Create These Car Dealership Instagram Marketing Videos

Instagram has recently changed its focus to favor short video content. With the success of TikTok, this pivot could have been a crucial move to help the photo-heavy Instagram evolve for a younger audience. While not every user has loved the updates, the social media world changes with online trends and perhaps to accommodate users’ preferences, too.

Dealerships might have used Instagram to post photos of upcoming new models and/or current used inventory. While photos can still be integrated into content, dealerships might move toward creating short videos that align with the new content trends. Use these five car dealership Instagram marketing video ideas to create compelling content that keeps the Instagram community interested and engaged:

  • Quick Q & A videos
  • New model teasers
  • Color preview videos
  • Drive-in videos
  • Sales promo videos

Q & A Videos

For ‘question and answer’ videos, choose an expert at the dealership to answer a quick question from followers each week. Q & A videos could be a weekly series with a specific theme. For example, dealerships could create videos focused on car maintenance during the winter months.

To increase engagement and interest, dealerships could reach out to followers on Facebook to ask about topics of interest. Dealerships could even poll followers via Facebook to find out what followers want to learn about related to car maintenance, common car troubles, etc.

Use the data Facebook polls to create applicable content for Instagram. Be sure to prompt Facebook followers to visit the Instagram account.

Car Dealership Instagram Marketing

New Model Teasers

Is the dealership expecting a new model to drive into the showroom soon? Create a video that features a glimpse at new models. These videos can give followers a peek at the car’s interior and exterior.

Dealerships also could give followers clues about an upcoming new model. Hype up the expected model and ask followers to guess what might be driving into the dealership soon. This ‘hype’ video could work well for models that are highly sought after or anticipated.

Color Preview Videos

Car models come in an array of paint trims. While many dealerships and/or car brands offer tools online that could let potential buyers view the car in different paint options, a video also could show the car in a number of paint colors.

Dealerships could use an animated car stock photo from EVOX Images that shows the car driving into a photo, rotating, or being showcased at different vantage points. As the photo changes, the car’s paint color also changes. These animated photos load automatically and could be used as a short video.

Dealerships also could make their own ‘color change’ video to showcase a specific model in the different available paint trims. These color-change videos can help buyers find the ideal hue for their new car.

Drive-in Videos

While EVOX Images offers ‘drive-in’ animated photos that also show the model’s different paint trims, dealerships could simply create a ‘drive-in’ video to show any car in motion. Take a short video of a car driving onto the lot or into the showroom.

Seeing a car in motion can give potential buyers a little more insight about a model. In addition, dealerships also could include details about the car including base MSRP and features included on the base trim.

Car Dealership Instagram Marketing

Sales Promo Videos

If the dealership is offering a special promotion, sale or other deal, create a video to announce it to followers. Include any details about the offer, and don’t forget to include any relevant links to direct customers to online info.

Are Photos Still Relevant?

Dealerships who aren’t used to creating video content might wonder if they have to suddenly pivot to video. Creating video content and offering a wider variety of content could help increase the dealership’s visibility.

Photos can still be part of the dealership’s Instagram content, though. Post a slideshow related to a new model or simply highlight any new inventory additions via photos.

Since followers might prefer video content, integrating video could help engagement. Even simple videos like the team wishing followers a happy holiday could be a part of Instagram content.

Dealerships also need to keep in mind that Instagram videos aren’t designed to be long. For more immersive video content, YouTube might be the favored platform. Instagram and TikTok focus on shorter videos.

Dealerships New to the ‘Gram

Some dealerships aren’t yet active on Instagram. Now might be the time to check out this social media platform. Instagram is owned by Meta, which also owns Facebook and WhatsApp.

 Instagram has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users (across the world), and more than 60 percent of Instagram’s monthly active users are ages 18 to 34. In addition, Instagram is the fourth most popular social media platform behind Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube.

Dealerships can create an Instagram account and start exploring the platform. Instagram offers a variety of filters for photos, but dealerships might simply focus on basics. When posting photos of inventory, dealerships also might need to be cautious when using filters, as they could distort a vehicle’s color or look.

Some dealerships might opt to simply post stock photos or stock video on social media platforms. EVOX Images offers a library of images for different models. In addition to animated photos, dealerships also could find base trim photo libraries and an extensive array of interior and exterior vehicle photos, too.

When dealerships are starting out on Instagram, they also could make a series of intro videos. Show off the dealership, take followers on a tour of the showroom or even post a video message from the owner. Videos also could introduce the sales team or simply profile all staff members.

“How To” and Hidden Feature Videos

Instagram followers also could be interested in simple ‘how to’ videos. Dealerships can post simple videos showing followers how to check the oil life in a certain model, how to track mileage or reset mileage. Videos might even highlight hidden features in models.

Some car features are a mystery to buyers. Dealerships can point out little details in cars and provide context and insight about these hidden features.

Car Dealership Instagram Marketing

Can an Instagram Video Go Viral?

Viral videos tend to take on legendary status on the internet, and many businesses hope to create viral content. Sometimes a video just takes off unexpectedly and no one knows why. Videos could focus on pets, silly incidents or something random.

There is no prescription for a viral video. Sometimes a video just resonates and becomes widely shared. For example, the most popular video on YouTube isn’t a song from a major rock band. “Baby Shark Dance” has the most views on YouTube.

Instead of trying to win the internet, dealerships might simply focus on creating content for their Instagram account that will resonate with followers. Again, dealerships can poll their followers on Facebook to better understand the type of content their followers want to read or watch.

The ideal prescription for online and social media success, though, might simply be to understand the business’ audience and customer. The best content strategy for each dealership is the one that boots visibility, increases engagement, and moves traffic to the dealership’s website, too. Dealerships can experiment with content and find their prescription for digital and social media success.