The Best Car Interior Stock Photo for Online Slideshows

Dealerships often include many different tools and features on their website to keep visitors engaged and to differentiate them from the competition. As online tools have become more tech-savvy and immersive, dealership sites have opted to include spin images, augmented reality showrooms and even tools that let shoppers preview cars in different paint colors.

One of the most important tools that dealerships can include on their website, though, are photo slideshows. Using car interior stock photos for slideshows of new car models provides the richest high resolution experience for visitors.

 If the dealership anticipates using stock photos to showcase the interior of new models, these are the most important car features to capture for the best car interior stock photo online slideshow:

  • Gear shift
  • Front seat (view from the right)
  • Front seat (view from the left)
  • Instrument panel
  • Infotainment / Smart screen
  • Back seat(s) (right vantage point)
  • Back seat (s) (left vantage point)
  • USB dock stations
  • Door panels (especially if they include high-end features)
  • Rear digital screens (if applicable)
  • Trunk and cargo space

Slideshows that illustrate the interior of the vehicle may include up to 30 photos. This isn’t excessive. In fact, the more photos the dealership can show to the potential buyer, the better.

The research and shopping process begins online for many buyers. The dealership website is often the last online destination for shoppers. If the dealership’s website doesn’t provide the resources the buyer wants, they might just click out of the site and visit a competitor.

Interior shots are important as they can give shoppers more details about cargo space, unique features and even the subtle designs of the vehicle that make it unique. Every picture gives additional insight about the vehicle to the buyer.

If the dealership only provides a few photos of the interior, the shopper might not stay on the site for long. Extensive slideshows encourage visitors to click and explore. Maybe they like the model, or maybe they find another model to explore.

Dealerships that offer extensive slideshows for new models provide more data to the shopper to help them find the best car for their needs.

Car Interior Stock Photo

Slideshows Can Offer More than Two-Dimensional Shots

Technology has advanced, and dealership websites are now offering unique and immersive photo experiences beyond the two-dimensional. Offering immersive photos doesn’t require the dealership or its staff to be tech savvy, though.

EVOX Images offers the dealership an extensive library of 360 degree panorama interior photos. What is a panorama photo? This type of image allows the shopper (or site visitor) to use their mouse or their finger (for those on a mobile device) to turn the image and view the interior of the vehicle from different vantage points.

An interior panorama photo gives the user the feeling that they are sitting in the front seat and turning to look behind them. These unique photos can give the shopper an even greater understanding about the space and design of a particular model.

As the user turns the image, they can see the space between the front and back seats. The user also can rotate the image upwards to see features like a moon roof or nudge it downward.

Include Base Trim Images, Too

On some dealership websites, new models will be shown that include upgraded features. While the base price of a vehicle model is often noted, there also is a note that accompanies the displayed image to inform the site visitor that the model in the photo has a different price.

This might cause confusion. The site visitor might wonder how the photographed model differs from the base trim model. What does the base trim look like?

Take the guesswork out of buyers wondering about the look of the base trim by including photos of it. Dealerships can offer slideshows showing the exterior views of base trims. This can help buyers better understand the base model’s features.

EVOX Images offers a base trim library that includes the base trim photographed from different angles. In addition, the base trim images also include all paint color options.

Car Interior Stock Photo

Interior Stock Photo Images for Social Media

Dealerships also can integrate interior stock photo slideshows or photo stills into their social media content. When announcing a new model that’s about to hit the floor, dealerships can post a slideshow of interior and exterior photos to Instagram or Facebook accounts.

While Facebook is the most popular social media platform with more than 2.8 billion active users, Instagram is the fourth most popular platform with more than 1.3 billion active users. Both platforms are owned by Meta.

Instagram is the most image-centric social media site. Dealerships can create a post for Instagram that includes a few key interior up-close photos alongside a few exterior shots.

A Facebook post could include a few interior photos plus a detailed text description about when the new model will be available, its price, etc.

Custom Car Interior Stock Photo

Some dealerships acquire a unique classic vehicle or just a unique vehicle in general. For these vehicles, stock photos won’t and can’t capture the vehicle’s personality and unique designs or features. Dealerships can opt for a custom car interior photo shoot.

EVOX Images can create a unique photo shoot to showcase the interior and exterior of any car and will work with the dealership to ensure that the photos capture the best tone. Custom photo shoots also can include special touches like a bottle of champagne to highlight the luxury of a specific model.

Other cars could be very whimsical. A classic VW Minibus, for example, could be photographed to capture the vehicle’s cool ‘60s vibes.

Can Dealerships Use Interior Stock Photos for Advertising?

Many dealerships advertise inventory via Facebook ads. Integrating interior stock photos alongside snapshots of the exterior could catch the attention of the ad’s target audience.

The exterior shot may showcase the design lines of the vehicle, but adding interior shots helps potential buyers see the inside of their potential vehicle. The interior could be a selling point, especially if a model offers unique upgraded or standard features.

Car Interior Stock Photo

Some Stock Images Can Be Used for Augmented Reality Experiences, Too

Dealerships who want to hold a site visitor’s interest and create a unique and immersive journey online also could use some stock photo images to create an augmented reality experience.

These experiences could allow site visitors to preview a model by dropping an augmented reality vehicle into their environment. Augmented reality tools can create an at-home car showroom. 

Users can drop a vehicle into their backyard, in the driveway or just park the image in the garage. Then, using the camera on their phone or tablet, they can view the vehicle and walk around the image to explore the model.

Many dealerships and automotive manufacturers are now integrating augmented reality experiences into their online content. Some augmented reality features allow the user to swap out a vehicle’s paint color or to even look inside the vehicle.

EVOX Images provides imagery that can be used to create these tech-savvy and incredibly immersive experiences. Invite users to stay and explore the models that they like by offering them unique ways to explore the models online.

Dealerships can use car interior stock photos to create extensive slideshows that capture all the special features and details of each new model. In addition, 360 degree panorama photos can be used to encourage site visitors to explore the model and look inside. EVOX Images also offers imagery that can be used to create compelling and immersive augmented reality experiences. Dealerships can explore all their imagery options by browsing the thousands of online models available through EVOX Images.