Car Image Api – Car Stock Photos & Images

If your business is selling vehicles, then you need to be able to provide, on demand, crisp, clear photos of those vehicles.  

A Simpler Search Process

Car image API can provide a simpler, more seamless experience for your customers. Depending on how you utilize the technology, your customers may be able to search for images or videos of the exact vehicle or vehicles they’re interested in. When set up according to your specifications, they can search by:

  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle color
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle make
  • Other customizable features 

Today’s car buyers demand ease and simplicity, and car image API technology can provide them with exactly that.

Car Image Api

Quality Images

Many dealerships and other auto sellers offer stock images of their vehicles. However, standard stock photography isn’t enough when you want to make a lasting, positive impression. That’s why it’s important to provide images of the highest quality and clarity. 

EVOX knows that the quality of its images reflects on your business. As such, it offers only crystal clear, beautiful photos that will impress customers and help establish your business as upscale, trustworthy, and committed to quality down to the last detail.

Showcase Both the Interior and Exterior

There are plenty of stock photos that show off the outside of a vehicle. However, EVOX goes beyond just basic exterior images. It also provides a range of accurate interior images. Customers can clearly see how much cargo room, legroom, and seating room a vehicle provides, as well as the seating layout and interior design. This enables them to make a more informed decision, one that they’re likely to be satisfied with.

Create a Virtual Showroom

These days, not everyone feels comfortable venturing to a dealership in person. Plus, many consumers simply prefer the ease and convenience of shopping online. EVOX can help you create a true virtual showroom and a complete shopping experience that’s just as good, if not better, as shopping in person. Make customers feel like they’re at your business, looking through your selection, all while allowing them to shop and browse quality images from the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

Car Image Api

View Vehicles from Every Angle

Today’s customers want more than just basic images. That’s why EVOX proudly provides interactive, 360º photo technology. Customers can view vehicles from the front, back, and sides, all with just a few simple clicks. If you want to provide a “no surprises” shopping experience, this feature is vital. Customers can feel as though they’ve walked around a vehicle, stepped inside, and sat behind the wheel, all without leaving their chair.

Provide Access for All

These days, accessibility is more important than ever before. Being an accessible business means that you aim to make access to your products and services easy for all people. Providing quality images and online shopping experiences can be a big step toward greater accessibility. 

Some people may have impairments that make it difficult for them to shop in person. However, when you choose to provide a virtual shopping experience with images that make them feel like they’re shopping the traditional way, you make them feel valued and included. This not only helps individuals who may feel marginalized by other, similar businesses, but it also helps your organization by improving its reputation and allowing it to cater to a larger customer base.

Avoid Hiring Costly Photographers

Hiring professional photographers can be incredibly expensive, especially if you have a large inventory of vehicles and want in-depth images of all of them. Furthermore, if your stock changes regularly, the expense can become even more prohibitive. With EVOX’s car image API technology working for you, however, there’s no need to bring in or pay a photographer. Instead, you can gain easier, more affordable access to a detailed photo library. Even better, you’re in control of which photos you use and of where and how you use them.

Car Image Api

Enjoy An Expansive Library Of Photos

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to deal exclusively in new cars to benefit from EVOX’s photo library. In fact, EVOX offers one of the most expensive vehicle image databases available. It includes detailed photos of commercial vehicles dating as far back as 2000. That’s over two decades worth of vehicle photos that you can turn to as needed.

Everything You Need to Know At Your Fingertips

With EVOX, you don’t just download an image and then stick it on your site. Instead, you’re provided with all the information you could possibly need for each and every photo in the library. This includes:

  • Links
  • Dimension information
  • Thumbnails
  • Source information

Plus, if you need to know anything else, don’t hesitate to ask. EVOX has a reputation for excellent customer service.

More Than Just Images

While still images are a great way to market to customers, they often aren’t enough in and of themselves. For this reason, the EVOX library goes beyond simple photos. For many models, it also includes:

  • Animated stills
  • Editorial, fly-around, and drive-in videos
  • Panoramas

A Tool That Can Grow With You

As your business grows and becomes more successful, you need a car image API tool that can grow right along with it. Luckily, EVOX fits the bill. It’s been providing images to businesses for over twenty years, and its database of quality photos, videos, and more continues to expand. As new vehicles come on the market, you can rest assured that EVOX is keeping up with each of them and will continue to provide you with the stock images you need to succeed.

Car Image Api

Compatibility With The Latest Technology

Today’s consumers may want to access car photos from a range of platforms. Fortunately, EVOX’s images are compatible with all the latest technology, including tablets, phones, and computers. Furthermore, interior panormas, exterior spins, and more can be viewed on the most high-tech virtual reality headsets for a fully immersive experience.

More Than Cars

Does your business sell more than just cars? EVOX has you covered. In addition to a full vehicle image library, users can also gain access to images and videos of motorcycles and RVs. Just let EVOX know your needs, and they can provide you with the photos and materials you require.

The Power to Edit

With the EVOX database, you’re in complete control. You can even edit video clips, stills, and other assets to suit your exact needs. You’re allowed to use these and other materials in a way that benefits you and suits your purposes. However, you can also choose from pre-edited videos and more for your convenience.

Showcase Features

Speaking of editorial videos, EVOX’s videos do more than simply show images. They also tell about the vehicles showcased in them and some of their top features via high quality, professional narration. This promotes accessibility for visually impaired consumers while also effectively marketing the vehicles for you.

Show Coming Attractions

Do you want to get customers excited about upcoming vehicles? EVOX is proud to be up to date and even ahead of the times when it comes to the automotive marketplace. Photos, videos, and more are regularly available even before the vehicles themselves are. This is a great way to generate excitement and keep customers coming back to your virtual showroom to see the latest and greatest you have (or will soon have) to offer.

Plenty Of Photos For Each Vehicle

Many stock image databases are a bit uneven in what they offer. They may have tons of pictures of one vehicle and only a couple of photos of another. At EVOX, though, every available vehicle gets the same great treatment. You’ll enjoy anywhere from 50 to 60 (or more) stills and images of each car in the library. That way, no matter which vehicle customers choose to view, they’ll have the same great, full experience.

Consistent Quality

Some modern databases suffer from inconsistent image quality. EVOX does not have this problem. Not only will you have access to plenty of photos of every vehicle, but each photo features consistent quality in terms of lighting, angles, clarity, and more. If you want to showcase the best in each and every vehicle each and every time, EVOX is the obvious solution.

Learn More

Would you like to learn more about EVOX’s car image API technology? If so, don’t hesitate to contact EVOX. You can even view a demo to see what EVOX has to offer. Plus, custom solutions are available to meet your exact needs. Start designing yours today and transform your customers’ experience in powerful ways.