketing needs.

Dealerships can reach out to EVOX Images for more details on pricing structure.

Custom Imagery Options

Not all dealerships want to use a stock photo to market a particular model. Some vehicles are rare, high-end or just unique and should be photographed individually to fully capture their distinctive features.

EVOX Images offers custom photography for dealerships who need professional images for a unique vehicle on their lot. Dealerships can schedule a photo shoot that includes an array of images and that meets the marketing needs of the dealership.

Is a Car Model Image Database Worth It?

A car model image database provides dealerships with access to a library of images for thousands of vehicle models. Use these images on a website, for online advertising or on social media. EVOX Images provides 3D photos that can be used to elevate the user experience online, and images also are compatible with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Save time on snapping photos of vehicles on the lot, and log on to a car model image database to find a variety of high-resolution images and videos that can be integrated online, in ads or even for social media outreach.