Here’s Why to Avoid Using Car Dealership Stock Photos


Car stock photos are an ideal and professional resource that allows car dealerships to showcase new models with clarity and in precise detail. EVOX Images offers numerous high-resolution, studio quality stock photos and stock photo libraries for each model.

Yet, when a dealership wants to showcase the business, using car dealership stock photos isn’t the best option. Why should dealerships avoid using car dealership stock photos? These generic images could:

  • Cause confusion
  • Show models that aren’t available
  • Look outdated
  • Detract from the dealership’s website
  • Fail to complement the culture of the dealership

Car Dealership Stock Photos Could Cause Confusion

According to the 2021 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study, dealership websites became visited more frequently once the supply crunch hit the market. Since the supply might still be an issue, the dealership website might be an important resource for prospective buyers.

When customers are visiting a dealership website, they could decide to move forward with an in-person visit to take a test drive and pursue the purchase. While customers might focus on car data (including pricing) when visiting the dealership site, they also are going to take notice of other graphics, too.

They also might want to find out more about the dealership’s history. This is when car dealership stock photos could cause confusion. Using generic photos could show people that aren’t even on staff at the dealership. In addition, some stock photos might even show trees or other background details that aren’t native to the area.

These inconsistencies could confuse buyers and reflect poorly on the professional design of the website. While stock photos of dealerships could be convenient to use, they also might be confusing to buyers.

Car Dealership Stock Photos

Car Dealership Stock Photos Might Show Models That Aren’t Available

The dealership might have discovered really great car dealership stock photos. One might even show a really cool car in front of a building or on a lot. Be cautious using that stock photo, though!

A stock photo could show a car that the dealership doesn’t offer. While buyers could understand that the photo is a stock photo (it might even be labeled as such), not all car shoppers could catch it. They might think that a classic or cool car is at the dealership.

Car dealership stock photos might offer something that the dealership doesn’t and this could lead to confusion and maybe even buyer frustration, too.

Car Dealership Stock Photos Could Look Outdated

Not only could dealership stock photos show a car that isn’t on the business’ lot, but they also might be old photos and included outdated vehicles. If a dealership includes a stock photo with outdated fashions or car models, buyers might notice.

Using car dealership stock photos that are dated also takes away from the look and design of the website. Again, while using a stock photo of a generic dealership could be convenient, it also could look dated and give visitors the impression that a novice created the website.

Some Dealership Car Stock Photos Could Detract from the Website

Outdated photos, stock images of dealerships with cars that aren’t available and images with sales team members that aren’t actually at the dealership could confuse site visitors, but these images also could just take away from the appeal of the website. Stock photos of dealerships might look generic and come across as though the dealership didn’t put effort into their site or even care about the appeal of the site.

In addition, some dealerships might even use vector images that look cartoonish. The images and graphics on a website all can add or detract from the user’s experience. Images should elevate the site, and add to its appeal. Buyers shouldn’t see photos that just look like placeholders.

Car Dealership Stock Photos

Dealership Stock Photos Don’t Show the Dealership’s Culture or Complement Brand

A random and generic car dealership stock photo won’t tell site visitors anything about the people at the dealership or about the business and its location. These stock photos also won’t complement the brand or highlight the culture.

The dealership should choose images that are consistent with the brand and that help the customer understand the culture. Photos should entice customers to visit. While car stock photos add a professional touch to the dealership website, choosing stock photos in place of photos of the actual dealership might not be the most impactful choice.

How to Use Imagery to Support the Culture and the Brand

When dealerships want to provide information about the business or location to customers, they might need to invest in personalized or custom photos taken by a professional. Dealership photos could include images of the showroom, the car lot or even head shots of the sales team and owner.

Give customers a look at the business and the culture. Dealerships might include photos with a mascot or fun snapshots of events. Choose photos that provide insight and that add to the website experience.

Dealership photos could even be an immersive experience. Using a 360 degree camera, dealerships could create a virtual tour of the showroom (The 360 Guy offers a great tutorial). Use photos to encourage site visitors to learn more about the dealership and to explore online.

Car Dealership Stock Photos

When Stock Photos are the Best Option

EVOX Images provides car stock image libraries for many different models. These stock photos showcase a vehicle in clear detail, and they are the ideal choice for showcasing a new model online. Dealerships can choose from a variety of stock photos to create experiences and slideshows online.

EVOX Images offers 360 degree spin photos that are interactive. Site visitors can use a fingertip (for mobile devices) or a mouse to rotate the vehicle and see it from every vantage point. In addition, 360 degree panorama photos enable car shoppers to explore the interior of a vehicle; these photos are navigated using a finger or mouse, too.

EVOX Images also offers animated photos that load on the page automatically. These photos can be used to attract the attention of visitors; animated photos can show a vehicle driving into the photo, driving in and rotating, rotating, or they can show the vehicle from different fly-around vantage points. As the car moves, the paint hue changes to help buyers see how the car looks in the available paint.

Car stock photos also are available to use for creating augmented reality experiences online. EVOX Images offers a library of images for different models that are compatible with these technologies. Dealerships can integrate these images into augmented reality showrooms or other immersive augmented reality experiences for customers.

The Difference between Car Stock Photos and Car Dealership Stock Photos

Car stock photos are professional images that can be used by dealerships to provide customers with high-quality photos that help them better understand new vehicle models. Car stock photos can be animated, interactive and many also are compatible with augmented reality.

Car dealership stock photos might be generic stock images depicting an unknown car dealership. Unfortunately, these stock photos could cause confusion or even show vehicles that aren’t available. Car dealership stock photos also cannot capture the dealership’s culture and they don’t complement the dealership’s unique brand.

Use car stock photos from EVOX Images to elevate the car shopping experience for customers. Dealerships also should incorporate original and custom images of their dealership. Show customers the inside of the showroom, use images to help online visitors put a face to a sales team member’s name and incorporate images that capture the unique culture and brand of the business to ensure that customers leave the site remembering the dealership and its team.

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